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5 Considerations Before Upgrading to a New Phaco

If your surgeon is still operating on old cataract equipment ( Alcon Infiniti, AMO Whitestar / Sovereign, all B&L machines pre Stellaris PC), then you should be considering a phaco upgrade. New phaco systems boast technology upgrades that allow the surgeon to perform safer and more efficient surgery. There are a number of impressive systems […]

Stability for your Cataract Program

We live in uncertain times. In many ways, life doesn’t seem ‘normal’ anymore. We’ve seen the entire world change in a matter of months from a pandemic, forcing us all to adjust to a new normal. But the pandemic isn’t the only source of today’s unstable feelings, in truth, there are many! Stability isn’t quite […]

The ASC Cataract Program

The ASC Cataract Program

Surgical Direct’s perfect solution for Cataracts in the ASC. When we talk about an ASC cataract program, we’re talking about the fine details that allow cataract surgery in an ASC to be efficient, safe, and successful. In the last two decades there has been a great shift in the number of procedures that have moved […]