Need a New Phaco?

Remove all roadblocks to a new Phaco with Mobile Cataract Outsourcing.

Operating with an old Phaco machine? 

If so, you are likely not operating as efficiently and safely as you could be. The possibility of a ‘downed’ machine on surgery day is an active concern…and so are repair costs.

If you are in need of a new Phaco machine, but are struggling with capital budgets, Surgical Direct Inc offers a Mobile Cataract Outsourcing program to resolve these issues.

A completely upgraded surgery day with Surgical Direct (New Phaco included).

Here are some common questions we hear:

1) Which machines are available in this program?

Acquire immediate access to the Alcon Centurion, B&L Stellaris, or  J&J Veritas with $0 in capital outlay. These 3 machines are the latest from the biggest cataract equipment brands in the US, each bringing ample upgrades in cutting, fluidics, and safety to every surgery.

2) My microscope is fairly old as well. What about my microscope?

We’re glad you asked. Yes, we also provide top ophthalmic microscope models like the Alcon LX3 and Zeiss OPMI Lumera  included within our program. 

3) How does pricing work?

As mentioned above, this program requires $0 in capital outlay. Our pricing is structured and billed per case after the surgery day. This ensures that you only pay for the equipment (and supplies) when you use it. Contact us directly for a deep dive into how our pricing is structured and how affordable it actually is. 

4) Do we have to store the equipment in our facility?

No, we deliver the equipment to you on the day of surgery, and our cataract specialists will set up the room for you and your staff. This includes Phaco hand-pieces and microscope handles, all dropped off in plenty of time to be sterilized before surgery. 

5) What if we operate using 2 rooms?

Not a problem! We will bring enough equipment (plus backups) for your day to operate as smoothly and safely as possible. 

6) Do we need to have our staff trained on the new equipment?

No. Accompanied with your equipment on surgery day are our highly-trained cataract specialists. Our techs deliver the equipment to your facility as well as test, prime, and troubleshoot equipment as needed. They also assist the surgeon and staff throughout the day with machine settings, turnover, and supply management. In truth, our technicians are the shining stars of our cataract program. They help make the day go smoothly and work from a team-focused mentality. 

7) What else should we know?

Along with new equipment, our program offers full support and management of cataract surgery supplies as well. This includes all ancillary supplies like blades, cannulas, viscoelastic, BSS, instrumentation, and lens consignments. Enrolling in our cataract outsourcing program allows your facility to let go of inventory heavy-lifting and lens consignment management. 

There’s so much more, but we value your time. 

If anything above has piqued your interest, let’s hop on a call! We’ll talk you through all the details of how our cataract outsourcing program works and how this program can greatly benefit surgeons and OR staff alike. Don’t wait, call us today!

5 Considerations Before Upgrading to a New Phaco

If your surgeon is still operating on old cataract equipment ( Alcon Infiniti, AMO Whitestar / Sovereign, all B&L machines pre Stellaris PC), then you should be considering a phaco upgrade. New phaco systems boast advanced technologies that allow the surgeon to perform safer and more efficient surgery. There are a number of impressive systems available. In fact, all recent phaco machine releases to the market have considerable upgrades in cutting power, fluidics, and chamber stability when compared to older systems. Those 3 features are reason enough on their own, but there are many more benefits to upgrading. 

Upgrading should be in the conversation! However, there are some important aspects to consider before pulling the trigger. Among many considerations, here are 5 that we feel important.

5 Considerations before upgrading to a new Phaco machine. 


1) Which Phaco System? 

Choosing a system can be a hard decision. The 3 latest phaco systems from the main players in the US market (Alcon Centurion, J&J Veritas, and B&L Stellaris PC ) are all fantastic in their own right. Many surgeons have brand loyalty to a particular system, and often that is good path. However, we’ve helped many surgeons transition platforms and brands, resulting in big satisfactions!

The key here is to trial the technology and give your surgeon the ability to get familiar with the system before committing to it. This is harder than it sounds in reality. We’ve seen many surgeons adopt new technology and operate with it for months, only to then decide they don’t like it and want to switch. This can make the decision to purchase a new platform stressful for the decision maker.

