Financial Risk Mitigation for Cataract Equipment

When considering to pull the trigger and allocate precious capital dollars on cataract equipment, make sure you ask the following questions and determine whether the investment is wise for your facility in 2021.

Will the equipment purchased provide a healthy return on investment?

With so many other specialties bringing in higher reimbursements and charge rates, cataract equipment may not be the best investment when it comes to ROI. Surely, there is a huge benefit of acquiring the latest technology for your cataract surgeons…we are just talking dollars and cents. Often, there is other specialty-specific technology that will bring a higher return for your capital and should at the least be considered.

Does your targeted technology have a healthy demand among surgeons?

Cataract equipment is a highly competitive field and rapidly evolves as new technology is introduced. Keeping up with the latest platform, device, or software can be a challenge (financially speaking) simply due to the rate technology is released within the specialty.

Another area to consider is the longevity of your surgeons remaining in your facility. Will there be turnover within a few years? If a new surgeon comes to your facility, what platform will they want to operate with? Relying on one technology to invest in and provide stability in this area might not be a reality.

What does maintenance cost look like for this equipment?

Taking the time to factor the ‘lifetime’ or ‘actual’ cost of your investment is a must. Preventative maintenance plans and repair budgets both eat into your profit margins and can be very expensive. Unlike many other medical specialties, ophthalmic technology is delicate, precise, and sensitive. Working in millimeters of space leaves no room for error and your equipment must be fine-tuned at all times.

When you’ve finished analyzing the true cost, where do you land?

After factoring your true cost and the risk, is purchasing cataract equipment right for your facility in 2021?

If it’s not an investment that makes sense, there’s another way to acquire the latest technology in ophthalmology that also eliminates your financial risk.

Outsourcing your equipment with Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract service allows you to gain immediate access to the latest technology available without spending a dime of your capital.

Here’s a quick list of benefits:

  1. Save your capital to spend on other (more lucrative) specialties.
  2. Gain access to the latest cataract technology right away.
  3. Save on repairs and maintenance plans.
  4. You only get billed when you have cases, lowering risk if a surgeon stops bringing in cases and you still have to pay for unused equipment.
  5. Gain cross-platform access. Add another surgeon who prefers a different technology, and we’ve got you covered.
  6. Outfit more rooms (2-3 room days) without purchasing a single piece of equipment.

This just scratches the surface of the benefits of outsourcing with Surgical Direct.

Gaining access to the latest cataract technology doesn’t have to be a financial risk.

Learn more about our services and get a full picture of the benefits of outsourcing in your facility.

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for.

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