No Capital? No Problem!

Capital budgets for surgical facilities have become more of a precious commodity than in years past. We are living in unprecedented times, and administrators need to be more strategic with their capital dollars than ever before. Investing dollars into a new specialty in your facility…well let’s be honest…that is a big risk right now.

Do either of these statements ring true for your facility?

1) Upgrading equipment in the near future is likely not an option.

2) Getting started in a new specialty in the near future is likely not an option.

If one or both of the statements above are true, then your facility may struggle to find ways to grow revenue and survive the challenging landscape all of us as healthcare providers find ourselves in.

No Capital? No Problem!

What if we told you that there is another way?

When it comes to cataract surgery and other ophthalmic specialty procedures, Surgical Direct creates a stable and low-risk path for growing your facility’s revenue without spending $1 in capital. Surgical Direct provides equipment, supplies, and support for cataract surgery as well as other procedures with an outsourcing service model.

We provide phaco machines, ophthalmic microscopes, Yag & SLT Lasers, IOL consignments, tailored case-supply lists, specialty add-on items, and highly trained support.

For the full scope of what we do, check out our Mobile Cataract Services page.

Already facilitate cataract surgery in your facility? 

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct has big benefits.

    • Upgrade your equipment now (Phacos, microscopes, and more). $0 of capital.
    • Make your surgeons happy with the latest technology available.
    • Eliminate those pricey maintenance plans.
    • Save admin time and inventory costs for cataract specific supplies.
    • Access top-level support from our technicians on every case.

Not currently facilitating cataract surgery? 

Starting an outsourcing relationship with Surgical Direct can be a fast track to a new revenue stream.

    • We offer an easy (low-risk) way to get cataract surgery started in your facility with no capital expense.
    • We take care of all the equipment setup, fully outfitting your OR for cataract surgery.
    • We bring the majority of the disposable supplies (including IOL implants) so you don’t have to worry about it.
    • No need to think about long-term cost and upkeep of equipment. We take care of all that.
    • Don’t have a surgeon relationship? We’ll do the legwork and connect you with one so cataract surgery in your facility can become a reality.

Ready to lower your risk and grow your revenue at the same time? We are ready to be your growth partner and open the door for your facility.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss in further detail, or schedule a free demo day.

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