2) Upfront Capital

The financial component of this decision is very important and should not be taken lightly. New technology can range anywhere from 50-80k for a single machine, and many facilities would require more than one to operate at full capacity (eg 2 room surgery day scenarios). Holding up large amounts of capital for a specialty like ophthalmology can be risky to the facility’s profitability. This can be especially true if you are onboarding cataracts for the first time or are working with a new surgeon that doesn’t have tenure with you. 

3) Additional Purchases

With every phaco purchase comes a handful of additional required purchases that are only compatible with the new machine. These items include phaco handpieces, tips, sleeves, tubing, BSS bags, foot pedals, and more. Even though these items often come in a package deal, if any of these items becomes faulty, you’ll need to repair or replace…which brings us to our next point.

4) Support & Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment is vitally important to protect (first and foremost) the safety of your patients, as well as your investment. Routine maintenance plans with the manufacturer are highly recommended (and in our opinion, necessary). However, these plans can be costly and should be factored into your ROI figures. Another thing to consider is the training and support for the new technology. It can take a long time for your team to learn the new system and be proficient in assisting the surgeon. Troubleshooting problems (which in our experience are bound to happen…even with new equipment) can hold up an entire surgery day if your team is not fully versed on what to look for. 

5) Outsourcing VS Purchasing

In our opinion, you are not ready to make an informed decision about upgrading to a new phaco machine until you’ve explored the option of outsourcing equipment. There are big benefits in outsourcing! Outsourcing allows you to predict and protect your profit margins. Outsourcing dramatically reduces your risk. Outsourcing allows your surgeon the luxury of trying out new platforms, switching, and adding rooms without it affecting the facility’s bottom line. Additionally, you don’t pay for maintenance or repairs!

Surgical Direct Inc provides a high-quality cataract equipment outsourcing program  that will rival any other service in the nation. Our team is committed to surgeon and facility alike, so that everyone involved wins on eye-day. 

Read through more about how we approach outsourcing and the benefits in greater detail. 

Can you envision a smoother, less stressful, and lower risk way of doing Cataract Surgery? We believe that outsourcing is the best way to do it! Click through below to learn more, contact us, or request a demo. 

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for. 

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Stability for your Cataract Program

We live in uncertain times. In many ways, life doesn’t seem ‘normal’ anymore. We’ve seen the entire world change in a matter of months due to a pandemic, forcing us all to adjust to a new normal. But the pandemic isn’t the only source of today’s unstable feelings, in truth, there are many! Stability isn’t quite the word that comes to mind when we think of the world right now, and for good reasons. However, either consciously or subconsciously, we are all looking for more stability in our lives, our work, and our world.

Your OR is an environment that requires stability. Instability in your OR creates an environment that is not safe or optimal for quality patient care.

Here at Surgical Direct, we provide inroads to a more stable OR environment when it comes to cataract surgery. Our goal is to be a reliable partner that adds value to your OR, practice, and patient experience. Stability, reliability, consistency, efficiency, and excellence are core aspects of everything we do at Surgical Direct.

9 ways Surgical Direct adds stability to your Cataract Program.


1: Consistent Technology

Consistency is important for stability. You will always get the same technology that you’ve requested on surgery day. We will not bring something you haven’t approved or are not comfortable working with. This includes phaco machines, microscopes, lenses, and all other supplies.

2: Back-up Phaco Machines (Every Time)

We always bring a backup phaco. If a machine is acting up, we have another on hand to keep the day running smoothly. And for more extreme (unforeseen) situations, our warehouse team is ready to run more backup equipment or supplies to the surgical location if needed. We take all necessary steps to ensure your surgery day runs as smoothly as possible.

3: Full Lens Consignments (Every Visit)

We work directly with your office for lens picks so we know exactly what you need on surgery day. But beyond that, we also bring full consignments of your primary, secondary, and AC lens selections. This covers all last-minute calculation changes, accidental contaminations, and unforeseen case issues.

