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What Surgeons and OR Administrators have to say…

"Makes my job much easier..."

I’ve worked with SDI for mobile cataract and SLT procedures since 2007. As a surgeon that operates in multiple locations, I appreciate their consistent processes as it makes my job much easier. The technicians are not only knowledgeable, but also hardworking and courteous. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The technicians become a part of the team, no matter the location. I know I can rely on them to bring everything I need, including premium lenses, to do my surgeries as efficiently as possible. I would recommend SDI for all mobile cataract needs.
Gregory A. Hill, MD
Ophthalmologist / President & Founder
- Hill Vision Services

"Exceptional Service..."

I have worked with Surgical Direct since 2006 and have always received exceptional service. There have been changes through the years but the customer service has always been 5 stars!
Surgical Administrator

"Wholeheartedly Recommend..."

I have used Surgical Direct services since 1999. The quality of service has been outstanding with amazing staff and tech. The equipment are top of the line. They are very open to discuss any different options. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Ukeme Umana, MD, F.A.C.S
- Marion Eye Centers

"Accommodated every request..."

I've had only excellent interactions with Surgical Direct. Their technicians have all been outstanding. They took care of all of the requests of every ophthalmologist using our ASC. This includes getting the exact microscope that some doctors requested as well as instruments lenses and other peripheral materials. They've accommodated every request we had. They could not have done a better job.
Thomas P. Campbell, MD, PC
Ophthalmologist / Founder
- Campbell & Allen - Denver Eye Doctors

"Always on time..."

All the staff working at Surgical Direct are fantastic! Always on time, courteous and professional. They go above and beyond to make sure that our cases run smooth.
Surgical Administrator

"Second to none..."

As part of a practice that is in a constant state of growth, I’m dependent on Surgical Direct to help me expand my territory. No matter the size of the town or the hospital, if I need a place to do modern cataract surgery, I know I can count on Surgical Direct to make it happen. Surgical Direct offers the absolute latest in technology for cataract surgery. There is not one piece of new technology available that they haven’t been able to provide for me. The staff that Surgical Direct sends to my cases are second to none. They integrate with the existing staff well to make my day run more efficiently. I’ve been pleased from beginning to end with using Surgical Direct for my mobile cataract surgery solution. I highly recommend them to my colleagues.
Michael P. Jones, MD
Ophthalmologist / COO
– Quantum Vision Centers

"A True Partner..."

Surgical Direct has been a wonderful provider of service to our network of hospitals for well over 10 years. Always responsive to customer needs acting as a true partner in the patient care experience.
Surgical Director

"Outstanding and reliable..."

I first started using Surgical Direct in Aug 2006 and I would highly recommend them to any surgeon who wishes access to the latest technology and the most responsive tech support in the industry. Their leadership, with Kevin Francis and Ted Barden, is outstanding and both are highly experienced and exquisitely sensitive to my surgical needs. I can discuss any issue with them and they find me solutions quickly and efficiently. Their equipment is the latest available and I have been able to try the best technology at any hospital. Their technicians are reliable, on time and very well trained to assist the surgeon. I would use no other company in my outreach surgery locations. They are the key to smooth, relaxing, trouble-free surgery.
Sandra Yeh, MD
Medical Director / Founder
- Prairie Eye and LASIK Center

"Highly Recommend..."

Surgical Direct provides great customer service. Personnel are very skilled. The equipment and workflow that is provided by Surgical Direct is excellent. Would highly recommend their services.
Surgical Administrator

"Superb Team."

Superb team. Very knowledgeable, always available and attentive, and very professional. They provide services beyond their job description. Their services are invaluable for the OR team and paramount for the patient care. They contribute immensely to the flow in the OR.
Dr. Humeyra Karacal
- Premiere Eye Associates

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