How To Prepare for the Cataract Surgery Influx

COVID-19 has created unique and challenging circumstances for us all. Elective surgeries are by-and-large on hold for at least the next 30 days and due to the outbreak and containment challenges that the virus brings, it’s still too early to know exactly how long the non-essential medical procedure “freeze” will go on.

But what we do know is that the Covid-19 crisis will eventually come to an end and things will get back to normal. When that happens, ophthalmologists and other specialties will likely start piling on the cases that have been put on hold during this time so that they can take care of their patients’ needs.

We foresee this potentially creating an elective surgery influx for the latter half of 2020.

How to prepare for the cataract surgery influx  after Covid-19.

If you are already doing cataracts in your facility….consider the following:

1) Take inventory of your case supplies and lenses.

Being prepared is the best way to make sure that you are ready to take on the influx. Take inventory of your case supplies and vendor relationships to make sure that the supply chain is ready for a busy spell. This might be more challenging than normal as many specialties will all be doing this at the same time, so getting all the supplies needed for each day might be stressful.

*Alternatively, forming a partnership with Surgical Direct eliminates the need to manage any of your cataract supply inventory (AND Lens Inventory) and drastically reduces the heavy-lifting for you and your team. We coordinate with you and your surgeons, providing tailor-made case supply lists and lens picks for each case, bringing all supplies with us on the day of surgery. Think of the hours you could save.

2) Check the health of your cataract equipment

Checking the health of your phaco machines, hand-pieces, and microscopes before the influx hits is important, which may include performing in-house tests, and scheduling PM checks with the manufacturer. You don’t want an equipment failure to halt surgery in the middle of an influx. If your equipment is 10+ years old, now may be a good time to consider upgrading to new technology. The real problem we will likely be facing is that facility budgets will be very tight for the remainder of the year.

*Alternatively, forming a partnership with Surgical Direct opens the door immediately to access the latest cataract technology. Our per-case pricing model allows you access with no capital expense. Plus, you won’t need to worry about PM’s, repair costs, or backups. We take care of everything.

If you are not doing cataracts in your facility….the near future may be the right time to start.

Surgical Direct’s turn-key cataract program allows you to get cataracts started in your facility, mitigating the hassle and upstart capital to do so.  Don’t have a relationship with a cataract surgeon in your area? No problem! Our plug & play program connects surgeons, hospitals/ASCs, and referring OD’s in your community, to get the ball rolling. We then provide the equipment and supplies to your facility on surgery day. Starting a cataract program in your facility is easier with Surgical Direct.

So, as we all think about preparing for the elective surgery influx after covid19, planning ahead is the key. Now is a great time to start the dialogue about an upgraded cataract program with Surgical Direct.

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Navigating COVID-19

The days we are living right now are unprecedented. It is remarkable how every day in the last week has brought dramatic changes to our nation and our economy. No one seems to be unaffected. We all have had to shift and adjust to this progressive situation and adapt quickly.

At Surgical Direct Inc, we believe in (and have built our company on) a culture of serving others. We serve doctors, nurses, administrators, and patients. Deeper than that, we serve people.

In times like this, it’s important that we band together as a people and serve one another (using social distancing, of course). We are all in this together, and all of us have been affected.

We are following the COVID-19 updates closely, and our primary concern is for the health and safety of our team, patients, facility staff and doctors. As the situation develops and more mandates are put into place the help “soften the curve” of the spread of this virus around the country, we are doing our best to adapt and follow suit.

In light of social distancing, it feels like most of the country is starting to shut down, so we anticipate less surgery over the next few weeks. And even though it’s difficult to plan for what the future looks like right now, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The COVID-19 pandemic will come to an end.

So, as we stay safe over these next few weeks, now is a great time to think of a plan of action going forward.

Surgical Direct Inc is a trusted partner that you can count on. We provide the latest cataract technology to your facility when you need it, as well as full-service provisions of ancillary supplies, lenses, and top-rated technical support.

As you begin to think about how your practice is going to “catch-up” after COVID-19, consider a partnership with Surgical Direct. We can help you operate in more locations, on more patients, with less of the operational headache.