4: Stationary Cataract Instruments

Unlike many other service providers, we do not travel with instruments. The reason we don’t is that cataract instruments are extremely delicate, and travel allows too many opportunities for them to be damaged. We do provide instrumentation, but these instruments will be stationary at your surgical location. This lowers usage from others and preserves the life of the instruments.

5: Familiar & Highly Trained Cataract Coordinators (Techs)

We have a policy with our technicians and our scheduling that 2-3 techs are designated to your account. This means that you will almost always see a familiar face on surgery day. Each tech learns the surgical style of their surgeon and protocol, as well as the OR team’s flow so each day is as smooth as possible, achieving a true “team” approach.

Not only will your account technician be consistent and familiar, but they are also highly trained. Upon hire, each tech goes through a 90-day intensive training of the equipment, surgery, OR protocol, in-service training, troubleshooting, and more…all before ever servicing an account on their own. You will NEVER get a tech that does not know what they are doing.

6: New Account Onboarding

If you are a new client, we do our part to ensure there are no surprises in our initial onboarding. We will request a visit to your main surgical location so we can observe and learn specifically how you prefer to operate. This allows us to thoroughly prepare for working with you in your environment.

7: Competitive (Hassle-Free) Pricing

We believe that you can’t put a price on the level of service you receive from us. But if you are comparing our services to other cataract outsourcing providers, you’ll notice that our pricing is very competitive. Plus, we don’t nickel and dime, no hidden fees, and offer simple and upfront pricing.

8: Retina, Glaucoma MIGS, SLT, & YAG Access

Being an SDI Partner allows for direct access to other technology offerings from Surgical Direct. Our Mobile Retina Services offer flexibility and capital savings for retinal operations. Add on Glaucoma procedures (MIGS) easily to your surgery day and we’ll provide what you need. Add on SLT & YAG procedures to your day to lower your travel (especially beneficial in satellite locations).

9: Grow Your Surgical Options (Mobile & Fixed)

We are here to help you grow. Tap into our OD referral network and expand with satellite locations. Upgrade your main surgical location’s equipment, or let us help you move from 1 to 2 room surgery days. Whatever your need, we are motivated to be a resource and partner to help you achieve the growth you are looking for.

Looking for more stability in your cataract program? Look no further. Surgical Direct is the partnership you’ve been looking for.

Have questions? Click or call today to get a conversation in motion about Mobile Cataract Services with Surgical Direct.

Partnership is the way forward. Partner with us!

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2 Rooms For Cataracts, Now!

Elevate Your Cataract Surgery Potential.

It’s 2022. Cataract surgery numbers are headed for all-time highs in the United States. Baby boomers are in range (some already needing the surgery, but millions more on the horizon). At the same time, Ophthalmology as a specialty isn’t growing at the same rate as the population’s needs. Projections indicate that there could be fewer practicing Ophthalmologists (per-capita) in the coming years that are tackling a much heavier volume of care than the US has ever seen.

Read this interesting article from Healio that supports this data.

In tandem, physicians are still working through a backlog of cases from the previous 2 years of the pandemic.

To sum up, practicing physicians are likely going to have very busy surgery days ahead.

So how do you prepare for an influx like this?

Increasing your surgery day efficiency is a great place to start! Adding more rooms to your surgery day increases your capacity for more cases.

Adding a Second OR on Eye Day is easy with Surgical Direct.

Outsourcing your equipment with Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract service allows you to gain immediate access to the latest technology available for cataract surgery without spending a dime of capital. But capital savings is not the only benefit…

(1) Double the cataract equipment.

Since the facility no longer needs to purchase Phaco machines, microscopes, and hand-pieces, confining your surgeon to one room is no longer an issue. On 2 room days we provide all equipment required for both rooms to operate safely and efficiently. This saves the facility upwards of 6 figures in capital investment, maintenance, repairs, and other unexpected costs.

(2) Double the support.

