5 Considerations Before Upgrading to a New Phaco

If your surgeon is still operating on old cataract equipment ( Alcon Infiniti, AMO Whitestar / Sovereign, all B&L machines pre Stellaris PC), then you should be considering a phaco upgrade. New phaco systems boast advanced technologies that allow the surgeon to perform safer and more efficient surgery. There are a number of impressive systems available. In fact, all recent phaco machine releases to the market have considerable upgrades in cutting power, fluidics, and chamber stability when compared to older systems. Those 3 features are reason enough on their own, but there are many more benefits to upgrading. 

Upgrading should be in the conversation! However, there are some important aspects to consider before pulling the trigger. Among many considerations, here are 5 that we feel important.

5 Considerations before upgrading to a new Phaco machine. 


1) Which Phaco System? 

Choosing a system can be a hard decision. The 3 latest phaco systems from the main players in the US market (Alcon Centurion, J&J Veritas, and B&L Stellaris PC ) are all fantastic in their own right. Many surgeons have brand loyalty to a particular system, and often that is good path. However, we’ve helped many surgeons transition platforms and brands, resulting in big satisfactions!

The key here is to trial the technology and give your surgeon the ability to get familiar with the system before committing to it. This is harder than it sounds in reality. We’ve seen many surgeons adopt new technology and operate with it for months, only to then decide they don’t like it and want to switch. This can make the decision to purchase a new platform stressful for the decision maker.

2) Upfront Capital

The financial component of this decision is very important and should not be taken lightly. New technology can range anywhere from 50-80k for a single machine, and many facilities would require more than one to operate at full capacity (eg 2 room surgery day scenarios). Holding up large amounts of capital for a specialty like ophthalmology can be risky to the facility’s profitability. This can be especially true if you are onboarding cataracts for the first time or are working with a new surgeon that doesn’t have tenure with you. 

3) Additional Purchases

With every phaco purchase comes a handful of additional required purchases that are only compatible with the new machine. These items include phaco handpieces, tips, sleeves, tubing, BSS bags, foot pedals, and more. Even though these items often come in a package deal, if any of these items becomes faulty, you’ll need to repair or replace…which brings us to our next point.

4) Support & Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment is vitally important to protect (first and foremost) the safety of your patients, as well as your investment. Routine maintenance plans with the manufacturer are highly recommended (and in our opinion, necessary). However, these plans can be costly and should be factored into your ROI figures. Another thing to consider is the training and support for the new technology. It can take a long time for your team to learn the new system and be proficient in assisting the surgeon. Troubleshooting problems (which in our experience are bound to happen…even with new equipment) can hold up an entire surgery day if your team is not fully versed on what to look for. 

5) Outsourcing VS Purchasing

In our opinion, you are not ready to make an informed decision about upgrading to a new phaco machine until you’ve explored the option of outsourcing equipment. There are big benefits in outsourcing! Outsourcing allows you to predict and protect your profit margins. Outsourcing dramatically reduces your risk. Outsourcing allows your surgeon the luxury of trying out new platforms, switching, and adding rooms without it affecting the facility’s bottom line. Additionally, you don’t pay for maintenance or repairs!

Surgical Direct Inc provides a high-quality cataract equipment outsourcing program  that will rival any other service in the nation. Our team is committed to surgeon and facility alike, so that everyone involved wins on eye-day. 

Read through more about how we approach outsourcing and the benefits in greater detail. 

Can you envision a smoother, less stressful, and lower risk way of doing Cataract Surgery? We believe that outsourcing is the best way to do it! Click through below to learn more, contact us, or request a demo. 

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Centurion, Stellaris, or Veritas? You Choose!

Start using the platform you prefer today at $0 capital.

Using the equipment that you prefer makes you a better surgeon. Using outdated and old technology (because there is no other option available) can affect your surgical efficiency and may also impact your patient outcomes.

Today’s leading phaco technology systems boast massive upgrades in Phacodynamics, fluidics, and usability that enhance the surgeon’s capability to perform better surgery. Even the most skilled surgeons will find impressive benefits from upgrading to a newer phaco system.

Centurion, Stellaris, or Veritas?

You Choose!


I would love to upgrade, but my OR has no budget.

This is very common. You are not alone. 

With the medical field (and overall economy) in the wake of COVID-19, capital budgets are at an all-time low. Hospitals and ASC’s have little investment capital to spend on new technology. If they do have capital, they are likely to spend it on a higher grossing specialty like Ortho. This leaves ophthalmologists stuck using whatever is available.

Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service provides the latest phaco technology to your OR, outsourced only when you need it, and will require $0 investment capital.


I’m comfortable with my current platform.

Have you been given the opportunity to try a new platform?

From our experience in transitioning hundreds of surgeons to new platforms, we’ve found that many doctors that claim to love old technology just haven’t had the chance to get comfortable with the more recent platforms. This takes time, which most surgeons don’t have. Surgeons need to experience the new platform for a decent number of cases before feeling confident enough to decide whether or not they want to use it regularly.

The beauty of Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract service is that you are not ‘committed’ to any single platform. Upgrading or switching from one machine to another is as simple as requesting it. This reduces the pressure of spending capital on a system you may end up not liking.


I have interest, but it seems like a logistical headache.

We have upgraded hundreds of surgeons to new platforms, and we have the process down. We will support your entire team with the transition!

Our team is highly trained in all the platforms that we provide. Not only do our cataract coordinators have deep knowledge of the surgery, but are annually trained in all the new technology we provide. We play an active role in the OR with your team, helping with settings, supply management, lenses, and turnover.

For the full scope of what we do, check out our Mobile Cataract Services page.

So…to recap. If you have interest in upgrading your phaco to the Alcon Centurion, B&L Stellaris, or the J&J Veritas, Surgical Direct is the capital free option you’ve been looking for.


Click below for a full listing of our services and all that we provide on a typical surgery day. Feel free to give us a call to discuss in further detail, or schedule a free demo day. 


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The SDI Upgrade Program: Infiniti to Centurion

Are you a cataract surgeon that is still operating with the Alcon Infiniti?

Are you an OR administrator that would like to upgrade your surgeons from the Alcon Infiniti to Alcon Centurion?

Upgrading from Infiniti to Centurion has substantial benefits in technology and safety enhancements, including state of the art cutting technology, fluidics, and an intuitive user interface.

The Alcon Centurion brings all the familiarity of the Infiniti with it (making you feel comfortable and relaxed when operating), but with significantly more power, safety, and automation.

Some time ago, we wrote about the differences between Infiniti and Centurion and why anyone should consider upgrading. We went into the main differences in (1) Fluidics, (2) Energy, and (3) Practicality between the 2 machines.

In case you missed that article, read it here: Why upgrade from Alcon Infiniti to Alcon Centurion?

It doesn’t take long to see and feel the benefits of upgrading. Most surgeons are hooked once they have given it a try. And the number one reason we’ve encountered surgeons and facilities hesitant to upgrade is because of capital limitations.

At Surgical Direct, we’ve transitioned dozens of surgeons and facilities  from the Alcon Infiniti to Alcon Centurion without any capital expenditure.

The SDI Upgrade Program: Infiniti to Centurion.

Our upgrade program makes the transition seamless.

  1. No need to use capital dollars towards the Centurion.
  2. Get transition assistance from our team, helping surgeons with their settings.
  3. Don’t stress about new tubing or phaco tip inventory. We bring it all with us.
  4. We provide new hand-pieces as needed to cover all sterilization needs.
  5. Save storage space in your facility.
  6. Add a second room! We’ll bring 2 Centurions.

Contact us today to start the discussion about upgrading and find out just how easy it is with Surgical Direct.

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Financial Risk Mitigation for Cataract Equipment

When considering to pull the trigger and allocate precious capital dollars on cataract equipment, make sure you ask the following questions and determine whether the investment is wise for your facility in 2021.

Will the equipment purchased provide a healthy return on investment?

With so many other specialties bringing in higher reimbursements and charge rates, cataract equipment may not be the best investment when it comes to ROI. Surely, there is a huge benefit of acquiring the latest technology for your cataract surgeons…we are just talking dollars and cents. Often, there is other specialty-specific technology that will bring a higher return for your capital and should at the least be considered.

Does your targeted technology have a healthy demand among surgeons?

Cataract equipment is a highly competitive field and rapidly evolves as new technology is introduced. Keeping up with the latest platform, device, or software can be a challenge (financially speaking) simply due to the rate technology is released within the specialty.

Another area to consider is the longevity of your surgeons remaining in your facility. Will there be turnover within a few years? If a new surgeon comes to your facility, what platform will they want to operate with? Relying on one technology to invest in and provide stability in this area might not be a reality.

What does maintenance cost look like for this equipment?

