Mobile-ready Stellaris PC for Retina

– Manufacturer Maintained and Surgery-ready

Surgical Direct now offers new services in Retinal procedures, offering the use of the Stellaris PC as a mobile outsourcing service. The Stellaris PC is the only vitreoretinal surgical system that comes with a dual light source and surgeon-selected color filters that allow for differentiated viewing designed to enhance the surgeon’s ability to see ocular tissue better under various surgical conditions. The Stellaris PC also allows for the smallest and safest incisions for both phacoemulsification and retinal procedures, enhancing surgical outcomes for the patient, and comfort for the surgeon.

Trained & Certified, Professional Technicians

– OSHA, HIPAA, Reptrax, and More

Our professional technicians complete an initial 90-day training program followed by annual continuing education classes. Technicians are Phaco Certified and receive training in OSHA, HIPAA, bloodborne pathogens, aseptic technique, fire safety, and operating room protocol. They also receive extensive training from the leading cataract equipment manufacturers such as Alcon, AMO, B&L,  Zeiss, and all other products we carry. All of our techs also carry all necessary business insurance and are Reptrax certified.

Cataract Outsourcing Technician


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