Having enough equipment to have 2 rooms running doesn’t always make the day more efficient. The team of people that work in the room is what does! Having the right amount of support staff is vital to keep the day moving efficiently. That’s why we provide 1 technician per room on 2 room days. This increases the manpower, technical support, and teamwork in each room so that those 8-15 minutes cases stay 8-15 minutes. We also help with turnover, so that the surgeon can bounce between rooms without waiting.

(3) Double the supplies & lenses.

2 room days typically mean a lot of cases. A lot of cases means a lot of supplies. No matter the surgeon and their supply preferences, 12-20 cases in one day requires a large amount of inventory. Surgical Direct provides all inventory needs for your cataract cases (except for meds).
For 2 room days, we fill our cargo vans (sometimes to the roof) with equipment and supplies. Think of the shelf space you’ll be saving. Think of the time you’ll be saving in inventory if you didn’t have to order, receive, unpack, and shelf all of those supplies every time the surgeon is scheduled.

Lens consignments are also time-consuming to manage. If a surgeon is doing 15 cases, you’ll also need about 45 lenses (primary + 2 backup) ready and accounted for before the day starts.
With Surgical Direct as a part of your team, you don’t need to stock case supplies or manage lens consignments anymore.

Now is the time to get prepared for more.

You may already be feeling the increase. Now is the time to restructure and prepare yourself for heavier surgery days. Surgical Direct is a support system that is here to help. Read through our client reviews to find out more about how we can help.

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for.

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Is Now The Right Time To Invest in New Cataract Equipment?

Keeping up with the rise of Office-Based Cataract Surgery.

Interest in Office-Based Surgery (OBS) has seen rapid growth since the Covid-19 pandemic halted elective surgeries in 2020. Ophthalmologists are among the early adopters, putting efforts towards moving cataract surgery (for the patients that qualify) to the office-based model.

This could dramatically change things for Hospitals and ASCs that host cataract surgery. A few years ago, hospitals were hosting roughly 35% of cataract surgeries in the US, while ASCs covered the remaining 65%. This was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and those numbers have shifted even further in ASCs’ favor. Adding OBS as an option for ophthalmologists to offer their patients takes cataract surgery cases away from both hospitals and ASCs alike.

This begs the question if you are a hospital or ASC administrator…


Is now the right time to invest in new cataract equipment? 


Analyzing the numbers and current trends, it’s likely that investing in new cataract equipment may not be a profitable and smart use of your capital funds. However, not investing may cause your facility to lose surgeons altogether due to cases being taken elsewhere. Generally speaking, surgeons love new technology, and we’ve seen many surgeons move their cases to other facilities just to operate with newer technology. 

This creates a sort of conundrum for administrators who feel the pressure to spend capital that (truthfully) may be a bit of a risky investment.

Save your capital $$ and let Surgical Direct upgrade your cataract equipment. 

Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Services allows you to gain access to today’s latest technology without investing any upfront capital. We provide a wide selection of phaco platforms, ophthalmic microscopes, ancillary supplies, lens consignments, and highly trained hands-on support for every case.

Working with us…

  1. Eliminates capital budget expenses on cataract equipment
  2. Increases your technology flexibility (switch or upgrade platforms easily)
  3. Eliminates maintenance costs
  4. Reduces in-house inventory management for surgical supplies (we bring it all)
  5. Allows access to any lens you need (we’ll handle the consignments) 
  6. Increases the support level during surgery (our technicians come with the equipment and help with programming, adjusting, and room turnover).

Surgical Direct offers a simple and straightforward “per-case pricing” structure. You only pay for our service on cataract day. This allows you to allocate your facility’s capital funds into other specialties that may bring in more revenue, and help keep your cataract surgeons happy at the same time. It’s a win-win if you ask us!

Want to learn more about our services? Have any questions about how it works? click through below…

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No Capital? No Problem!

Capital budgets for surgical facilities have become more of a precious commodity than in years past. We are living in unprecedented times, and administrators need to be more strategic with their capital dollars than ever before. Investing dollars into a new specialty in your facility…well let’s be honest…that is a big risk right now.

Do either of these statements ring true for your facility?