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Operate with the Alcon LuxOR LX3 Microscope

What is it like to use Alcon’s latest microscope technology, encompassed in their latest release, the LuxOR LX3? According to our clients…it’s awesome! We haven’t met a surgeon yet who has tried the LX3 and had a lot of negative things to say.

The Alcon LuxOR LX3

Let’s list out the highlights.

1) 6x greater Red Reflux area than traditional focused light microscopes

One of the biggest selling points on this microscope has to be the red-reflux. With a 6x great reflux zone, the patient can move approx 1.5in away from the center of the beam and still have bright reflux. Not only is the field greater, but it’s more stable, proving less “loss of reflux” from different angles, etc. This is accomplished by the proprietary ILLUMIN-i ® Technology and a different placement of the objective lens. This helps the surgeon’s efficiency during the case because there will naturally be less time having to reposition or adjust the scope or patient during the case to keep a sharp view.

2) Optics with a Larger Depth of Focus

The LX3 totes a larger depth of focus than traditional microscopes. This means that the surgeon will see more planes of focus at one time. This reduces the need to rigorously adjust focus of the microscope for different steps of the procedure. In fact, many surgeon’s after using the scope for a few cases rave about how they can literally set their focus at the beginning case, and rarely have to adjust throughout the case. This also increases safety and efficiency of the case.

3) Intuitive Design

The LX3 is designed for ease of use. The Control Panel system onboard the LX3 is highly customizable with the ability to save surgeon settings, and easily fine-tune settings during the case. LX3’s durable base and frame, make moving the microscope easy, while giving the surgeon a very sturdy feel when moving the auto-locking arm. The base rotates 360 degrees. The foot-controller is wireless (and also feels familiar is you already use Centurion), durable, and responsive. The head’s tilt mechanism makes those high-angle needs for glaucoma cases a cinch.

All-in-all, the ease-of-use and impressive technology onboard the LX3 provides an opportunity for your cataract cases to be smoother, easier, and more efficient. We didn’t even get into all of the integrated systems capabilities with Verion, LenSx, Centurion, and Ora that LX3 provides. 

We think if you haven’t at least tried LX3, you should give it a try. 

Surgical Direct provides comprehensive mobile cataract provisions, including phaco machines, case supplies, lenses, in-room support, and microscopes (including the LX3). When you sign up for our Mobile Cataract Service outsourcing solution, you have access to use LX3.

Reach out today or inquire about our Free Demo Day below to get the conversation started.

We are ready to help!

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Increase Cataract Surgery Efficiency

“How can my OR team increase Cataract Surgery Efficiency?”

This is a question that every OR admin team and Ophthalmologist should be asking themselves. Efficiency is a key component to your day-to-day operations that ensures that your patients receive the absolute best care they deserve. Efficiency is not only about reducing OR time. It’s about putting systems in place that reduce barriers like stress, friction, and obstacles. When you are able to address the areas in your OR that cause these barriers, this is when everything “clicks” and your OR turns into a well-oiled, efficient machine that provides exceptional patient care.

We all want to provide better care, get better outcomes, in the most efficient way possible. But how do you practically do so in today’s medical landscape?

Meet Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service.

Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service is a hands-on partnership between surgeon, facility, and our full-service equipment provisions. We provide a solution that enables highly-efficient cataract surgical processes for your OR team, allowing more focus and attention to patient care, and less focus on the details of preparing for surgery.

How does Surgical Direct help increase cataract surgery efficiency?

