Expand Your Reach With Satellite Locations

Business stability is a universal goal in today’s market as our society continues to navigate new normals and the ever-changing landscape of running a business. This is true no matter what sector of business you find yourself in. Taking steps towards creating a more stable business model should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind.

When running a medical practice, stability in your business can be directly tied to patient volumes and services (how busy your practice is). More directly, as an Ophthalmologist, this can be directly tied to your referral sources. The more sources of referrals you have, the potential for stability in your practice increases.

Have you ever considered Satellite Cataract Surgery?

Satellite Surgery programs allow you to gain referrals from OD practices in rural areas and can potentially add a healthy volume of surgery from a market that isn’t in your practice’s direct reach. But more than just a referral, satellite surgery provides significant benefits to patients, giving them surgical access in their area. Reducing travel needs for the patient can provide a higher opt-in rate for surgery, especially when considering elective surgery.

Getting started with a satellite surgery program is often the hardest part. First, you must find a location, referral sources, an OR, cataract equipment….just to name a few.

Surgical Direct makes starting a Satellite Cataract Program much easier.

1) We help you find a market

Whether you already have a market in mind or not, Surgical Direct plays an active role in helping you get connected in the market you want to be in. If you don’t have a market in mind, we may already have interested parties in areas you could consider.

2) We help connect you with referring ODs

A big piece of the Satellite Surgery puzzle is healthy referral relationships. Oftentimes, we already have connections with referring OD practices in the area that we can connect you to. If we do not have any previous connections, we will do the legwork in finding some.

3) We connect you with local OR possibilities.

Similar to referrals, we may already have a center (hospital or ASC) interested in hosting cataracts that do not have a local cataract surgeon. If we don’t have pre-existing connections in the area, we will find some and connect the dots for you.

4) We outfit the OR.

Once we’ve established a location, Surgical Direct provides the latest in cataract technology for your satellite OR. This includes phaco machines, microscopes, ancillary supplies, lenses, and more. Operate with the equipment and supplies you are comfortable with no matter where you are.

5) We assist on every case.

Arriving early for surgery day with all the equipment, supplies, lenses, and backups of everything, our highly trained technicians stand ready to help surgeons and the OR alike with the in-and-out operations of the day. This includes technical support, help with turnover, supply assistance, and more.

Read more about our Mobile Cataract Service provisions here.

Our mission is to create a more seamless cataract surgery experience and open the doors to new opportunities for your practice. Location is no longer an issue. We create a pathway to help your practice to become more stable.

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Thinking about Office-Based Cataract Surgery?

Office-Based Surgery (OBS) has seen a rapid spike in interest since the Covid-19 pandemic halted elective surgeries in 2020. Ophthalmologists are among the interested, in fact, many have been beginning to take steps to pursue OBS for cataracts, not only because of Covid-19, but due to the cost-effectiveness, seamless patient care, and full control over the surgical experience.

Covid-19 has created an interesting situation for medical facilities, who now have to adhere to increased safety regulations and policies (as they should to keep public health safe). Managing social distancing and patient flow can be complex in these environments. Especially in the context of elective surgery, having another surgical alternative, both for safety reasons and convenience, may hold great benefits.

OBS offers great benefits to surgeons by offering safety and convenience to the surgeon, reduced anesthesia utilization, and higher retention of surgical fees within the practice. Ophthalmologists will not be able to fully move away from ASC (or Hospital) surgery as some cases will require additional monitoring, etc. But for a healthy percentage of cases in most practice demographics, OBS for cataracts is now a very attractive option.

Here’s a great article from Ophthalmology Management, discussing the many facets of OBS for cataracts, comparisons to ASC surgery, and more…

Surgical Direct Inc can help office-based cataract surgery become a reality for your practice.

Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Services allows you to gain access to today’s latest technology without investing in upfront capital. We provide a wide selection of phaco platforms, ophthalmic microscopes, ancillary supplies, lens consignments, and highly-trained hands-on support for every case you operate with us.