1) Upgrading equipment in the near future is likely not an option.

2) Getting started in a new specialty in the near future is likely not an option.

If one or both of the statements above are true, then your facility may struggle to find ways to grow revenue and survive the challenging landscape all of us as healthcare providers find ourselves in.

No Capital? No Problem!

What if we told you that there is another way?

When it comes to cataract surgery and other ophthalmic specialty procedures, Surgical Direct creates a stable and low-risk path for growing your facility’s revenue without spending $1 in capital. Surgical Direct provides equipment, supplies, and support for cataract surgery as well as other procedures with an outsourcing service model.

We provide phaco machines, ophthalmic microscopes, Yag & SLT Lasers, IOL consignments, tailored case-supply lists, specialty add-on items, and highly trained support.

For the full scope of what we do, check out our Mobile Cataract Services page.

Already facilitate cataract surgery in your facility? 

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct has big benefits.

    • Upgrade your equipment now (Phacos, microscopes, and more). $0 of capital.
    • Make your surgeons happy with the latest technology available.
    • Eliminate those pricey maintenance plans.
    • Save admin time and inventory costs for cataract specific supplies.
    • Access top-level support from our technicians on every case.

Not currently facilitating cataract surgery? 

Starting an outsourcing relationship with Surgical Direct can be a fast track to a new revenue stream.

    • We offer an easy (low-risk) way to get cataract surgery started in your facility with no capital expense.
    • We take care of all the equipment setup, fully outfitting your OR for cataract surgery.
    • We bring the majority of the disposable supplies (including IOL implants) so you don’t have to worry about it.
    • No need to think about long-term cost and upkeep of equipment. We take care of all that.
    • Don’t have a surgeon relationship? We’ll do the legwork and connect you with one so cataract surgery in your facility can become a reality.

Ready to lower your risk and grow your revenue at the same time? We are ready to be your growth partner and open the door for your facility.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss in further detail, or schedule a free demo day.

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More about our Mobile Cataract Services


5 Rapid-Fire Benefits of Outsourcing

Does your surgical facility experience difficulty in keeping up with the demands it takes to host a cataract surgery program in your OR? Tackling a specialty like Ophthalmology on your own can add financial risk to your OR as well as increase your administrative load to your staff. It absolutely can be done, and many facilities manage, but we are here to tell you that there is another option than spending your precious capital dollars on cataract equipment. Outsourcing equipment with Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract services has many benefits. Let’s take a look!

5 Rapid Fire Benefits of Outsourcing your Cataract Equipment with Surgical Direct.


1) Immediate access to the latest technology

Partnering with Surgical Direct allows your facility, surgeon, and staff immediate access to the latest cataract surgical technology. This includes the surgeon’s choice of phaco platform, microscope, and other related equipment. Surgeons love having the flexibility of using what they want. Stop making your surgeons operate with old technology!

2) Massive Capital Savings

Surgeons gains immediate access to the equipment they want without facilities spending a single dollar from your capital budget. This is massive, especially in our current financial landscape! Save all your capital on specialties that bring more revenue to your facility.

3) Per Case Pricing

Our pricing structure is a ‘per-case pricing’ structure. This means that you only pay when you use our services and there are no contractual obligations when your surgeon doesn’t have any cases. Our clients love this because it reduces financial risk for the facility and offers an immediate positive revenue stream.

4) Case Supply Relief (Lenses, Disposables, + Specialty Items)

Including equipment provisions, our Mobile Cataract Service provides your facility with extensive case supplies, tailored to your facility and surgeon.

  • Lenses: We work directly with the surgeon and their office for surgery lens picks. We then bring all the surgeon’s lens picks for the day with us, including a full back-up consignment just in case there are any last minute changes. This includes specialty, premium & backup lenses. We’ve got the day fully covered! Plus, the facility no longer has to manage lens consignments.
  • Disposables: We compile preference supply lists for each surgeon including blades, cannulas, viscoelastics, BSS and other disposable supplies. We pack plenty of supplies for the day’s case volume, plus plenty of extras in case of unforeseen drops or contaminations.
  • Specialty Items: Including regular case supplies, we stock and carry specialty items on an as-needed basis. Items like Vitrectors, Malyugin Rings, Iris Hooks, MIGS, and more!

