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We live in uncertain times. In many ways, life doesn’t seem ‘normal’ anymore. We’ve seen the entire world change in a matter of months due to a pandemic, forcing us all to adjust to a new normal. But the pandemic isn’t the only source of today’s unstable feelings, in truth, there are many! Stability isn’t quite the word that comes to mind when we think of the world right now, and for good reasons. However, either consciously or subconsciously, we are all looking for more stability in our lives, our work, and our world.

Your OR is an environment that requires stability. Instability in your OR creates an environment that is not safe or optimal for quality patient care.

Here at Surgical Direct, we provide inroads to a more stable OR environment when it comes to cataract surgery. Our goal is to be a reliable partner that adds value to your OR, practice, and patient experience. Stability, reliability, consistency, efficiency, and excellence are core aspects of everything we do at Surgical Direct.

9 ways Surgical Direct adds stability to your Cataract Program.


1: Consistent Technology

Consistency is important for stability. You will always get the same technology that you’ve requested on surgery day. We will not bring something you haven’t approved or are not comfortable working with. This includes phaco machines, microscopes, lenses, and all other supplies.

2: Back-up Phaco Machines (Every Time)

We always bring a backup phaco. If a machine is acting up, we have another on hand to keep the day running smoothly. And for more extreme (unforeseen) situations, our warehouse team is ready to run more backup equipment or supplies to the surgical location if needed. We take all necessary steps to ensure your surgery day runs as smoothly as possible.

3: Full Lens Consignments (Every Visit)

We work directly with your office for lens picks so we know exactly what you need on surgery day. But beyond that, we also bring full consignments of your primary, secondary, and AC lens selections. This covers all last-minute calculation changes, accidental contaminations, and unforeseen case issues.

4: Stationary Cataract Instruments

Unlike many other service providers, we do not travel with instruments. The reason we don’t is that cataract instruments are extremely delicate, and travel allows too many opportunities for them to be damaged. We do provide instrumentation, but these instruments will be stationary at your surgical location. This lowers usage from others and preserves the life of the instruments.

5: Familiar & Highly Trained Cataract Coordinators (Techs)

We have a policy with our technicians and our scheduling that 2-3 techs are designated to your account. This means that you will almost always see a familiar face on surgery day. Each tech learns the surgical style of their surgeon and protocol, as well as the OR team’s flow so each day is as smooth as possible, achieving a true “team” approach.

Not only will your account technician be consistent and familiar, but they are also highly trained. Upon hire, each tech goes through a 90-day intensive training of the equipment, surgery, OR protocol, in-service training, troubleshooting, and more…all before ever servicing an account on their own. You will NEVER get a tech that does not know what they are doing.

6: New Account Onboarding

If you are a new client, we do our part to ensure there are no surprises in our initial onboarding. We will request a visit to your main surgical location so we can observe and learn specifically how you prefer to operate. This allows us to thoroughly prepare for working with you in your environment.

7: Competitive (Hassle-Free) Pricing

We believe that you can’t put a price on the level of service you receive from us. But if you are comparing our services to other cataract outsourcing providers, you’ll notice that our pricing is very competitive. Plus, we don’t nickel and dime, no hidden fees, and offer simple and upfront pricing.

8: Retina, Glaucoma MIGS, SLT, & YAG Access

Being an SDI Partner allows for direct access to other technology offerings from Surgical Direct. Our Mobile Retina Services offer flexibility and capital savings for retinal operations. Add on Glaucoma procedures (MIGS) easily to your surgery day and we’ll provide what you need. Add on SLT & YAG procedures to your day to lower your travel (especially beneficial in satellite locations).

9: Grow Your Surgical Options (Mobile & Fixed)

We are here to help you grow. Tap into our OD referral network and expand with satellite locations. Upgrade your main surgical location’s equipment, or let us help you move from 1 to 2 room surgery days. Whatever your need, we are motivated to be a resource and partner to help you achieve the growth you are looking for.

Looking for more stability in your cataract program? Look no further. Surgical Direct is the partnership you’ve been looking for.

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