3 New IOL Related Technologies On The Horizon

The IOL implant market has experienced rapid development and ground-breaking advances in technology in the last 20 years. Toric and Multifocal implants continue to rise in popularity and manufacturers continue to improve their respective models’ accuracy in refractive outcomes.

At Surgical Direct, part of our Mobile Cataract Services is to provide easy access to wide varieties of IOL models to our clients, eliminating their need to carry additional consignments or special ordering lenses. A partnership with Surgical Direct allows access for surgeons and hospitals to the latest technologies that otherwise may not be an option due to capital budget.

Today, we thought it would be interesting to highlight 3 IOL technologies that are on the horizon in this market. These technologies are still in development, beta, or clinical trials, and not available to use in the US market (disclaimer).

3 New IOL Related Technologies on the Horizon.


1) Postop Refractive Adjustment

PostOp Refractive Adjustment is a post-op laser treatment where the surgeon is able to alter the diopter size of an already implanted IOL using a femtosecond laser and an optical focusing system. The laser doesn’t change the thickness or shape of the IOL, however, it changes the hydrophilicity of the lens. So far it’s been tested on Acrylic lenses from all the major manufacturers and has had great accuracy in achieving the desired change in diopter. If this system is approved for public use in the future, it would dramatically change the game, eliminating the needs for explanting IOLs with miscalculated diopters. As the patient ages, there is potential for an annual adjustment of the IOL’s diopter for the best possible vision from that IOL. Something to think about!

2) Small-aperture IOL

AcuFocus has now created a monofocal intraocular lens (IC-8) that uses the “pinhole effect” principle to alleviate distortion and expand depth-of-field in an IOL implant. The basic principle is similar to the KAMRA corneal inlay…which only allows central, focused light to reach the retina, removing the blur caused by peripheral defocused light. The results (in theory) would mean the highest quality of vision over the broadest continuous range of any premium IOL currently available. This essentially means that this technology could compete directly with the multifocal market, providing a high-quality dynamic range of focus in a monodical lens.  The lens has received FDA approval for clinical trials, so it will be interesting to see the results of those trials and whether this lens is brought to market.

3) The Omega Gemini Capsule

The Omega Gemini Capsule is essentially an artificial capsule that is implanted into the eye in order to create a stable environment to house other ophthalmic technologies such as IOL implanted, medication delivery, and augmented reality technology.  The Gemini Capsule props the capsule open, is 3 dimensional and creates artificial “walls” within the capsules, enforcing the stability of the implantable space. Omega’s future hope is that Gemini will provide the ability to house implantable technology (in addition to IOLs) for the future, things like augmented reality devices. This is very future-forward in thinking. This product too will be interesting to see if it reaches approval.

Surgical Direct is your partner in ophthalmic technology, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our surgeons and OR staff to gain access to today’s latest technology.

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Hydrus® Microstent & iStent inject®

Surgical Direct Inc exists to provide solutions to our customers that create pathways of least resistance for ophthalmic procedures. Our vision is for every surgeon and surgical facility that we partner with to have immediate and effortless access to the industry’s best technology. We say immediate because you don’t have to purchase equipment or order an inventory to gain access to the latest technology on the market. We say effortless because we reduce as many barriers as possible for you to get your hands on what you need. Today, we want to highlight the Hydrus® Microstent from Ivantis and iStent inject® from Glaukos, a 2 game-changing Glaucoma treatment systems that are applied in conjunction with Cataract Surgery.

Hydrus® Microstent: Singular 90º-span Canal-Based Device

Key advantages to this system (reported directly by Ivantis) are as follows:

  • Ab Interno canal-based approach
    Implantation into Schlemm’s Canal, the eye’s natural drainage channel, which is considered a safe anatomical target and a suitable first-line therapy for implantable MIGS devices
  • Confirmation of placement
    Immediate and direct visual confirmation of successful implantation with a minimal learning curve.
  • No stent targeting
    90° span ensures consistent access to multiple collector channels and eliminates the need for stent targeting.

