Why Outsource?

A smooth, low-risk and flexible way of hosting Cataract Surgery.

Does your surgical facility struggle keeping up with the demands it takes to host a cataract surgery program? Tackling a specialty like Ophthalmology on your own can add financial risk to your OR as well as increases the administrative load to you and your staff. Outsourcing your cataract equipment with Surgical Direct adds value, risk-mitigation, and tailored support to your OR.

At Surgical Direct, we offer the most current ophthalmic equipment, supply inventory relief, and technical support specifically for cataract surgery.

5 Quick Benefits of Outsourcing

Your Cataract Equipment With Surgical Direct.


Immediate Access to the Latest Technology

Manufacture Maintained + Surgery Ready

Partnering with Surgical Direct allows your facility, surgeon, and staff immediate access to the latest cataract surgical technology. This includes the surgeon’s choice of phaco platform, microscope, and other related equipment. Surgeons love having the flexibility of using what they want. Stop making your surgeons operate with old technology!


Significant Capital Savings

Save Capital Budgets for other Specialties

Surgeons gains immediate access to the equipment they want without facilities spending a single dollar of their capital budget. This is significant, especially in our current financial landscape! Save all your capital on specialties that bring more revenue to your facility.


Immediate Positive Revenue Stream

Only pay for what you use and bill faster

Our pricing structure is a ‘per-case pricing’ structure. This means that you only pay when you use our services and there are no contractual obligations when your surgeon doesn’t have any cases. Our clients love this because it reduces financial risk for the facility and offers an immediate positive revenue stream.


Inventory & Administrative Relief

Stop managing lenses and other cataract specific inventory

Surgical Direct provides lenses and disposables for your cataract cases. We work with surgeons directly to coordinate lens picks for surgery day, and provide the disposables (like blades, viscoelastics, cannulas, and more) that the surgeon prefers. We also stock and carry specialty items like vitrectors, rings, MIGS, and more.


On-hand Technical Support

Highly trained and friendly technicians

Our technicians meticulously and carefully pack all equipment, supplies, and lenses, and arrive at your facility early to load in, prime, and set all equipment. They will then provide in-room support on every case throughout the day. From helping the surgeon with equipment settings, to sterile-field opening, to taking out the trash….our coordinators don’t just stand around. They HELP the day run efficiency and safely.

Benefits for Surgeons

Growth, Flexibility & Efficiency

As a surgeon, providing safe surgical outcomes for your patients (and doing so efficiently) is likely your top priority. At Surgical Direct, we understand this, and have built our service around assisting surgeons to do just that.

Working with Surgical Direct will give you:

  • Growth Opportunities: Surgical Direct is a mobile partnership. This means you can upgrade and streamline your surgical process wherever you operate. Thinking about operating in a satellite location? We help surgeons get started quickly in satellite surgery locations, helping them grow their practices.
  • Equipment Flexibility: Surgical Direct allows you to be flexible, allowing you to use the equipment you want and upgrade when new technology becomes available. Because you won’t have to worry about capital, you are able to stay current as new technology becomes available. 
  • Surgical Efficiency: Surgical Direct allows your surgery day to flow more efficiently. Our coordinators play an active role in your OR, assisting with machine settings and adjustments, and turnover. We are committed to doing all we can to keep your cases moving as swiftly and safely as possible.

Benefits for Surgical Facilities

Capital & Administrative Relief

Capital Savings: Working with Surgical Direct allows your facility to provide the latest technology to your surgeons without using your capital budget. In one of the most competitive markets in healthcare when it comes to advancements in technology, this can be costly to stay on top of.

Equipment Expenses: Since you don’t own the equipment, you won’t have to maintain it. Maintenance contracts are costly. Repairs are costly. You will no longer have to worry about these.

Inventory Relief: Managing lens consignments, ordering supplies, stocking supplies, and losses in expired inventory are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing. You will no longer will have to carry cataract specific supplies.

Surgery Day Support: Our coordinators integrate as part of your OR team. Not only do they deliver the equipment and supplies to you on surgery day, but they scrub in, set up the room, help open sterile fields, assist the surgeon, help with turnover, and are knowledgeable resources regarding all aspects of cataract surgery.

Save Storage Space: No need to store equipment on site. Free up precious space in your facility. We’ll bring the equipment morning of surgery pack it up and out when the day is done. 

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