Taking the time to factor the ‘lifetime’ or ‘actual’ cost of your investment is a must. Preventative maintenance plans and repair budgets both eat into your profit margins and can be very expensive. Unlike many other medical specialties, ophthalmic technology is delicate, precise, and sensitive. Working in millimeters of space leaves no room for error and your equipment must be fine-tuned at all times.

When you’ve finished analyzing the true cost, where do you land?

After factoring your true cost and the risk, is purchasing cataract equipment right for your facility in 2021?

If it’s not an investment that makes sense, there’s another way to acquire the latest technology in ophthalmology that also eliminates your financial risk.

Outsourcing your equipment with Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract service allows you to gain immediate access to the latest technology available without spending a dime of your capital.

Here’s a quick list of benefits:

  1. Save your capital to spend on other (more lucrative) specialties.
  2. Gain access to the latest cataract technology right away.
  3. Save on repairs and maintenance plans.
  4. You only get billed when you have cases, lowering risk if a surgeon stops bringing in cases and you still have to pay for unused equipment.
  5. Gain cross-platform access. Add another surgeon who prefers a different technology, and we’ve got you covered.
  6. Outfit more rooms (2-3 room days) without purchasing a single piece of equipment.

This just scratches the surface of the benefits of outsourcing with Surgical Direct.

Gaining access to the latest cataract technology doesn’t have to be a financial risk.

Learn more about our services and get a full picture of the benefits of outsourcing in your facility.

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for.

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Financial Challenges? Save Your Capital Dollars!

Hospitals and healthcare networks all across the country are making the hard decision to downsize and let go of staff in direct response to the financial hardship that COVID-19 has caused.

This article from Becker’s Hospital Review is both sad and sobering, but it’s also the real pulse of what we are facing nationwide.

Administrators and key-decision makers now have to navigate these challenges, making hard/strategic decisions to keep their facilities open and in the black. Capital budgets are likely suspended for the foreseeable future, especially in smaller (revenue) specialties like ophthalmology.

Upgrading equipment is likely not an option right now.

Getting started in a new specialty is likely not an option either due to large upfront costs.

We have some good news for you!

Have you considered outsourcing?

Save your Capital! Outsource and upgrade your cataract equipment with Surgical Direct.


Already facilitate cataract surgery in your facility? 

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct has multiple benefits.

  • Upgrade your equipment now (Phaco, microscopes, and more). No capital needed!
  • Keep your surgeons happy (or attract more surgeons to your facility) with the latest technology available.
  • Eliminate those costly maintenance plans.
  • Save admin time and inventory costs associated with cataract surgical supplies (including IOL implants).
  • Access top-level support from our technicians for every case, increasing your surgery day productivity and eliminating stress relating to equipment failure.


Not currently hosting cataract surgery in your facility? 

Are you interested in a new revenue stream?

Starting an outsourcing relationship with Surgical Direct is a fast track to a new revenue stream in your OR.

  • We offer an easy and low-risk way to get cataract surgery started in your facility with no capital expense.
  • We take care of all the equipment setup, fully outfitting your OR for cataract surgery.
  • We bring the majority of the disposable supplies for surgery (including IOL implants), alleviating the burden on your team to manage new inventory.
  • No need to think about long-term cost and upkeep of equipment.
  • If you do not have a surgeon relationship yet, we’ll do the legwork and connect you with one so cataract surgery in your facility can become a reality.

In our current economy, 2021 has to be thought through very intentionally with smart financial decisions. We firmly believe that outsourcing is a smart financial decision. Together, we can keep (or start) positive momentum in your facility when it comes to cataract surgery.

Click below for a full listing of our services and all that we provide on a typical surgery day.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss in further detail, or schedule a free demo day.

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Mobile Cataract Service + MIGS

Are you an Ophthalmologist looking for partnerships to grow your practice and eliminate some of the logistical barriers that are in the way?

Just in case we haven’t had the chance to meet, we are Surgical Direct Inc, a mobile cataract outsourcing service that delivers cataract technology and supplies to your OR on surgery day. We create opportunities by eliminating capital expense and inventory management, allowing facilities to allocate their funds and time elsewhere. For surgeons, this means you are able to use whatever technology you prefer, on demand.

Regardless of location, we create stable operating environments for surgeons to be able to use the technology and supplies they want.

    • Our phaco systems and microscopes are programmed with your settings.
    • Our supply lists are tailored to your liking.
    • Our lens picks are directly coordinated with your office to ensure accuracy and ample backups are on hand.
    • Our techs are second-to-none in the industry: Programming equipment settings, taking out the trash, and highly trained with supportive ‘can-do’ attitudes.