Allowing us to supply all of these items to your facility dramatically reduces your in-house inventory load, reducing your PO’s to just 1 for ophthalmology.

5) In-Room Support

Along with all the equipment and supplies, comes a thoroughly trained Surgical Direct representative, ready to assist your surgeon and staff on every case! We call them our Cataract Coordinators. Our coordinators go through an extensive 90 day training prior to working alone. Most have years of experience, seeing more cases than the majority of nurses. Our coordinators meticulously and carefully pack all equipment, supplies, and lenses, and arrive at your facility early to load in, prime, and set all equipment. They will then provide in-room support on every case throughout the day. From helping the surgeon with equipment settings, to sterile-field opening, to taking out the trash….our coordinators don’t just stand around. They HELP the day go by efficiency and safely.

To be honest, these 5 benefits just scratch the surface. Can you envision a smoother, less stressful, and lower risk way of doing Cataract Surgery? We believe that outsourcing is the best way to do it!

Click through below to learn more, contact us, or request a demo.

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for.

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The Benefits of ASC Cataract Surgery in 2021

Ambulatory surgery centers have been hugely popular for hosting cataract surgery in recent years (about 70 to 80% of all cataracts in the US) due to convenience, efficiency, and flexibility when compared to hospitals or large medical centers.  Now that we are in 2021, there are even more benefits to moving cataracts to an ASC due to the changing landscape of COVID-19.

Moving your cataract surgery to an ASC is a win-win-win; for patients, for healthcare, and for surgeons. New protocols and systems put in place due to the pandemic have slowed hospitals down with their ability to provide efficient surgical services, and we have seen an even bigger push in the ophthalmology world to move cases from hospitals to ASCs.

Why ASC Cataract Surgery with Surgical Direct is a match made in heaven.

Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Services are designed for surgical centers and surgeons to have the opportunity to be more efficient and flexible with no capital expense. We provide all needed equipment and provisions for your cases, brought to the facility for surgery day.

• No Capital Expense

Surgical Direct eliminates the need for an ASC to use their precious capital dollars on ophthalmic surgical equipment. We provide the latest in cataract surgery technology to your facility on an as needed basis. No capital, no preventative maintenance packages, no worries.

• Surgical Efficiency

Surgical Direct’s model is all about efficiency. From start to finish on surgery day, our team is set and ready to assist the OR team as much as needed, making sure the equipment is running smoothly, and the doctor has everything they need. We also help streamline the ASC’s supply chain and reduce POs with vendors by supplying all necessary supplies for the surgery.

• Flexibility

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct brings a level of flexibility to your OR that you would not have on your own. We provide the opportunity for surgeons to be flexible with their equipment preferences (eg. trying a new technology). This also allows your facility to take on more surgeons without the worry of what equipment they prefer. Having the option to provide multiple surgeons with their preferences in equipment without spending large amounts of capital is a benefit that should not be overlooked. Plus, since we are a roll-in / roll-out service and most ASC’s are limited on storage space, you don’t have to worry about that either.

We’ve just scratched the surface. ASC Cataract Surgery with Surgical Direct makes sense in so many more ways than we’ve gotten into.

Interested in learning how our services work?

Click through below to learn more, contact us, or request a demo.

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for.

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Saying Goodbye to the Alcon Infiniti

Upgrading from the Alcon Infiniti is seamless and capital expense-free with Surgical Direct

Recently, Alcon officially announced via customer letters their plans to phase out the production of parts, tubing packs, and supplies that support their 20 year old phaco platform, the Alcon Infiniti Vision System.

The Alcon Infiniti has proven to be a dependable and reliable phaco machine that many ophthalmologists still use and trust for surgery. With the recent announcement that tubing packs will be manufactured at a significantly limited scale until 2023 (at which point they will be discontinued), the Alcon Infiniti era is coming to a close, and soon ophthalmologists and surgical suites will be forced to upgrade to newer platforms.

