A Message from Surgical Direct Inc.:

The situation with COVID-19 continues to shape the way we are conducting business.  Surgical Direct is meeting continuously to ensure we are compliant with all recommendations from local and federal health authorities.   

We want you to know we are focused on the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and vendors. We strongly support the efforts of our local health officials and government leaders and will follow their strategies for reopening. 

These are the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our staff and customers while continuing to provide the same level of excellent service you have come to rely on. 

  1. Employees are required to take their temperature before leaving the office to go out on call and record that information in our logbook. 
  2. All work surfaces, hand railings, desks, phones, and office equipment are being cleaned and sanitized daily.  
  3. Surgical equipment is wiped down with disinfectant before and after it leaves our premises.  
  4. Employees are to stay home if they or a family member show any symptoms of illness.
  5. Employees are to let management know if they have had a positive exposure, even if they are not experiencing symptoms.  
  6. Technicians will disinfect surgical equipment between cases.  
  7. Technicians will be tested by PCR (nasal swab) for current infections AND the Antibody Blood test by July 17,2020.  If any positive results occur, we will follow all CDC guidelines for allowing employees to return to work.  

Our supply chain team will respond to your requests via phone call, or email.  Our vendors have been able to supply us with all the products we bring to you.   Surgical Direct will maintain all current and former operations without restrictions or changes to customer service capabilities and technician services, based on your ability to schedule cataract cases. 

Any updates on the status of our operations will be communicated via email and our website.  We encourage you to contact management at the following mobile numbers with any questions, including schedule changes to David Moore:

  1.  Kevin Francis, CEO:  314-997-4455
  2.  Ted Barden, President:  314-997-4455
  3.  David Moore, VP Operations: 314-997-4455
  4.  Michael Mills, Supply Chain Manager: 314-997-4455
  5. Ted Wisniewski, Controller:  314-997-4455  
  6. Dana Francis, HR: 314-997-4455
  7. Kyle Francis, Surgical Representative Mountain Region:  314-852-3228

We are committed to providing the high level of support that you have come to expect now, and in the future, and to make sure your patients receive the best care possible. We thank you for your trust in us and appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in your cataract surgeries.  Amid the social disruption and seeming uncertainty of our near and collective future, one thing is certain – we are grateful for your business and look forward to serving you.

Thank you, 

Your Friends at Surgical Direct, Inc.