  1.  New Phaco & Microscope technology: No capital or maintenance.
    Simply put, new technology helps enhance surgical efficiency. New Phaco systems report more efficient (and safer) cataract removal percentages than older equipment. Microscope technology in 2020 provides optics that enhance the surgeon’s view, which in effect can improve surgical outcomes and efficiency in the procedure. Surgical Direct provides all that you need at no capital expense and no maintenance costs: Phacos, Oph Microscopes, & all needed handpieces & trays specific to your facilities needs.
  2. Comprehensive & Flexible Supply Management: No admin burden on your team. Surgical Direct provides comprehensive supply chain provisions for all needed case supplies (minus drugs), tailored to the surgeon & facility needs. We coordinate with the surgeon on desired supplies, case volume, and specialty items in the weeks and days prior to surgery. On the morning of surgery, we bring everything needed for the day plus ample amounts of backups. What this means for the facility is no admin hours wrapped up in inventory.
  3. Full IOL line provisions: Premium, Primary, Sulcus, AC, and backups.IOL consignments are TIME-CONSUMING! We have a full-time lens inventory specialists that coordinates with the surgeon’s office to ensure that all lens picks are accounted for and pulled for day of surgery. This includes ordering special/premium lenses, and ensuring that backups are readily available, alleviating the guesswork on surgery day.
  4. Hands-On intra-operative support: Highly-trained, vetted, and reliable. Our surgical coordinators bring the equipment & supplies to your OR on the day of surgery, with plenty of time for sterilization, setup, and equipment priming. During surgery, our guys play a hands-on role with machine settings, helping open supplies, room turn-over, and more. They become part of the team in helping the day run as efficiently as possible.
  5. Team-focused partnership: A team mindset enhances efficiency. With Surgical Direct, you gain an industry partner that helps all aspects of your cataract surgery practice become better. Deep in our culture, we believe in the power of teamwork and positivity. We’ve played a major role in helping hundreds of OR’s across the country enhance their operational systems, provide better patient care, and increase cataract surgery efficiency.

Our turn-key cataract program is something we think you should at least consider. Give us a call or schedule a free demo today to get a full picture of what a mobile cataract service can provide.

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Make A Difference In 2020

Happy new year and welcome to 2020! As the new year (and decade) begins, we’ve decided to take a moment and reflect on the privilege it is to do what we do and the part that we play in making a difference in thousands of peoples lives every year.

Our field almost always feels busy and full. In the day-in-day-out routines we find ourselves in, it’s very easy to forget that each day is an opportunity to make a difference. Sure, the medical field is a part of our profession and livelihood, but we are not just earning a paycheck in a meaningless and insignificant job role. We have been given an opportunity to make lasting and dramatic changes in the lives of people every day.

It’s our mission at Surgical Direct to provide the highest quality of cataract operational support for surgeons and OR teams so that together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of your patients.

Patient Care First.

In our small corner of the medical field, we get to play an integral part in helping people regain vision. The patient is the most important person in the room. The more we keep this at the forefront of what we do every day, the more excellent our delivery of care will be. Each and every patient deserves our utmost attention to detail and at Surgical Direct, our services mean nothing if the patient doesn’t get the quality of care and professionalism that they deserve. Even though our team members do not typically interact directly with patients, we are in the room, present, and provide equipment and supplies that are integral to the success of the surgery. We take our role very seriously. Every patient deserves it.

Kindness & Respect

Part of our mission at SDI is to bring a can-do, positive attitude everywhere we go. We make it our mission to become part of the team, treating everyone with kindness and respect. Effective and efficient surgery comes when each and every team member knows their role, and respects and supports everyone else in their roles. Understanding and respecting the chain of command in an OR room is important for the success of the surgery. But even further…kindness, willingness, and supportive mindsets always create a meaningful and productive atmosphere where everyone can do their job well.

Vision is a gift.

We all can easily take for granted the miracle it is to see. It truly is a beautiful gift.  Every year, Surgical Direct plays a part in helping give back sight to thousands, both here in the US (through our Mobile Cataract Services) and abroad through our affiliated missions programs. And now thanks to technology and medical advancements, more people are receiving better vision outcomes than any other time in history. We consider it an honor to play the part we play in providing high-quality services and equipment to your OR.

Let’s move into new levels of respect, kindness, and honor in 2020 and let’s make a difference in the lives of patients together.

Interested in a mobile cataract program and a truly turn-key partnership for your cataract equipment needs? We would love to speak with you about how together we can make a smoother, more efficient cataract program.

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Cataract Outsourcing in 2020

2020 is a great year to ramp up your cataract business. In fact, in several ways, there has never been a better time to start outsourcing than now. The cataract climate is changing, and there are more and more reasons (practically & economically) to begin a cataract outsourcing partnership.