Upgrading To Alcon Centurion Has Big Benefits

Infiniti’s successor, the Alcon Centurion, was released in 2013 and introduced some of the biggest phaco technology upgrades we’ve seen in decades.

1) Active Fluidics

Sensor-directed plates that control the flow of fluid in the system (instead of traditional gravity fluidics) dramatically increases the safety of the procedure. Active fluidics allow for constant IOP thresholds that are monitored by the nanosecond and auto adjust while the surgeon works. This makes the operation environment “quiet” and safe.

2) Balanced Tip Technology

The balanced tip (only available for use with the Centurion) harnesses the torsional power in a different way, dispersing energy more efficiently. What does this mean? This means that less energy can be used per case to achieve desired results. Even at lowered power outputs, the “Balanced Tip” can cut more efficiently, reducing the cumulative dissipated energy in the eye.

3) Surgical Experience Enhancements

The wireless foot pedal, a dynamic and user-friendly GUI, and adjustable everything all work together to create a far superior surgical experience of using the Centurion versus the Infiniti.

There are numerous reasons to switch from the Infinit to the Centurion, and the above 3 just scratch the surface of the improvements waiting for you!

Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract service allows you to gain immediate access to Alcon Centurion (or any other phaco technology) without spending a dime of your capital. Here’s a quick list of benefits:

  1. Save your capital to spend on other (more lucrative) specialties
  2. Gain access to the latest cataract technology right away
  3. Save on repairs and maintenance plans
  4. You only get billed when you have cases
  5. Outfit more rooms (2-3 room days) without purchasing a single piece of equipment.

Now is the time to consider upgrading from the Alcon Infiniti.

Learn more about our services and get a full picture of the benefits of outsourcing in your facility.

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for.

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Stop Dealing with Phaco Repairs

As an OR administrator, whether in a hospital or ASC setting, keeping your facility’s functional operations (admin, supply chain, and required surgical equipment) running smoothly is a high priority. Smooth operations equate to better patient care, and efficient surgeries mean happier patients and doctors. Better care and satisfied surgeons keep your OR busy and healthy, which keeps your revenues steady.

But the truth is, the unexpected is bound to happen. Regardless of all planning and preparation (and systems), surgery days don’t always go as expected. As an administrator, you can’t prevent all delays, equipment failures, or unforeseen circumstances that come up. All you can do is prepare your best for what your action plan will be when these things happen.

Equipment failure is a major obstacle and momentum disruptor.

At Surgical Direct, we know cataract surgery, so let us speak to that specifically. If you own your own cataract equipment (phaco machines, phaco handpieces, and ophthalmic microscopes), equipment failure is bad news. Breakdowns on eye day typically mean that cases have to be cancelled and rescheduled. This does not help your reputation with patients and surgeons alike. Repairs then have to be called in and scheduled, which can happen fairly swiftly, but not always. Not only has your OR lost revenue from cancelling the surgeries, but now you have accrued (often costly) repair expenses.

Outsourcing your cataract equipment with Surgical Direct eliminates equipment related cancellations and repair costs.

3 ways Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service brings peace of mind in this area: 

  1.  Our equipment is fully maintained up to manufacturer specifications and enrolled in PM plans and routine software updates per manufacturer recommendations.
  2. We provide backup equipment in case any issues arise. Every surgery day with Surgical Direct comes with extra machines so case cancellations are minimized as much as possible.
  3. Your facility will no longer need to worry about unexpected repair costs or costly preventative maintenance plans.

We’ve created a service that provides peace-of-mind in your OR when it comes to Cataract Surgery.

For 20 years, Surgical Direct Inc has been perfecting cataract surgery support operations across the country. Our Mobile Cataract Service model allows your facility to pivot from high-focused and time-consuming admin operations, to a tested, trusted, hands-off approach of hosting cataracts surgery in your facility.

Contact us today to learn just how easy it is to get started.

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