Think Cataract Equipment Outsourcing in 2021

2020 has been a year! Unexpected turns and necessary adjustments now seem part of normal everyday life. What has been brought to the surface in 2020 is the realization that we all need to be flexible and creative to keep business moving forward. Look at almost every sector in the market, and you’ll see creative & adaptive solutions have been put in place to keep doors open and revenue flowing. Sometimes the worst situations bring out our most creative & adaptive work. 

If you are a key decision-maker in a hospital or ASC, spending capital dollars in 2021 may not be on the table, especially for a specialty like ophthalmology.

Surgical Direct Inc provides a mobile cataract service that provides the latest cataract equipment to your OR with no capital outlay. Along with equipment provisions, we provide customized and flexible case supplies (eliminating in-house inventory) and provide highly trained and hands-on cataract technicians for each surgery.

Why Outsource in 2021?

1# Safety

Safety always comes first. At Surgical Direct, our number one priority is the safety of our team, your team, and every patient that enters that OR door. Our team is annually trained in OR and Safety protocols, state regulations, and equipment training. In 2020, we have adopted strict and safe measures to deter the spread of the Covid-19 virus. You can depend on us to provide a service that is safe.

#2 Stability

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct brings surgery day stability to your OR. We meticulously pack your equipment and supplies (with ample amounts of backups), ready for whatever the day brings along. Our techs are trained to troubleshoot equipment to keep the day moving as smoothly as possible.

#3 Flexibility

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct brings a level of flexibility to your OR that you would not have on your own. We provide the opportunity for surgeons to be flexible with their equipment preferences (eg. trying a new technology). Or perhaps you have another surgeon that would like to operate in your facility but does not prefer the equipment you own. Having the option to provide multiple surgeons with their preferences in equipment without spending large amounts of capital is a benefit that should not be overlooked. 

#4 Cost-Efficiency

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct eliminates the need to spend your capital dollars on cataract equipment. This includes Phaco technology, microscopes, handpieces, instruments, and disposable supplies. Additionally, if you don’t purchase the equipment, you won’t have to pay for repairs and maintenance contracts. Allowing us to take over your supply and lens inventory saves your team hours of inventory and reduces your PO count dramatically.

#5 Expansivity

Outsourcing with Surgical Direct opens expansion opportunities that perhaps were not possible before. Opening a second room (fully outfitted with all the equipment you need) is easy. Expanding our service to other locations you’re connected with is as simple as letting us know who to talk to. If you want to grow, Surgical Direct is the expansion partner for you. 

After the year we’ve had, 2021 holds quite a bit of uncertainty still. Finding partnerships that can bring safety, stability, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and expansivity will give you the support that you need to be successful. 

Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for. 

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