Surgeons who use our mobile cataract service are also able to request MIGS technology for any case as an add-on item. This includes access to Hydrus® Microstent from Ivantis and iStent inject® from Glaukos.

MicroInvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) in tandem with cataract surgery is growing in popularity (if patient criteria matches) due to the minimal difference in post-operative care, while providing improved management of IOP issues in glaucoma patients. Our service partnership makes add-on items like MIGS simple and efficient.

Plus, in the current economic landscape, add-on procedures like MIGS offer benefits for surgeons to be able to help their patients manage their glaucoma, reduce extra post-op needs, and increase their reimbursement rates.

Easy MIGS access is just one of the many benefits of working with Surgical Direct. We also support our clients by providing YAG lasers, SLT lasers, and our Mobile Retina Services.

Our aim is to help our surgeons achieve the best surgical results possible by supplying the equipment and supplies they need when they need it.

To learn more about what it’s like to work with Surgical Direct, contact us below or request a FREE Demo Day.

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More about our Mobile Cataract Services

Now Is The Time To Start Outsourcing Cataracts

Being strategic with how you manage your OR is crucial in the current season. It’s that much more important to save your capital dollars for specialties that will be most beneficial to your revenue growth. That is why we believe right now might be one of the best times to consider Mobile Cataract Services with Surgical Direct Inc.

Why? Well, there are numerous benefits! Let’s look at some scenarios…

“Our OR currently does not facilitate Cataract Surgery. Getting started seems overwhelming.”

Adding cataract surgery to your OR can bring a new stream of revenue and put your staff back to work, which we all know right now (because of COVID-19) that everything helps! Many facilities who have a desire to branch into new specialties face common problems like:

  1.  “We don’t have the capital to purchase a phaco & microscope and the surgeon wants the latest technology.”
  2. “All the details of getting started feels overwhelming, from inventory, equipment, and staff training.”
  3. “We would love to branch into ophthalmology, but we don’t have a surgeon relationship yet and don’t have time or the network to get started.”

Cataract outsourcing with Surgical Direct will help in all three of these areas. We provide the latest equipment (whichever phaco & microscope the surgeon wants to use) directly to your OR without spending a dime of capital. Along with the equipment, we bring trays, packs, disposable supplies, and implants (tailored to the surgeon’s request) so your inventory stress is alleviated! On top of that, our technicians (who come every surgery day and provide hands-on support throughout the day) are trained and experienced in everything associated with cataract surgery. Leaning on their experience helps relieve the tension of the day.

Don’t have a surgeon relationship yet? Our established network in the ophthalmology world can be of use. All you need to do is let us know that you are interested in getting started with cataracts, and we’ll do the legwork of looking for a surgeon that wants to operate in your area.

But maybe you are reading this and already host cataract surgery?

“We already facilitate cataracts. Why start outsourcing now?”


Using Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract service comes with big benefits for facilities already managing a cataract program.

  1. Upgrading your phaco & microscope can happen immediately, with no capital costs.
  2. Equipment flexibility (allowing the surgeon to change and try new technology easily, or multiple surgeons that are able to use different systems from each other)
  3. In-house inventory of cataract disposable supplies and IOL implants can be decreased dramatically (or even eliminated), allowing your team’s time and focus to go elsewhere. We take over inventory and ordering of supplies and lenses completely.
  4. Multi-room capacity upgrades! Jump from 1 room days to 2 room days. We simply bring more equipment, and your day’s capacity just doubled.
  5. No Maintenance Costs. We maintain our equipment according to manufacturer guidelines and PM schedules.
  6. Extra Hands. Our technicians jump in wherever they can from assisting the surgeon with settings, to helping with room turnover so the day runs as smoothly as possible.

For 20 years, Surgical Direct Inc has been perfecting cataract surgery support operations across the country. Our Mobile Cataract Service model allows your facility to pivot from high-focused and time-consuming admin operations, to a tested, trusted, hands-off approach of hosting cataract surgery in your facility.

Contact us today to learn just how easy it is to get started.

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Operate with the Alcon LuxOR LX3 Microscope

What is it like to use Alcon’s latest microscope technology, encompassed in their latest release, the LuxOR LX3? According to our clients…it’s awesome! We haven’t met a surgeon yet who has tried the LX3 and had a lot of negative things to say.