Working with us…

  1. Eliminates capital budget expenses on cataract equipment
  2. Increases your technology flexibility (switch or upgrade platforms easily)
  3. Eliminates maintenance costs
  4. Reduces in-house inventory management for surgical supplies (we bring it all)
  5. Allows access to any lens you need (we’ll handle the consignments)
  6. Increases the level of support you have during surgery (our technicians provide high-quality support, assisting surgeons with equipment settings and your staff with room turnover.)

OBS isn’t right for everyone, but if you are considering pursuing office-based cataract surgery, we are the partnership that you’ve been looking for.

To learn more about our services, contact us below for  through…

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The SDI Upgrade Program: Infiniti to Centurion

Are you a cataract surgeon that is still operating with the Alcon Infiniti?

Are you an OR administrator that would like to upgrade your surgeons from Alcon Infiniti to Alcon Centurion?

Upgrading from Infiniti to Centurion has substantial benefits in technology and safety enhancements, including state of the art cutting technology, fluidics, and an intuitive user interface.

The Alcon Centurion brings all the familiarity of the Infiniti with it (making you feel comfortable and familiar when operating), but with significantly more power, safety, and automation.

Some time ago, we wrote about the differences between Infiniti and Centurion and why anyone should consider upgrading. We went into the main differences in (1) Fluidics, (2) Energy, and (3) Practicality between the 2 machines.

In case you missed that article, read it here: Why upgrade from Alcon Infiniti to Alcon Centurion?

It doesn’t take long to see and feel the benefits of upgrading. Most surgeons are hooked once they have given it a try. And the number one reason we’ve encountered surgeons and facilities hesitant to upgrade is because of capital limitations.

At Surgical Direct, we’ve transitioned dozens of surgeons and facilities and from Alcon Infiniti to Alcon Centurion without any capital expenditure.

The SDI Upgrade Program: Infiniti to Centurion.

Our upgrade program makes the transition seamless.

  1. No need to use capital dollars towards the Centurion.
  2. Get transition help from our team, helping surgeons with their settings.
  3. Don’t stress about new tubing or phaco tip inventory. We bring it all with us.
  4. We provide new hand-pieces as needed to cover all sterilization needs.
  5. Save storage space in your facility.
  6. Add a second room! We’ll bring 2 Centurions.

Contact us today to start the discussion about upgrading and find out just how easy it is with Surgical Direct.

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More about our Mobile Cataract Services

Financial Risk Mitigation for Cataract Equipment

When considering to pull the trigger and allocate precious capital dollars on cataract equipment, make sure you ask the following questions and determine whether the investment is wise for your facility in 2021.

Will the equipment purchased provide a healthy return on investment?

With so many other specialties bringing in higher reimbursements and charge rates, cataract equipment may not be the best investment when it comes to ROI. Surely, there is a huge benefit of acquiring the latest technology for your cataract surgeons…we are just talking dollars and cents. Often, there is other specialty-specific technology that will bring a higher return for your capital and should at the least be considered.

Does your targeted technology have a healthy demand among surgeons?

Cataract technology is a highly-competitive field and rapidly evolves as new technology is introduced. Keeping up with the latest platform, device, or technology software can be a challenge (financially speaking) simply due to the rate technology is released within the specialty.

Another area to consider is the longevity of your surgeons remaining in your facility. Will there be turnover within a few years? If a new surgeon comes to your facility, what platform will they want to operate with? Relying on one technology to invest in and provide stability in this area might not be a reality.

What does maintenance cost look like for this equipment?

Taking the time to factor the ‘lifetime’ or ‘actual’ cost of your investment is a non-option. Preventative maintenance plans and repair budgets both eat into your profit margins and factoring them into your decision to purchase is a must. Unlike many other medical specialties, Ophthalmic technology is delicate, precise, and sensitive. Working in millimeters of space leave no room for error and your equipment must be precise at all times.

When you’ve finished analyzing the true cost, where do you land?

Factoring your true cost and the risk, is purchasing cataract equipment right for your facility in 2021?

If it’s not an investment that makes sense, there’s another way to acquire the latest technology in Ophthalmology that also eliminates your financial risk.

Outsourcing your equipment with Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract service allows you to gain immediate access to the latest technology available for cataract surgery without spending a dime of your capital.