Just in case you didn’t know, Surgical Direct Inc provides a mobile cataract service that provides the latest cataract equipment to your OR with no capital outlay. Along with equipment provisions, we provide customized and flexible case supplies (eliminating in-house inventory) and highly-trained hands-on support during surgery.

Why Outsource in 2020?

1) Higher Medicare reimbursement rates are about to kick in.

We all know what this means…revenue loss. Investing in new equipment may not be the smartest option right now. Instead of being stuck with old equipment, outsource with SDI and we’ll outfit your OR with new technology and help you make up the difference.

2) Easily upgrade to 2 Rooms

In light of revenue loss, a great way to increase revenue is to do more surgery. But we all know that OR situations can’t always accommodate more surgery due to time, and not enough equipment. Surgical Direct provides the option to have 2 fully operational rooms on eye day, so you can get more surgery done in a day. Our cataract coordinators work directly with your OR staff, adding knowledge and able hands to each room on eye day,

3) Expand your practice with Satellite Surgical Locations

Adding satellite cataract locations in 2020 will broaden your market and increase your practice’s revenue. Surgical Direct makes satellite surgery easy. Our OD referral network allows you get connected with referrals so you can build up surgery days quickly. We work directly with the hospital to outfit the OR with all the equipment and supplies you need to operate and feel comfortable.

4) Inventory and Lens Management is so 2019

Every partnership with Surgical Direct allows you the option to drop inventory and let us take care of all the little details. We can provide all ancillary supplies like blades, cannulas, viscoelastics, drapes, and more. We configure customized pack-out lists that are tailored to the surgeon and facility. This cuts down your inventory management for eyes, freeing up time and space in your facility.

Plus, no more lens consignments! Surgical Direct can provide any lens, any time, including all premium lenses. We work directly with the surgeon’s office for lens picks, which are triple checked and brought to your facility with plenty of backups.

2020 is ripe for the taking and here at Surgical Direct, our mission is to be the best cataract support team you’ve ever seen so you can focus on growing your cataract practice. Ready to learn more? Get in touch below.

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2 Rooms in 2020

Double your Cataract Surgery Capacity with Surgical Direct Inc

Are you tired of capacity limitations (as well as efficiency) during cataract days in your OR? Often times it’s only possible to have 1 room operational for cataracts because you simply don’t have enough equipment to pull it off efficiently. It also can be a logistical challenge due to supply demands and staffing. But the truth is, there are many OR teams (perhaps even yours) that wish they could run 2 rooms on cataracts days, but simply don’t have the means to do it.

Here’s some season’s cheer for you! Not only does Surgical Direct make it possible to set up 2 rooms, but we also bring knowledge, efficiency, and support to your OR that makes 2 room days even more efficient than if you tackled them on your own.

Go from 1 room to 2 rooms with Surgical Direct and double your Cataract day capacity.

1) Capital is a NON-issue

SDI creates the pathway of least resistance for you to gain access to the latest cataract technology (enough for 2 fully-operational rooms in your OR) at no capital expense. Equipment is delivered to your OR on the day of surgery by our highly trained support team members…which brings us to our next point.

2) Double your case-turnover and in-case support

2 Room days with Surgical Direct not only provides enough equipment for your day but also provides 2 highly-trained SDI team members who deliver the equipment and help throughout the day. SDI coordinators are intensively trained and certified to assist with machine settings, setup and tear-down, room-turnover, and supply chain requests.

3) Half your Inventory Hours: Case Supplies & Lens Inventory

Along with equipment, Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service provides facility and surgeon all the case supplies they need to do their job well (minus drugs). Case disposables, instruments, and lenses are meticulously packed prior to surgery day with our detailed pack-out lists that are tailored to the surgeon and facilities requests. This includes lens picks, which we coordinate directly with the surgeon’s office, and are triple-checked before arrival.

At Surgical Direct, our mission to reduce the resistance and create clear pathways to efficiency and success for all. There are many details and benefits that we offer (too many to list here) that we believe will create a meaningful partnership of success for surgeon, facility, and patients alike.

Don’t hesitate to get started! With all that is on the horizon, now is a great time to upgrade from 1 room to 2. Surgical Direct gives you the means to do it!

Contact us today and let’s talk about your needs and how we can help!

