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Phaco Repairs

Stop Dealing with Phaco Repairs

As an OR administrator, whether in a hospital or ASC setting, keeping your facility’s functional operations (admin, supply chain, and required surgical equipment) running smoothly is high priority. Smooth operations equate to better patient care. Efficient operations equate to happier patients and surgeons. Better patient care and happier surgeons keep your OR busy and healthy, […]

Cataract Surgery Operations Management

Cataract Surgery Operations Management

How Valuable Is Your Peace of Mind? Peace of mind…we are all after it. We all excel at a higher level when we know that everything is as it should be. We perform better surgery. We provide better patient care. We contribute more to the good of society. We are better human beings. The list […]

Expand Your Reach With Satellite Locations

Business stability is a universal goal in today’s market as our society continues to navigate new normals and the ever-changing landscape of running a business. This is true no matter what sector of business you find yourself in. Taking steps towards creating a more stable business model should be at the forefront of every business […]