Financial Challenges? Save Your Capital Dollars!

Hospitals and healthcare networks all across the country are making the hard decision to downsize and let go of staff in direct response to the financial hardship that COVID-19 has caused.

This article from Becker’s Hospital Review is both sad and sobering, but it’s also the real pulse of what we are facing nationwide.

Administrators and key-decision makers now have to navigate these challenges, making hard/strategic decisions to keep their facilities open and in the black. Capital budgets are likely suspended for the foreseeable future, especially in smaller (revenue) specialties like ophthalmology.

Upgrading equipment is likely not an option right now.

Getting started in a new specialty is likely not an option either due to large upfront costs.

We have some good news for you!

Have you considered outsourcing?

Save your Capital! Outsource and upgrade your cataract equipment with Surgical Direct.


Already facilitate cataract surgery in your facility? 

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct has multiple benefits.

  • Upgrade your equipment now (Phaco, microscopes, and more). No capital needed!
  • Keep your surgeons happy (or attract more surgeons to your facility) with the latest technology available.
  • Eliminate those costly maintenance plans.
  • Save admin time and inventory costs associated with cataract surgical supplies (including IOL implants).
  • Access top-level support from our technicians for every case, increasing your surgery day productivity and eliminating stress relating to equipment failure.


Not currently hosting cataract surgery in your facility? 

Are you interested in a new revenue stream?

Starting an outsourcing relationship with Surgical Direct is a fast track to a new revenue stream in your OR.

  • We offer an easy and low-risk way to get cataract surgery started in your facility with no capital expense.
  • We take care of all the equipment setup, fully outfitting your OR for cataract surgery.
  • We bring the majority of the disposable supplies for surgery (including IOL implants), alleviating the burden on your team to manage new inventory.
  • No need to think about long-term cost and upkeep of equipment.
  • If you do not have a surgeon relationship yet, we’ll do the legwork and connect you with one so cataract surgery in your facility can become a reality.

In our current economy, 2021 has to be thought through very intentionally with smart financial decisions. We firmly believe that outsourcing is a smart financial decision. Together, we can keep (or start) positive momentum in your facility when it comes to cataract surgery.

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