Here’s a quick list of benefits:

  1. Save your capital to spend on other (more lucrative) specialties
  2. Gain access to the latest cataract technology right away
  3. Save on repairs and maintenance plans
  4. You only get billed when you have cases, lowering risk if a surgeon stops bringing in cases and still having to pay for unused equipment.
  5. Gain cross-platform access. Add another surgeon who prefers a different technology, and we’ve got you covered.
  6. Outfit more rooms (2-3 room days) without purchasing a single piece of equipment.

This just scratches the surface of the benefits of outsourcing with Surgical Direct.

Gaining access to the latest cataract technology doesn’t have to be a financial risk.

Learn more about our services and get a full picture of the benefits of outsourcing in your facility.

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for.

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Think Cataract Equipment Outsourcing in 2021

2020 has been a year! Unexpected turns and necessary adjustments now seem part of normal everyday life. What has been brought to the surface in 2020 is the realization that we all need to be flexible and creative to keep business moving forward. Look at almost every business sector in the market, and you’ll see creative & adaptive solutions have been put in place to keep doors open and revenue flowing. Sometimes the worst situations bring out our most creative & adaptive work. 

If you are a key decision-maker in a hospital or ASC, spending capital dollars in 2021 may not be on the table, especially for a specialty like ophthalmology.

Surgical Direct Inc provides a mobile cataract service that provides the latest cataract equipment to your OR with no capital outlay. Along with equipment provisions, we provide customized and flexible case supplies (eliminating in-house inventory) and provide highly trained and hands-on cataract technicians for each during surgery.

Why Outsource in 2021?

1# Safety

Safety always comes first. At Surgical Direct, our number one priority is the safety of our team, your team, and every patient that enters that OR door. Our team is annually trained in OR and Safety protocols, state regulations, and equipment training. In 2020, we have adopted strict and safe measures to deter the spread of the Covid19 virus. You can depend on us to provide a service that is safe.

#2 Stability

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct brings surgery day stability to your OR. We meticulously pack your equipment and supplies (with ample amounts of backups), ready for whatever the day brings along. Our techs are trained to troubleshoot equipment to keep the day moving as smoothly as possible.

#3 Flexibility

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct brings a level of flexibility to your OR that you would not have on your own. We provide the opportunity for surgeons to be flexible with their equipment preferences (eg. trying a new technology). Or perhaps you have another surgeon that would like to operate in your facility but does not prefer the equipment you have. Having the option to provide multiple surgeons with their preferences in equipment without spending large amounts of capital is a benefit that should not be overlooked. 

#4 Cost-Efficiency

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct eliminates the need to spend your capital dollars on cataract equipment. This includes Phaco technology, microscopes, handpieces trays, instruments, and disposable supplies. Additionally, if you don’t purchase the equipment, you won’t have to pay for repairs and maintenance contracts either. Allowing us to take over your supply and lens inventory saves your team hours of inventory and reduces your PO count dramatically.

#5 Expansivity

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct opens expansion opportunities that perhaps were not possible before. Opening a second room (fully outfitted with all the equipment you need) is simple. Expanding our service to other locations you’re connected with is as simple as letting us know who to talk to. If you want to grow, Surgical Direct is the expansion partner you need to talk to. 

After the year we’ve had, 2021 holds quite a bit of uncertainty still. Finding partnerships that can bring safety, stability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and expansivity will give you the support that you need to be successful. 

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for. 

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Consistent Technicians Add Value To Your OR

No matter where you operate, Surgical Direct provides stability in your OR when it comes to cataract surgery. Our Mobile Cataract Service model provides new equipment, ample supply provisions, and highly trained cataract technicians to your OR on surgery day. To read a full description of what we offer, click here.

Part of our culture at Surgical Direct is a persistent and dedicated pursuit of unparalleled customer service in our field. Our goal is to offer the absolute best support to our surgeons and OR teams in our field of service. We believe that our technicians are the gold standard; the difference makers between our service and others like us in our field.

We also believe having experienced, aware, cordial, and supportive technicians in the OR during surgery can make a big difference on surgery day. These qualities in a tech can increase the day’s efficiency, raise the surgeon’s comfort level, and improve patient care by letting the nursing staff focus more on the patient vs other details (such as adjusting machine settings, opening case supplies, or taking out the trash).

