Centurion, Stellaris, or Veritas? You Choose!

Start using the platform you prefer today at $0 capital.

Using the equipment that you prefer makes you a better surgeon. Using outdated and old technology (because there is no other option available) can affect your surgical efficiency and may also impact your patient outcomes.

Today’s leading phaco technology systems boast massive upgrades in Phacodynamics, fluidics, and usability that enhance the surgeon’s capability to perform better surgery. Even the most skilled surgeons will find impressive benefits from upgrading to a newer phaco system.

Centurion, Stellaris, or Veritas?

You Choose!


I would love to upgrade, but my OR has no budget.

This is very common. You are not alone. 

With the medical field (and overall economy) in the wake of COVID-19, capital budgets are at an all-time low. Hospitals and ASC’s have little investment capital to spend on new technology. If they do have capital, they are likely to spend it on a higher grossing specialty like Ortho. This leaves ophthalmologists stuck using whatever is available.

Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service provides the latest phaco technology to your OR, outsourced only when you need it, and will require $0 investment capital.


I’m comfortable with my current platform.

Have you been given the opportunity to try a new platform?

From our experience in transitioning hundreds of surgeons to new platforms, we’ve found that many doctors that claim to love old technology just haven’t had the chance to get comfortable with the more recent platforms. This takes time, which most surgeons don’t have. Surgeons need to experience the new platform for a decent number of cases before feeling confident enough to decide whether or not they want to use it regularly.

The beauty of Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract service is that you are not ‘committed’ to any single platform. Upgrading or switching from one machine to another is as simple as requesting it. This reduces the pressure of spending capital on a system you may end up not liking.


I have interest, but it seems like a logistical headache.

We have upgraded hundreds of surgeons to new platforms, and we have the process down. We will support your entire team with the transition!

Our team is highly trained in all the platforms that we provide. Not only do our cataract coordinators have deep knowledge of the surgery, but are annually trained in all the new technology we provide. We play an active role in the OR with your team, helping with settings, supply management, lenses, and turnover.

For the full scope of what we do, check out our Mobile Cataract Services page.

So…to recap. If you have interest in upgrading your phaco to the Alcon Centurion, B&L Stellaris, or the J&J Veritas, Surgical Direct is the capital free option you’ve been looking for.


Click below for a full listing of our services and all that we provide on a typical surgery day. Feel free to give us a call to discuss in further detail, or schedule a free demo day. 


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