Surgical Efficiency

Mobile Cataract Services + MIGS

Mobile Cataract Service + MIGS

Are you an Ophthalmologist looking for partnerships to grow your practice and eliminate some of the logistical barriers that are in the way? Just in case we haven’t had the chance to meet, we are Surgical Direct Inc, a mobile cataract outsourcing service that delivers cataract technology and supplies to your OR on surgery day. […]

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Operating Room Cost Management

Operating Room Cost Management

Hospital systems (both small and large) have been freezing capital expenditures and reducing expenses as much as possible across the country. Priorities for OR administrators and decision makers have shifted to conserving cash in any way possible due to the effects of COVID-19. Outpatient procedures were shut down altogether for months. Certain states have reopened

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Not All Mobile Cataract Services Are Created Equal

As a service provider in today’s economy, it’s crucially important to find and nurture the “lasting impact attributes” (or the key differentiation practices) that stick with a client and build lasting trust. In truth, it goes way beyond the service itself. We have all experienced (to some degree) a service or product that talked the

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outsourcing cataracts

Now Is The Time To Start Outsourcing Cataracts

Being strategic with how you manage your OR is crucial in the current season. It’s that much more important to save your capital dollars for specialties that will be most beneficial to your revenue growth. That is why we believe right now might be one of the best times to consider Mobile Cataract Services with

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Anesthesia for your Cataract Cases

At Surgical Direct, we help ORs efficiently provide cataract cases in both upstart and long-term programs in hospitals and ASCs across the country. Sometimes, getting started with new specialties (like eyes) in your OR can be daunting. Managing an ongoing cataract program on your own can also be task heavy and has its nuances. Whichever

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Increase Cataract Surgery Capacity

Increase Your Cataract Surgery Capacity

In the near future, partnerships and innovative solutions may be the difference in quickly ramping up your cataract surgery intake after COVID-19. The reality we are all facing, due to the halt of elective surgery, is ophthalmologists and OR facilities alike will be looking for creative ways to stretch their resources and figure out how

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How To Prepare for the Cataract Surgery Influx

COVID-19 has created unique and challenging circumstances for us all. Elective surgeries are by-and-large on hold for at least the next 30 days, and due to the outbreak and containment challenges that the virus brings, it’s still too early to know exactly how long the non-essential medical procedure “freeze” will go on. But what we

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Increase Cataract Surgery Efficiency

“How can my OR team increase Cataract Surgery Efficiency?” This is a question that every OR admin team and ophthalmologist should be asking themselves. Efficiency is a key component to your day-to-day operations, ensuring your patients receive the absolute best care they deserve. Efficiency is not only about reducing OR time. It’s about putting systems

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