Preparing For The End-Of-Year Cataract Rush

We call November-December the “End-Of-Year Cataract Rush”. Insurance deductibles generally roll-over on Jan 1, and for many patients, deductibles have been met fully met towards the end of the year. This means that (generally speaking) Ophthalmologists and their practices experience the an influx of cataract cases in the last 2 months of the year. In fact, this is true for many other specialty fields as well. Since we are in the cataract surgery business, our team experiences this and expects this every year.

How To Prepare For the Busy Cataract Surgery Season?

1) The Right Team

A big piece of the puzzle is making sure your OR systems are fine-tuned and ready to run smoothly. A well-oiled machine runs smoother and more efficiently. Who is in charge of what? Do you have designated point-people on your team that act as the “go-to person” for specific roles in the context of cataract day? If not, then your team has holes in how efficient you can be.  This is tough for many OR’s because eyes are not the only (and also not the most profitable) cases and your team can only wear so many hats!

Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service provides a highly-trained and experienced technician for every case we provide equipment for. This means, for every cataract surgery with us, you will have help, knowledge, and support. In our experience (and from the mouth of our customers), our guys help increase efficiency through their supply management skills, preparation, and assistance with technical specs on the equipment.

2) The Right Equipment

Speaking of equipment, you need the right equipment if you want to increase your efficiency. Every time new cataract technology is released,  there have been enhancements made in safety and efficiency from the previous technology. Study the evolution of every phaco platform and ophthalmic microscope in the past 20 years, and every update has included technology, software, and hardware updates that support safer and more efficient surgery. That begs to reason that if you use the latest technology available for cataracts, you’ll likely have shorter and safer cases. The biggest hurdle for most ORs….the cost to keep up with the technology!

Surgical Direct is your technology solution! Using our services, you’ll be able to stay current with ophthalmic technology, without investing your capital dollars, or dealing with the necessary equipment maintenance.

3) The Right Supplies

Having what the doctor needs when they need it is a crucial part of keeping case time low. Ophthalmologists use a wide variety of unique (and tiny) supplies that are very specific. To the untrained eye, 20 cannulas look the same, but under a microscope, they are all different and used for specific purposes in surgery. Most OR teams can figure this out for normal routine cases. It gets tricky when the surgeon wants to implant a different lens or has a complication (minor or major). Keeping all regular and irregular supplies and lenses stocked can be a time-consuming task.

Part of our Mobile Cataract Service includes inventory management for both case supplies and lenses. We work directly with the surgeon to ensure they have what they need (and what they want on-hand). During surgery, we play an active role in the room, grabbing requested supplies, assisting with lens changes, and helping with case turnover.

So remember, during this end-of-year rush think about your efficiency in regards to cataracts. Is there room for improvement? We are ready to partner with you and your OR in 2020 to give you the most seamless and efficient cataract experience possible!

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Cataract Headwinds Will Change Revenue

Now is a Good Time for Eye Outsourcing

The ever-changing landscape of the ophthalmology specialty (specifically in cataract practice) can prove to be a tough market to forecast when it’s a good time to invest in technology. The past held much more certainty regarding the security of investment when purchasing Cataract equipment. And even though the baby-boomer cataract age is here, that doesn’t mean there is certainty in ROI, due to the constant evolution of the medical industry and the changing cataract headwinds on the horizon.

What do we mean by “Cataract Headwinds”? Headwinds change climates, spear-heading an area into a new season. We believe there are 3 things on the horizon that can change the climate of cataract surgery as we know it, all 3 creating unique twists to ROI.

1) Cataract Surgeon Reimbursements

This one, in truth, isn’t really a headwind. It’s already here. In 2020, Medicare reimbursements for cataract surgeons will drop, maybe as much as 15% for non-complicated procedures. That’s a hit! Read through Review of Ophthalmology’s article titled “Medicare Proposes Another Cut In Cataract Reimbursement” for yourself for more info.

Having the need to increase your case volume to make up the difference makes profitability more challenging. Eliminating capital investments and/or adding satellite locations to your practice can help increase your revenue by reducing overhead and increasing market expansion. Our mobile cataract program is the perfect partnership for satellite locations!

