Cataract Surgery Operations Management

How Valuable Is Your Peace of Mind?

Peace of mind…we are all after it. We all excel at a higher level when we know that everything is as it should be. We perform better surgery. We provide better patient care. We contribute more to the good of society. We are better human beings. The list goes on.

As with any surgery, administrative and logistical details prior to and during cataract surgery can’t be taken lightly and need adequate time, planning, and attention for success. Any OR administrator (or business leader for that matter) will tell you that streamlining your operational systems is a sure-fire way to raise efficiency and reduce stress.
Surgical Direct Inc provides a mobile cataract service that provides the latest cataract equipment to your OR with no capital outlay. Along with equipment provisions, we provide customized and flexible case supplies (eliminating in-house inventory) and highly trained cataract technicians for every cataract case in your OR.

Mobile Cataract Services with Surgical Direct include:

• Surgery Day Stability

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct brings surgery day stability to your OR. We meticulously pack equipment and supplies for the day with ample amounts of backups and a “can-do” attitude. Our technicians come ready for whatever the day brings, are trained to troubleshoot equipment, help with turnover, and provide additional intra-op assistance when called upon.

• Capital Investment & Ongoing Expense Relief

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct eliminates the need to spend your capital dollars on cataract equipment. This includes phaco technology, microscopes, hand-pieces, instruments, and disposable supplies. Additionally, if you don’t purchase the equipment, you won’t have to pay for repairs and maintenance contracts either. Plus, allowing SDI to take over your supply and lens inventory saves your team hours of inventory management and reduces PO counts dramatically.

• Extra Levels of Safety

Using old equipment for surgery could be a risk. Not only is the technology outdated, but the possibility of equipment failure is increased. New phaco technology provides higher/more efficient cut rates, fluidics, and safety features. Plus, all our machines are manufacturer maintained and up to date at all times. Safety always comes first at Surgical Direct.

• Flexibility for the Future

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct brings a level of flexibility to your OR that you would not have on your own. We provide the opportunity for surgeons to conveniently change their equipment preferences (eg. trying a new technology). Or perhaps you have another surgeon that would like to operate in your facility but does not prefer the equipment you already own. Having the option to provide multiple surgeons with their favorite equipment without spending large amounts of capital is a benefit that should not be overlooked. 

• Open Doors for Expansion

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct opens expansion opportunities that perhaps were not possible before. Opening a second room (fully outfitted with all the equipment you need) is simple. Expanding our service to other locations you’re connected with is as convenient as letting us know who to talk to. If you want to grow, Surgical Direct is the expansion partner you’ve been waiting for. 

We’ve found that for many of our partners, transitioning to the outsourcing model has dramatically increased their ‘Peace of Mind’ and built more successful and efficient cataract surgery programs in their ORs. And it’s not just administrators, surgeons love us too ;). But don’t just take our word for it, read through our reviews. 

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