Access the Latest in Ophthalmic Technology with

Zero Capital Outlay.

Surgical Direct provides tailored solutions for surgeons and surgical facilities to access advanced ophthalmic equipment, services, and supplies for cataract surgery and other ophthalmic procedures.

Turnkey System

Immediate Profitability

Zero Risk

We help surgeons and OR teams across the US

with ophthalmic equipment, supply management, and dedicated support.

Start a new Cataract Program

Add a new revenue stream to your OR the easy way. 

Upgrade / Expand A Cataract Program

Upgrade old equipment, add additional rooms, or start a satellite program.

Outsourcing is a smart alternative.

Efficient, Intuitive, and Profitable from day 1.

The healthcare environment demands finding the most efficient way to deliver quality care while at the same time improving the bottom line. With so many specialties to stay up to speed with, this can be a challenge.

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct allows your OR to:

  • Eliminate Capital Outlay: Stay current with the latest equipment without buying.
  • Bill More Efficiently: Our service reduces your POs dramatically. Bill faster, and get paid quicker for cataract procedures.
  • Reduce Busy Work: We handle inventory management of most case supplies and lenses. Plus our coordinators bring the equipment, set up the room, and play an active role in assisting the surgeon and OR team on surgery day.
  • Save Your Space: No need to store equipment on site (which can be tricky for an ASC). We’ll bring the equipment morning of surgery pack it up and out when the day is done. 
  • Turnkey Solution: Surgeons select the equipment and supplies (Phaco Systems, surgical microscopes, lens implants, YAG/SLT lasers, and more), which increases the surgeon’s confidence and over-all success.

Client Reviews

What Surgeons and OR Administrators have to say…

"Makes my job much easier..."

I’ve worked with SDI for mobile cataract and SLT procedures since 2007. As a surgeon that operates in multiple locations, I appreciate their consistent processes as it makes my job much easier. The technicians are not only knowledgeable, but also hardworking and courteous. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The technicians become a part of the team, no matter the location. I know I can rely on them to bring everything I need, including premium lenses, to do my surgeries as efficiently as possible. I would recommend SDI for all mobile cataract needs.
Gregory A. Hill, MD
Ophthalmologist / President & Founder
- Hill Vision Services

"Exceptional Service..."

I have worked with Surgical Direct since 2006 and have always received exceptional service. There have been changes through the years but the customer service has always been 5 stars!
Surgical Administrator

"A True Partner..."​

Surgical Direct has been a wonderful provider of service to our network of hospitals for well over 10 years. Always responsive to customer needs acting as a true partner in the patient care experience.
Surgical Director

"Accommodated every request..."

I've had only excellent interactions with Surgical Direct. Their technicians have all been outstanding. They took care of all of the requests of every ophthalmologist using our ASC. This includes getting the exact microscope that some doctors requested as well as instruments lenses and other peripheral materials. They've accommodated every request we had. They could not have done a better job.
Thomas P. Campbell, MD PC
Ophthalmologist / Founder
- Campbell & Allen - Denver Eye Doctors

We can find the right solution together.

Let’s have a conversation about your unique needs and situation, and together, we’ll determine the best path forward. We are here to help.