Upgrade / Expand your Cataract Program

Replace Old Equipment  •  Add a 2nd Room  •  Start a Satellite Program

Want to upgrade to newer cataract technology but lack the capital budget? Surgical Direct Inc provides a turnkey solution for upgrading your equipment, adding additional rooms, or adding locations without dipping into your capital budget.

We provide:

Phaco Machines

Ophthalmic Microscopes

YAG Lasers

SLT Lasers

Full-Range & Model IOL Access

Surgeon-selected Case Supplies

Specialty Add-on Items

Highly Trained In-Room Support


The Latest Cataract Technology

Stay current with today’s leading cataract technology without upkeep and expense. Use the equipment that you want, when you want it.

We provide the industry’s latest platforms and stay current with new releases and updates as they become available. Our equipment is routinely manufacture-maintained and ready for surgery can so your day can run as smoothly and safely as possible.

Ophthalmic Inventory Relief

We’ll take the burden off your shoulders.

One of the many benefits of working with Surgical Direct is lens and case supply management. Ophthalmology is nuanced and specific when it comes to the supplies needed for surgery. OR administrators have plenty to manage with other specialties. As a part of our service, we provide surgeon-specific case supply lists for your surgery day, including lens implants.

  • IOL Lens Consignments: We carry full lens consignments of all popular lens brands and models, and are able to special order any lens the surgeon might need. Primary, sulcus, AC, Toric, Multifocal, and more. We coordinate ahead of each surgery day with the surgeon’s office for their lens picks, so that we always have the lens they need. This also means that your team no longer has to manage lenses.
  • Ancillary Supplies: We provide tailored supply lists for each surgeon. This ensures the doctor has the exact item needed for each procedure, while aleviating your OR team of managing the inventory. This includes all standard supplies needed for surgery including, drapes, blades, BSS, viscoelastic, cannulas, and other disposables. Reduce your in-house inventory hours and reallocate your time to better use!
  • Specialty Supplies: In addition to routine case supplies, we also carry backup and specialty items like Malyugin Rings, CTRs, Vitrectors, MIGS, and other specialty items that can be requested and provided. This means you no longer have to order, stock, and carry items the surgeon may rarely use.

Our Cataract Coordinators

The difference-makers at Surgical Direct.

At Surgical Direct, we are driven to serve our customers with excellence. Our goal is to offer the absolute best support to surgeons and OR teams. We believe that our coordinators are the gold standard; what can turn a case from good to great.

We believe having experienced, aware, cordial, and supportive coordinators in the OR during surgery can make a big difference on surgery day. Having these qualities increases efficiency, raises the surgeon’s comfort level and improves patient care by allowing the nursing staff to focus more on their patients (letting us manage other details in the OR).

Our coordinators are highly-trained and knowledgeable assets to your OR. They undergo a 90-day intensive training upon hire before they ever step foot into an OR on their own. They are annually trained in OR protocols, sterile field protocol, instrumentation and equipment technology (with manufacturer representatives), and much more.

Our coordinators are team players and integrate right into your OR team, helping wherever they can. You’ll notice the difference right away.

A Typical Surgery Day with SDI

Support from start to finish.

The week prior to surgery: Our team works directly with Ophthalmologist and Administrators to calculate how many cases are planned for the day and the surgeon’s final lens picks (primary, secondary, and specialty lenses).

Day before surgery: Your assigned technician will call to confirm cases numbers and start times. They will also meticulously pack up all equipment and supplies needed (included ample backups) for the day and load them into our climate-controlled vans.

On surgery day: Our technician(s) will arrive at your facility in enough time for handpiece trays and scope handles to be sterilized. We then setup the equipment, organize supplies and lenses, and scrub in to help get the OR ready for an on-time start. After cases start, our techs play an active role, assisting the surgeon with settings, helping with turnover, and taking out the trash.

After surgery: At the end of the day, we pack up the equipment and take it with us. You’ll get an invoice from our office within a few days. That’s it!

Upgrade Your Cataract Program.

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Together is a better way forward!