The Alcon LuxOR LX3

Let’s list out the highlights.

1) 6x greater Red Reflux area than traditional focused light microscopes

One of the biggest selling points on this microscope has to be the red-reflux. With a 6x great reflux zone, the patient can move approx 1.5in away from the center of the beam and still have bright reflux. Not only is the field greater, but it’s more stable, proving less “loss of reflux” from different angles, etc. This is accomplished by the proprietary ILLUMIN-i ® Technology and a different placement of the objective lens. This helps the surgeon’s efficiency during the case since there will naturally be less time having to reposition or adjust the scope or patient to keep a sharp view.

2) Optics with a Larger Depth of Focus

The LX3 totes a larger depth of focus than traditional microscopes. This means that the surgeon will see more planes of focus at one time. This reduces the need to rigorously adjust focus of the microscope for different steps of the procedure. In fact, after using the scope for a few cases, many surgeons rave about how they can literally set their focus at the beginning of the case, and rarely have to adjust throughout. This also increases safety and efficiency for every procedure.

3) Intuitive Design

The LX3 is designed for ease of use. The Control Panel system onboard the LX3 is highly customizable with the ability to save surgeon settings, and easily fine-tune settings during the case. LX3’s durable base and frame make moving the microscope easy, while giving the surgeon a very sturdy feel when moving the auto-locking arm. The base rotates 360 degrees. The foot-controller is wireless (and also feels familiar if you already use the Alcon Centurion), durable, and responsive. The head’s tilt mechanism makes those high-angle needs for glaucoma cases a cinch.

All-in-all, the ease-of-use and impressive technology onboard the LX3 provides an opportunity for your cataract cases to be smoother, easier, and more efficient. We didn’t even get into all of the integrated systems capabilities with Verion, LenSx, the Alcon Centurion, and Ora that the LX3 provides. 

We think if you haven’t experienced the LX3, you should give it a try. 

Surgical Direct provides comprehensive mobile cataract provisions, including phaco machines, case supplies, lenses, in-room support, and microscopes (including the LX3). When you sign up for our Mobile Cataract Service outsourcing solution, you have access to use the LX3.

Reach out today or inquire about our Free Demo Day below to get the conversation started.

We are ready to help!

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3 New IOL Related Technologies On The Horizon

The IOL implant market has experienced rapid development and ground-breaking advances in technology in the last 20 years. Toric and Multifocal implants continue to rise in popularity and manufacturers continue to improve their respective models’ accuracy in refractive outcomes.

At Surgical Direct, part of our Mobile Cataract Services is to provide easy access to wide varieties of IOL models to our clients, eliminating their need to carry additional consignments or special ordering of lenses. A partnership with Surgical Direct allows access for surgeons and hospitals to the latest technologies that otherwise may not be an option due to capital budget.

Today, we thought it would be interesting to highlight 3 IOL technologies that are on the horizon in this market. These technologies are still in development, beta, or clinical trials, and not available to use in the US market (disclaimer).

3 New IOL Related Technologies on the Horizon.


1) Postop Refractive Adjustment

PostOp Refractive Adjustment is a post-op laser treatment where the surgeon is able to alter the diopter size of an already implanted IOL using a femtosecond laser and an optical focusing system. The laser doesn’t change the thickness or shape of the IOL, however, it changes the hydrophilicity of the lens. So far it’s been tested on Acrylic lenses from all the major manufacturers and has had great accuracy in achieving the desired change in diopter. If this system is approved for public use in the future, it would dramatically change the game, eliminating the needs for explanting IOLs with miscalculated diopters. As the patient ages, there is potential for an annual adjustment of the IOL’s diopter for the best possible vision. Something to think about!

2) Small-aperture IOL

AcuFocus has now created a monofocal intraocular lens (IC-8) that uses the “pinhole effect” principle to alleviate distortion and expand depth-of-field in an IOL implant. The basic principle is similar to the KAMRA corneal inlay…which only allows central, focused light to reach the retina, removing the blur caused by peripheral defocused light. The results (in theory) would mean the highest quality of vision over the broadest continuous range of any premium IOL currently available. This essentially means that this technology could compete directly with the multifocal market, providing a high-quality dynamic range of focus in a monofocal lens.  The lens has received FDA approval for clinical trials, so it will be interesting to see the coming results and whether this lens is brought to market.

