Consistent Technicians Add Value To Your OR

No matter where you operate, Surgical Direct provides stability in your OR when it comes to cataract surgery. Our Mobile Cataract Service model provides new equipment, ample supply provisions, and highly trained cataract technicians to your OR on surgery day. To read a full description of what we offer, click here.

Part of our culture at Surgical Direct is a persistent and dedicated pursuit of unparalleled customer service. Our goal is to offer the absolute best support to our surgeons and OR teams. We believe that our technicians are the gold standard; the difference makers between our service and others like us.

We believe having experienced, aware, cordial, and supportive technicians in the OR during surgery can make a big difference on surgery day. These qualities in a tech can increase the day’s efficiency, raise the surgeon’s comfort level, and improve patient care by letting the nursing staff focus more on the patient vs other details (such as adjusting machine settings, opening case supplies, or taking out the trash).

Our technicians are highly trained in:

  • Phaco & Microscope Technology (annually, directly with the manufacturers)
  • Equipment Failure and Troubleshooting
  • IOL, Instrumentation, & Case Supplies (annually, directly with the manufacturers)
  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Phaco Dynamics (Procedure & Cataract Surgery Techniques)
  • Case Supply Management
  • OR Protocols (annually)
  • Workplace Safety (annually)
  • Sterile Field Protocol (annually)
  • And more

Creating a “Team Dynamic” with Consistent Techs

One of the biggest stand-out differences between our service and others is our “ABC” tech model. In this scheduling model, our technicians are assigned to their surgery days with the intent that our accounts will see a familiar face and consistently work with the same technicians. Why? Because we believe that familiarity and consistency with whom you work increases the flow of your surgery day by creating a true “team dynamic”. Trust and relationships are built between our techs and the teams they work with, and from our experience, this results in better surgery days.

Our aim is to help our surgeons achieve the best surgical results possible by supplying the right equipment, the right supplies, and the dedicated support they need, when they need it.

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