Operate with the Alcon LuxOR LX3 Microscope

What is it like to use Alcon’s latest microscope technology, encompassed in their latest release, the LuxOR LX3? According to our clients…it’s awesome! We haven’t met a surgeon yet who has tried the LX3 and had a lot of negative things to say.

The Alcon LuxOR LX3

Let’s list out the highlights.

1) 6x greater Red Reflux area than traditional focused light microscopes

One of the biggest selling points on this microscope has to be the red-reflux. With a 6x great reflux zone, the patient can move approx 1.5in away from the center of the beam and still have bright reflux. Not only is the field greater, but it’s more stable, proving less “loss of reflux” from different angles, etc. This is accomplished by the proprietary ILLUMIN-i ® Technology and a different placement of the objective lens. This helps the surgeon’s efficiency during the case since there will naturally be less time having to reposition or adjust the scope or patient to keep a sharp view.

2) Optics with a Larger Depth of Focus

The LX3 totes a larger depth of focus than traditional microscopes. This means that the surgeon will see more planes of focus at one time. This reduces the need to rigorously adjust focus of the microscope for different steps of the procedure. In fact, after using the scope for a few cases, many surgeons rave about how they can literally set their focus at the beginning of the case, and rarely have to adjust throughout. This also increases safety and efficiency for every procedure.

3) Intuitive Design

The LX3 is designed for ease of use. The Control Panel system onboard the LX3 is highly customizable with the ability to save surgeon settings, and easily fine-tune settings during the case. LX3’s durable base and frame make moving the microscope easy, while giving the surgeon a very sturdy feel when moving the auto-locking arm. The base rotates 360 degrees. The foot-controller is wireless (and also feels familiar if you already use the Alcon Centurion), durable, and responsive. The head’s tilt mechanism makes those high-angle needs for glaucoma cases a cinch.

All-in-all, the ease-of-use and impressive technology onboard the LX3 provides an opportunity for your cataract cases to be smoother, easier, and more efficient. We didn’t even get into all of the integrated systems capabilities with Verion, LenSx, the Alcon Centurion, and Ora that the LX3 provides. 

We think if you haven’t experienced the LX3, you should give it a try. 

Surgical Direct provides comprehensive mobile cataract provisions, including phaco machines, case supplies, lenses, in-room support, and microscopes (including the LX3). When you sign up for our Mobile Cataract Service outsourcing solution, you have access to use the LX3.

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