Increase Cataract Surgery Efficiency

“How can my OR team increase Cataract Surgery Efficiency?”

This is a question that every OR admin team and ophthalmologist should be asking themselves. Efficiency is a key component to your day-to-day operations, ensuring your patients receive the absolute best care they deserve. Efficiency is not only about reducing OR time. It’s about putting systems in place that reduce barriers like stress, friction, and more. When you are able to address the causes of these obstacles, everything “clicks”, and your OR turns into a well-oiled, efficient machine that provides exceptional patient care.

We all want to provide better care and get better outcomes, in the most efficient way possible. But how do you practically do so in today’s medical landscape?

Meet Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service.

Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service is a hands-on partnership between surgeon, facility, and our full-service equipment provisions. We provide a solution that enables highly-efficient cataract surgical processes for your OR team, allowing more focus and attention to patient care, and less focus on the details of preparing for surgery.

How does Surgical Direct help increase cataract surgery efficiency?

  1.  New Phaco & Microscope technology: No capital or maintenance.
    Simply put, new technology helps enhance surgical efficiency. New Phaco systems report more efficient (and safer) cataract removal percentages than older equipment. Microscope technology in 2020 provides optics that enhance the surgeon’s view, which in effect can improve surgical outcomes and efficiency of the procedure. Surgical Direct provides all that you need at no capital expense and no maintenance costs: Phacos, ophthalmic microscopes, and all needed handpieces and trays specific to your facility and surgeon requests.
  2. Comprehensive & Flexible Supply Management: No admin burden on your team. Surgical Direct provides comprehensive supply chain provisions for all needed case supplies (minus drugs), tailored to the surgeon and facility needs. We coordinate with the surgeon on desired supplies, case volume, and specialty items in the weeks and days prior to surgery. On the morning of surgery, we bring everything needed for the day plus ample amounts of backups. What this means for the facility is no admin hours wrapped up in inventory.
  3. Full IOL line provisions: Premium, Primary, Sulcus, AC, and backups. IOL consignments are TIME-CONSUMING! We have a full-time lens inventory specialist that coordinates with the surgeon’s office to ensure that all lens picks are accounted for and pulled for day of surgery. This includes ordering special/premium lenses, and ensuring that backups are readily available, alleviating the guesswork on surgery day.
  4. Hands-On intra-operative support: Highly-trained, vetted, and reliable. Our surgical coordinators bring the equipment and supplies to your OR on the day of surgery, with plenty of time for sterilization, setup, and equipment priming. During surgery, our technicians play a hands-on role with machine settings, helping open supplies, room turn-over, and more. They become part of the team in helping the day run as efficiently as possible.
  5. Team-focused partnership: A team mindset enhances efficiency. With Surgical Direct, you gain an industry partner that helps optimize all aspects of your cataract surgery. Deep in our culture, we believe in the power of teamwork and positivity. We’ve played a major role in helping hundreds of OR’s across the country enhance their operational systems, provide better patient care, and increase cataract surgery efficiency.

Our turn-key cataract program is something we think you should at least consider. Give us a call or schedule a free demo today to get a full picture of what a mobile cataract service can provide.

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