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Adding Ophthalmology To Your OR

Adding Ophthalmology To Your OR

Diversifying your OR with multiple physician specialties is a great way to increase revenue for your OR because it adds more potential revenue sources. Now you may be reading this and already know that Ophthalmology is not the most lucrative specialty for your OR. Read the following article that highlights the top 10 physician specialties […]

Add More Rooms & Tackle Your Back Log

Not being able to operate on your patients has no doubt stunted your ability to help your patient’s, to deliver quality eye care, and to keep your business revenue goals intact. Now is the time to start thinking creatively on ways to fight back against your revenue drops due to COVID19. Adding more rooms (seasonal […]

Increase Cataract Surgery Capacity

Increase Your Cataract Surgery Capacity

In the near future, partnerships and creative solutions may be the difference in quickly ramping up your cataract surgery intake after Covid19. The reality we are all facing, due to the halt of elective surgery, is Ophthalmologists and OR facilities alike will be looking for creative ways to stretch their resources and figure out how […]