3) The Omega Gemini Capsule

The Omega Gemini Capsule is essentially an artificial capsule that is implanted into the eye in order to create a stable environment to house other ophthalmic technologies such as IOL implants, medication delivery, and augmented reality technology.  The Gemini Capsule props the capsule open, is 3 dimensional, and creates artificial “walls” within the capsules, enforcing the stability of the implantable space. Omega’s future hope is that Gemini will provide the ability to house implantable technology (in addition to IOLs) like augmented reality devices. This is very future-forward in thinking. This product too will be interesting to see if it reaches approval.

Surgical Direct is your partner in ophthalmic technology, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our surgeons and OR staff to gain access to today’s latest technology.

For more information about what we do provide, click below to learn about our Mobile Cataract Services.


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Hydrus® Microstent & iStent inject®

Surgical Direct Inc exists to provide solutions to our customers that create pathways of least resistance for ophthalmic procedures. Our vision is for every surgeon and surgical facility that we partner with to have immediate and effortless access to the industry’s best technology. We say immediate because you don’t have to purchase equipment or order any inventory to gain access to the latest technology on the market. We say effortless because we reduce as many barriers as possible for you to get your hands on what you need. Today, we want to highlight the Hydrus® Microstent from Ivantis and iStent inject® from Glaukos, two game-changing Glaucoma treatment systems that are applied in conjunction with Cataract Surgery.

Hydrus® Microstent: Singular 90º-span Canal-Based Device

Key advantages to this system (reported directly by Ivantis) are as follows:

  • Ab Interno canal-based approach
    Implantation into Schlemm’s Canal, the eye’s natural drainage channel, which is considered a safe anatomical target and a suitable first-line therapy for implantable MIGS devices
  • Confirmation of placement
    Immediate and direct visual confirmation of successful implantation with a minimal learning curve.
  • No stent targeting
    90° span ensures consistent access to multiple collector channels and eliminates the need for stent targeting.

The Hydrus Microstent was designed to enhance fluid outflow in multiple ways to help patients achieve predictable outcomes. Hyrdus enhances outflow by strategic placement in Schlemm’s canal, expanding the natural pathway of fluid in the eye. It’s singular 90º coverage offers a single-step solution.

Using a gonioprism, the Hydrus Microstent is inserted through a clear corneal incision and guided through the trabecular meshwork into Schlemm’s canal. Once in position, the Hydrus Microstent is advanced until the device has scaffolded 90° of the canal, ensuring consistent access to collector channels.

iStent inject® System: Two Injectable Stents

Key advantages to this system (reported directly by Glaukos) are as follows:

  • Optimized Outflow: Two multi-directional stents designed to restore the natural outflow
  • Clinically Proven: Significant IOP reduction across a wide range of clinical studies
  • Procedural Elegance: Predictability and precision to meet the needs of your practice
  • Proven Safety: Safety profile similar to cataract surgery alone

This system is unique in that it has two multi-directional stents in one streamlined injection system. The system is intuitive, safe, and precise, delivering accurate placement of the stents for predictable performance. The stents themselves have a proprietary design that when placed 2-3 clock hours apart have been recorded to deliver access to multiple collector channels and arcs of flow. These can span five to six clock hours and may also re-establish flow in previously dormant outflow channels.

iStent inject® provides a real Glaucoma solution with minimal long-term complications, like the following (quoted from Glaukos):

  • Micro-invasive and astigmatically-neutral
  • Utilizes the conventional outflow pathway
  • Leaves natural anatomy intact, preserving the potential for future treatment options, including drug delivery devices
  • Minimally traumatic to delicate eye tissue and spares conjunctival tissue
  • Reduces the risk of hypotony by utilizing the natural episcleral venous pressure
  • Offers postoperative care profile similar to cataract surgery

Surgical Direct is proud to provide Hydrus® Microstent and iStent inject® to our Cataract Surgeons.

Hydrus® Microstent and iStent inject® are not the first Glaucoma treatments designed to be used in conjunction with Cataract Surgery. Many such procedural add-ons have existed for years. But both of these newer technologies in Glaucoma treatment come with unique procedural advantages, easy implantation delivery, and positive results.

Surgical Direct offers you a unique advantage. When you partner with Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Services, you gain access to the latest and top technology in ophthalmology without the capital or inventory load, including Hydrus and iStent.

If you do not partner with us yet, we invite you to try our services for free with an SDI Demo Day. For more information, click below, request a demo, and we’ll be in touch shortly to schedule a demo.

Surgical Direct is here to help streamline your cataract operations to achieve the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution possible.

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