2) Office-Based Cataract Surgery

There has been much talk about Office-Based cataract surgery in recent years. The idea first came to the surface in the 80s and was quickly discarded due to the hurdles at the time. Healthcare and technology have rapidly grown since the 80s, and now the discussion is back on the table in many circles, and serious thought and trials are in place to determine whether this is the future of cataract surgery (at least non-complicated cases).

Despite this not being here yet (it’s a headwind), if brought into effect would change the cataract climate dramatically. Patients and surgeons alike would appreciate the benefits and convenience of the office-based approach. Any practice with the means would likely be very interested. Of the many questions on the table in this discussion, 1 would be technology investment, and 2, whether the office-based model will be a short-lived trend. Either way, let Surgical Direct take on the risk of providing equipment and technology.

3) Bi-Lateral Cataract Surgery

The “Two-for-One” cataract model has been in debate for some time. Initially, this model was frowned upon due to the risk of infection and longer recoveries, but recently the discussion is back on the table and CMS is looking at this model again.
Bi-Lateral case-coding for the second same-day eye will reduce the reimbursement rate on the second eye by 50%, so if thinking about offering bi-lateral cataract surgery, you have to take into account the loss in revenue that you’ll encounter on these cases.

Let Surgical Direct Take Your Cataract Technology Risk.

The bottom line is that in today’s cataract surgery landscape, there is a lot of risk in investing in new technology. Surgical Direct offers a turn-key, zero-risk solution for your cataract program. Our Mobile Cataract Service model provides the newest technology to your OR of choice, full-service case supply management (including lenses), and no capital fund investments. You only pay for our service when you use our service.

Want to know more about Surgical Direct and our services? Check out our recent post about 5 Headaches Eliminated with Mobile Cataract Services to see how Surgical Direct can help alleviate your cataract surgery woes.

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The Power of Having Options

One of the most powerful things that Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service model delivers is the ability to expand your options and open the door of what’s possible. Options in technology. Options in case supplies and lens selections. Options in location. Having options means having freedom! Having the freedom to make changes or try new things, gives you (the cataract surgeon) the ability to become a better surgeon.

3 ways that having cataract surgery options make you a better surgeon.


1) In Technology.

When it comes to purchasing equipment, there can be a lot of pressure both for surgeons and surgical facilities to pick the absolute right machine. The surgeon needs to be comfortable with the machine and know that it’s the best choice for his/her surgical style (and ultimately the patients’ outcomes). We’ve seen this repeatedly that a surgeon (after demoing a machine) decides to move forward and purchase, then 2 months later realizes he/she does not like something about the machine. But at this point, it’s too late because the facility has already invested heavily. The surgeon then feels stuck and obligated to use a machine that doesn’t feel right anymore….oftentimes for years. Another common issue in this department is that new technology is released often in Ophthalmology. Keeping up can be expensive. Or what if there are 2 cataract surgeons in the same facility that want different machines?

Having the technology options that Surgical Direct provides can reduce the pressure to commit and allow for flexible technology use without heavy investments.

2) In Case Supplies.

We know that as a surgeon, it’s important to have confidence in decision making during a case. You know what is best for the patient and the scenario that you are dealing with. When you need something, it’s important that you are able to access that instrument or supply quickly, and the support team should have even sparsely used supplies within reach for these situations. The problem that we have run into in the field is that often times, multi-specialty surgical facilities will only carry what’s absolutely necessary. This can create an uneasy feeling, not fully knowing if what you need is even in the building!

Having case supply options that Surgical Direct provides reduces worry over inventory management issues. We provide all the supplies you request PLUS backups, including lenses, case supplies, and on-call items like rings, vits, AC lenses and more.

3) In Surgical Locations.

Partnering with Surgical Direct gives you the option to access the same surgical experience in multiple locations. As a surgeon, your best surgery and surgical outcomes come when you are comfortable in your operating environment. Surgical Direct provides you the option to use the same technology, case supplies, and dependable service in ALL your surgical locations, which can be a powerful growth tool for your practice.

Having options gives you the power to operate the way you want to operate.

Have questions about how our services work? Read through our onsite testimonials and hear for your self what other surgeons and surgical admins have to say about our services.

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