Is Now The Right Time To Invest in New Cataract Equipment?

Keeping up with the rise of Office-Based Cataract Surgery.

Office-Based Surgery (OBS) has seen rapid growth in interest since the Covid-19 pandemic halted elective surgeries in 2020. Ophthalmologists are among the early adopters, putting efforts towards moving cataract surgery (for the patients that qualify) to the office-based model.

This could dramatically change things for Hospitals and ASCs that host cataract surgery. A few years ago, Hospitals were hosting roughly 35% of cataract surgeries in the US, while ASCs hosted 65%. This was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and those numbers have most definitely shifted even more in ASCs’ favor. Adding OBS as an option for Ophthalmologists to offer their patients, takes cataract surgery cases away from both hospitals and ASCs alike.

This begs the question if you are a hospital or ASC administrator…


Is now the right time to invest in new cataract equipment? 


Analyzing the numbers and current trends, it’s likely that investing in new cataract equipment may not be a profitable and smart use of your capital funds. However, not investing may cause your facility to lose surgeons altogether due to cases being taken elsewhere. Generally speaking, surgeons love new technology, and we’ve seen many surgeons move their cases to other facilities just to operate with newer technology. 

This creates a sort of conundrum for administrators who feel the pressure to spend capital that (truthfully) may be a bit of a risk to spend.

Save your capital $$ and let Surgical Direct upgrade your cataract equipment. 

Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Services allows you to gain access to today’s latest technology without investing with upfront capital. We provide a wide selection of phaco platforms, ophthalmic microscopes, ancillary supplies, lens consignments, and highly trained hands-on support for every case you operate with us.

Working with us…

  1. Eliminates capital budget expenses on cataract equipment
  2. Increases your technology flexibility (switch or upgrade platforms easily)
  3. Eliminates maintenance costs
  4. Reduces in-house inventory management for surgical supplies (we bring it all)
  5. Allows access to any lens you need (we’ll handle the consignments) 
  6. Increases the support level during surgery (our technicians come with the equipment and help with programming, adjusting, and room turnover).

Surgical Direct offers a simple and straightforward “per-case pricing” structure. You only pay for our service when you use us for cases after they happen. This allows you to allocate your facility’s capital funds into other specialties that may bring in more revenue, and help keep your cataract surgeons happy at the same time. It’s a win-win if you ask us!

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