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ASC Cataract Surgery

The Benefits of ASC Cataract Surgery in 2021

Ambulatory surgery centers for quite some years now have been hugely popular for hosting cataract surgery (about 70 to 80% of all cataracts in the US) due to convenience, efficiency, and flexibility when compared to hospitals and large medical centers. And now that we are in 2021, there are even more benefits to moving cataracts […]

Goodbye Alcon Infiniti

Saying Goodbye to the Alcon Infiniti

Upgrading from the Alcon Infiniti is seamless and capital expense-free with Surgical Direct Recently, Alcon officially announced via customer letters their plans to phase out the production of parts, tubing packs, and supplies that support their 20 year old phaco platform, the Alcon Infiniti Vision System. The Alcon Infiniti has proven to be a dependable […]

Phaco Repairs

Stop Dealing with Phaco Repairs

As an OR administrator, whether in a hospital or ASC setting, keeping your facility’s functional operations (admin, supply chain, and required surgical equipment) running smoothly is high priority. Smooth operations equate to better patient care. Efficient operations equate to happier patients and surgeons. Better patient care and happier surgeons keep your OR busy and healthy, […]