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Need a New Phaco?

Remove all roadblocks to a new Phaco with Mobile Cataract Outsourcing. Operating with an old Phaco machine?  If so, you are likely not operating as efficiently and safely as you could be. The possibility of a ‘downed’ machine on surgery day is an active concern…and so are repair costs. If you are in need of […]

5 Considerations Before Upgrading to a New Phaco

If your surgeon is still operating on old cataract equipment ( Alcon Infiniti, AMO Whitestar / Sovereign, all B&L machines pre Stellaris PC), then you should be considering a phaco upgrade. New phaco systems boast advanced technologies that allow the surgeon to perform safer and more efficient surgery. There are a number of impressive systems […]

The ASC Cataract Program

Surgical Direct’s perfect solution for Cataracts in the ASC. When we talk about an ASC cataract program, we’re talking about the fine details that allow cataract surgery in an ASC to be efficient, safe, and successful. In the last two decades there has been a great shift in the number of procedures that have moved […]

2 Rooms For Cataracts, Now!

Elevate Your Cataract Surgery Potential. It’s 2022. Cataract surgery numbers are headed for all-time highs in the United States. Baby boomers are in range (some already needing the surgery, but millions more on the horizon). At the same time, Ophthalmology as a specialty isn’t growing at the same rate as the population’s needs. Projections indicate […]

Is A New Phaco Machine on your Wishlist?

With the holidays just around the corner, most of us have been planning, thinking, and buying gifts for our loved ones. There are fewer feelings better than when you give a gift that you knock out of the ballpark! You got exactly what they wanted, and it feels so rewarding to be generous! As we […]

Projected Growth of Cataract Surgery in 2022

Prepare your OR for higher capacity. 2022 is poised to be a busy year for ophthalmologists. The number of cataract cases in the U.S. sees a compound annual growth rate of roughly 3% to 4% due to the aging of our population and increased life expectancy. In addition to these normal trends, there is still […]

Stop Managing Lens Consignments

Does your surgical facility currently host cataract surgery? As an administrator, you know the time investment, attention, and focus it takes to properly manage a consignment of intraocular lens implants. There is no shortage of work pre-op, intra-op, and post-op that requires administrative hands. We blogged about the Ins and Outs of IOL Lens Management […]

Is Now The Right Time To Invest in New Cataract Equipment?

Keeping up with the rise of Office-Based Cataract Surgery. Interest in Office-Based Surgery (OBS) has seen rapid growth since the Covid-19 pandemic halted elective surgeries in 2020. Ophthalmologists are among the early adopters, putting efforts towards moving cataract surgery (for the patients that qualify) to the office-based model. This could dramatically change things for Hospitals […]

Centurion, Stellaris, or Veritas? You Choose!

Start using the platform you prefer today at $0 capital. Using the equipment that you prefer makes you a better surgeon. Using outdated and old technology (because there is no other option available) can affect your surgical efficiency and may also impact your patient outcomes. Today’s leading phaco technology systems boast massive upgrades in Phacodynamics, […]