The Benefits of Cataract Outsourcing

1) Your Choice of the Latest Cataract Equipment

– Manufacturer Maintained and Surgery-ready

At Surgical Direct, we offer the most current ophthalmic equipment in our unique cataract outsourcing model. We carry a full line of ophthalmic surgical equipment from companies such as Alcon, AMO, Bausch & Lomb, Zeiss, and Lumenis. We are continually evaluating new ophthalmic products  and provide the latest cataract equipment that physicians want. Our experience shows that this brings a new level of comfort and success to your over-all surgical outcome.

Cataract Outsourcing
Cataract Equipment Outsourcing

2) Trained & Certified, Professional Technicians

– OSHA, HIPAA, Reptrax, and More

Our professional technicians complete an initial 90-day training program followed by annual continuing education classes. Technicians are Phaco Certified and receive training in OSHA, HIPAA, bloodborne pathogens, aseptic technique, fire safety, and operating room protocol. They also receive extensive training from the leading cataract equipment manufacturers such as Alcon, AMO, B&L,  Zeiss, and all other products we carry. All of our techs also carry all necessary business insurance and are Reptrax certified.

Cataract Outsourcing Technician

3) Customized Inventory Management & Lens Consignment

– Let us handle the details of your surgery day

Surgical Direct is able to provide great assistance with your hospital’s (or surgery center’s) inventory management needs. As a surgical department, not having the headache of keeping up on inventory, you and your staff can focus more on patient care. We are able to bring supplies customized to meet the specifications indicated by each individual physician. Our experience tells us that surgeons who select their own products for their procedures enjoy a higher level of comfort and success. Our inventory reflects a wide variety of top of the line products including:

        • A wide selection of lenses (and premium lenses)
        • High Quality Ancillary Supplies (blades, cannulas, viscoelastics, and bss)
        • Specialty Items such as Malyugin Rings, Pupil Expanders, and CTRs

If we do not currently provide a product that you require, no problem! We have the ability to stock and provide practically anything in the ophthalmic market that you might need.

Cataract Outsourcing Inventory Management


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