Our technicians are highly trained in:

  • Phaco & Microscope Technology (annually, directly with the manufacturers)
  • Equipment Failure and Troubleshooting
  • IOL, Instrumentation, & Case Supplies (annually, directly with the manufacturers)
  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Phaco Dynamics (Procedure & Cataract Surgery Techniques)
  • Case Supply Management
  • OR Protocols (annually)
  • Workplace Safety (annually)
  • Sterile Field Protocol (annually)
  • And more

Creating a “Team Dynamic” with Consistent Techs

One of the biggest stand-out differences between our service and others is our “ABC” tech model. In this scheduling model, our technicians are assigned to their surgery days with the intent that our accounts will see a familiar face and consistently work with the same technicians. Why? Because we believe that familiarity and consistency with whom you work with,  increases the flow of your surgery day by creating a true “team dynamic”. Trust and relationships are built between our techs and the teams they work with, and from our experience, this results in better surgery days.

Our aim is to help our surgeons achieve the best surgical results possible by supplying the right equipment, the right supplies, and the dedicated support they need, when they need it.

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More about our Mobile Cataract Services

Mobile Cataract Service + MIGS

Are you an Ophthalmologist looking for partnerships to grow your practice and eliminate some of the logistical barriers that are in the way?

Just in case we haven’t had the chance to meet, we are Surgical Direct Inc,  a mobile cataract technology outsourcing service that delivers cataract technology and supplies to your OR on surgery day. We create opportunities by eliminating capital expense and inventory management, allowing facilities to allocate their funds and time elsewhere. For surgeons, this means you are able to use whatever technology you prefer (on demand) when you want it.

Regardless of location, we create stable operating environments for surgeons to be able to use the technology and supplies they want.

    • Our phaco systems and microscopes are programmed with your settings.
    • Our supply lists are tailored to your liking.
    • Our lens picks are directly coordinated with your office to ensure accuracy and ample backups are on hand.
    • Our techs are second-to-none in the industry: Programming equipment settings, taking out the trash, and highly trained with supportive ‘can-do’ attitudes.

Surgeons who use our mobile cataract service are also able to request MIGS technology for any case as an add-on item and we’ll supply it. This includes access to Hydrus® Microstent from Ivantis and iStent inject® from Glaukos.

MicroInvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) in tandem with cataract surgery is growing in popularity (if patient criteria matches) due to the minimal difference in post-operative care, while providing improved management of IOP issues in Glaucoma patients. Our service partnership makes add-on items like MIGS simple and efficient when it comes to supplying the technology.

Plus, in the current economic landscape, add-on procedures like MIGS offer benefits for surgeons to be able to help their patients manage their glaucoma, reduce extra post-op needs, and increase to their reimbursement rates.

Easy MIGS access is just one of the many benefits of working with Surgical Direct. We also support our clients with easy access to YAG lasers, SLT lasers, and our Mobile Retina Services.

Our aim is to help our surgeons achieve the best surgical results possible by supplying the equipment and supplies they need when they need it.

To learn more about what it’s like to work with Surgical Direct, contact us below or request a FREE Demo Day.

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More about our Mobile Cataract Services

Satellite Cataract Surgery Boost

Is your Ophthalmic practice looking for new ways to increase revenue in 2020 and beyond?

Satellite Cataract Surgery can offer a revenue boost for your practice and allows access into new markets of case potential that you did not have before. However, starting satellite surgery entails ample setup and administration before your first case. Ongoing management of satellite operations may also present unique and time-consuming challenges that differ from traditional practice. Some surgeons have the desire to establish satellite surgery because of the potential revenue stream, but are deterred by the startup details.

Surgical Direct’s satellite surgery program takes care of the legwork associated with getting started in a new satellite market. In addition, we manage many of the ongoing surgical details associated with the account. In short, we make it much simpler for our surgeons to start a satellite surgery in new markets.

Here’s how we do that:

1) Finding Your Satellite Market

The first step is picking a market to satellite. In initial conversations, we will help you determine which market is best for you and begin the legwork. Alternatively, approaching our team with a desired target market is welcome. Once we know general area, we can begin making calls.

2) Finding Referrals

A big piece of the Satellite Surgery puzzle is a healthy referral relationship. Often times, we already have connections with referring OD practices in the area that we can connect you to. If we do not have any previous connections, we will do the legwork in finding some.

3) Finding An OR

Next, we will take inventory of our connections with hospitals and ASCs we may already have in the area and start making some calls. Similar to referrals, we may already have a center that is interested in an extra day of cases that is just looking for a surgeon. If we don’t have pre-existing connections in the area, we will find some. We connect the dots for you.

4) Outfitting The OR

Once the previous steps are confirmed, Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service will step in and outfit the OR with the equipment you need to operate comfortably. Select the Phaco system and microscope you want and we’ll provide it at no capital expense to the facility.

5) Ongoing Surgery-Day Partnership

Not only will we supply the technology you are comfortable operating with, but we also supply surgeon-selected ancillary supplies, lens picks, and backups for your cases. Our team works directly with your office on acquiring accurate lens picks for each surgery day, ensuring that you have what you need on surgery day. Read more about our provisions here.

Surgical Direct is the partner you have been looking for when it comes to Satellite Cataract Surgery. Our missions to create a more seamless cataract surgery experience and open the doors to new opportunities for your practice.

Have questions?

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Operating Room Cost Management

Hospital systems (small and large) have been freezing capital expenditures and reducing expenses as much as possible across the country. Priorities for OR administrators and decision makers have shifted to conserving cash in any way possible due to the effects of COVID19. Outpatient procedures were shut down altogether for months. Certain states have re-opened elective surgeries, yet some facilities still have restrictions on case volume. Needless to say, it’s been an unprecedented year for healthcare.

Ophthalmology has lost the most volume in 2020 than any other specialty, seeing an 81% volume drop compared to 2019 (according to eyewire.news).

Cataract Surgery in particular has dropped 97% in procedure volume. This is largely due to the restrictions that have been in effect for elective surgeries and COVID precautionary measures in place. In-office patient checkups are at an all time low due to the pandemic. Hardly anyone is going to see their healthcare provider unless it’s an emergency.

As new COVID19 infection rates drop, elective surgeries have started to reopen. The more restrictions are lifted, the more we can expect to see a backlog of elective surgeries begin to flood our ORs. In other words, we may be facing a potential surge in elective surgery across the country.

This creates a unique challenge we’ve never encountered before. On a large scale, hospitals and ASCs will see surges in elective surgery cases, while experiencing strict spending restrictions due to the previous months of record-low revenues. Even if the facility has capital to spend, ophthalmic cases might be the last specialty on the list to acquire new technology or receive any investment.

Outsourcing your cataract equipment is a solution you should be considering.

Surgical Direct offers a perfect partnership model for the current landscape.

1) Access new technology with no capital expense.

We deliver the equipment to your facility on the day of surgery; Phaco machines, microscopes, hand-pieces, lenses, case supplies, and backups.

2) Eliminate your ongoing maintenance costs.

We maintain and repair our equipment directly with the manufacturer, ensuring that our equipment is working safely and efficiently at all times.

3) Eliminate inventory management costs.

Our Mobile Cataract Services include case supply and lenses for each case. Eliminate the time/cost connected to ordering, reordering, stocking, and expiration losses of cataract supplies from your facility.

4) Increase your facility’s surgery day potential.

Increase your cataract days from 1 room to 2 (or even 3) rooms with no capital expense, allowing room for more cases and increased revenue.

This just scratches the surface.

Our goal is to be a service that reduces your overall expense and increases your efficiency in cataract surgery and your level of patient care.

Partnership is the way forward. Partner with us!

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More about our Mobile Cataract Services

Not All Mobile Cataract Services Are Created Equal

As a service provider in today’s economy, it’s crucially important to find and nurture the “lasting impact attributes” (or the key differentiation practices) that stick with a client and build lasting trust from their experience with your service. In truth, it goes way beyond the service itself.

We have all experienced (to some degree) a service or product that talked the big talk, but when it came down to the day-in/day-out interactions, it was a disappointment. Sure, perhaps the service or product was everything as advertised, but the details in-between did not deliver.

The reality is that the more “weight” or dependance that is involved with a service’s role…the level of trust with that services has to match. When you are dealing with patients (their time, their vision, their over-all health, and their safety), trust and consistent follow-through is a must!

10 ways Surgical Direct is different in our approach to Mobile Cataract Services.


Our goal is not to just offer a service. Our goal is to be a reliable partner that adds value to your OR, practice, and the patient experience. This bleeds into almost every aspect of our service, because it’s not just about checking the to-do’s off the list. The partnership mindset we foster plays into all of the below areas:

1) Consistent Technology

Consistency is important for efficiency. You will always get the same tech that you’ve requested on every surgery day. We will not bring something your haven’t approved or are not comfortable working with. This includes phaco, microscope, and all other supplies.

2)Back-up Phaco Machines (Every Time)

We always bring a backup phaco. This allows if a machine is acting up, we have another on-hand to keep the day running. And for more extreme (unforseen) situations, our warehouse team is ready to run more backup equipment or supplies to the surgical location if needed. We take all necessary steps to ensure your surgery day runs as smooth as possible.

3) Full Lens Consignments (every visit)

We work directly with your office for lens picks for surgery day so we know exactly what you need on surgery day. But beyond that, we also bring full consignments of your primary, secondary, and AC lens selections. This covers all last minute calculation changes, accidental contaminations, and unforeseen case issues.

4) Stationary Cataract Instruments

Unlike many other service providers, we do not travel with instruments. The reason we don’t is because Cataract instruments are too delicate, and travel allows too many opportunities for instruments to be damaged. We do provide instrumentation, but these instruments will be stationary at your surgical location, lowering usage from others, and preserving the life of the instrument.

5) Familiar Cataract Coordinators (Techs)

We have a policy with our techs and our scheduling, that 2-3 techs are designated to your account. This means that you will almost always see a familiar face on surgery day. The tech’s learn the surgical style of their surgeon and protocol with the OR team so each day is as smooth as possible, achieving a true “team” approach.

6) Highly-Trained Cataract Coordinators

Not only will your account tech be consistent and familiar, but they are also highly-trained. Upon hire, each tech goes through a 90-day intensive training of the equipment, surgery, OR protocol, in-service training, troubleshooting, and more…all before ever servicing an account on their own. You will NEVER get a tech that does not know what they are doing.

7) New Account Onboarding

If you are a new client, we do our part to ensure there are no surprises in our initial onboarding. We will request a visit to your main surgical location so we can observe and learn specifically how you prefer to operate. This allows us to thoroughly prepare for working with you in a new account.

8) Competitive (Hassle-Free) Pricing

We believe that you can’t put a price on the level of service you receive from us. But if you are comparing our services to other cataract outsourcing providers, you’ll notice that our pricing is very competitive. Plus, we don’t nickel and dime, no hidden fees, and offer simple and upfront pricing.

9) Retina, Glaucoma MIGS, SLT, & YAG Access

Being a SDI Partner allows for direct access to other technology offerings from Surgical Direct. Our Mobile Retina Services offer flexibility and capital savings for Retinal operations. Add-on Glaucoma procedures easily to your surgery day, we’ll provide what you need. Add-on SLT & YAG procedures to your day to lower your travel (especially beneficial in satellite locations).

10) Grow Your Surgical Options (Mobile & Fixed)

We are here to help you grow. Tap into our OD referral network and expand with satellite locations. Upgrade your main surgical locations equipment, or let us help you move from 1 to 2 room surgery days. Whatever your need is, we are motivated to be a resource and parter to help you achieve the growth you are looking for.

It’s a goal of ours to be the best Mobile Cataract Service provider in the US. The above 10 examples are intentional ways we have developed to be become just that. Still on the fence? Read through our reviews and see what our long-time partners have to say about what it’s like to work with us.

Whether you are looking to outsource for the first time, or are unhappy with your current cataract service, Surgical Direct makes the transition painless and beneficial for your practice and OR team.

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