The Hydrus Microstent was designed to enhance fluid outflow in multiple ways to help patients achieve predictable outcomes. Hyrdus enhances outflow by strategic placement in Schlemm’s canal, expanding the natural pathway of fluid in the eye. It’s singular 90º coverage offers a single-step solution.

Using a gonioprism, the Hydrus Microstent is inserted through a clear corneal incision and

guided through the trabecular meshwork into Schlemm’s canal.

Once in position, the Hydrus Microstent is advanced until the device has scaffolded 90° of the canal, ensuring consistent access to collector channels.

iStent inject® System: Two Injectable Stents

Key advantages to this system (reported directly by Glaukos) are as follows:

  • Optimized Outflow: Two multi-directional stents designed to restore the natural outflow
  • Clinically Proven: Significant IOP reduction across a wide range of clinical studies
  • Procedural Elegance: Predictability and precision to meet the needs of your practice
  • Proven Safety: Safety profile similar to cataract surgery alone

This system is unique in that it has two multi-directional stents in one streamlined injection system. The system is intuitive, safe, and precise, delivering accurate placement of the stents for predictable performance. The stents themselves have a proprietary design that when placed 2-3 clock hours apart have been recorded to deliver access to multiple collector channels and arcs of flow that can span five to six clock hours and may also re-establish flow in previously dormant outflow channels.

iStent inject® provides a real Glaucoma solution with minimal long-term complications, like the following (quoted from Glaukos):

  • Micro-invasive and astigmatically-neutral
  • Utilizes the conventional outflow pathway
  • Leaves natural anatomy intact, preserving the potential for future treatment options, including drug delivery devices
  • Minimally traumatic to delicate eye tissue and spares conjunctival tissue
  • Reduces the risk of hypotony by utilizing the natural episcleral venous pressure
  • Offers postoperative care profile similar to cataract surgery

Surgical Direct is proud to provide Hydrus® Microstent and iStent inject® to our Cataract Surgeons.

Hydrus® Microstent and iStent inject® are not the first Glaucoma treatments designed to be in conjunction with Cataract Surgery. Many such procedural add-ons have existed for years. But both of these newer technologies in Glaucoma treatment come with unique procedural advantages, easy implantation delivery, and positive results.

Surgical Direct offers you a unique advantage. When you partner with Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Services, you gain access to the latest and top technology in ophthalmology without the capital or inventory load, including Hydrus and iStent.

If you do not partner with us yet, we invite you to try our services for free with an SDI Demo Day. For more information, click below, request a demo, and we’ll be in touch shortly to schedule a demo.

Surgical Direct is here to help streamline your cataract operations to achieve the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution possible.

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3 Ways To Prepare for The Baby Boomer Cataract Influx

The Baby Boomer generation is currently within range for cataracts, which right now is estimated to be 76 million people in the US between the ages of 55-75. According to studies, the average age of cataract surgery patients today is 60.  This means that we are nearing (if not already in) history’s busiest years in Ophthalmology.

On top of these stats, articles published by Mayo Clinic News Network, Today.com, and Review of Ophthalmology all write of Boomers trending to opt-in for cataract surgery at earlier ages than previous generations. It is no wonder, as increases in IOL technology, phaco technology, and newly approved procedural options are producing better refractive outcomes. Cataract surgery is now more convenient, has better outcomes, and is less strenuous on patients than ever.

Big improvements in vision + minimally invasive procedure + 98% success rate = Baby Boomer Cataract Influx! Why not?

3 Ways To Prepare For The Baby Boomer Cataract Influx

1 ) Streamline Your Operational Structure – Maximize your Efficiency

The influx of Baby Boomer cataract surgery means that Ophthalmologists will be in high demand, and cataract surgery will be at all-time-high numbers. This means that it’s really important to prepare your facility, staff, and operational structure for an increase in patients. More surgeries mean longer days, so streamlining your operational structure will be essential to ensure that your facility is ready to perform more surgeries in as little time as safely possible.

How do you do this? Organizing an “Eye Team” is one of the best ways to increase efficiency. The eye team is made up of circulating nurses, scrubs, and support staff that are trained and know what to do in their specific roles. From room turnover, sterilization processing, and intra-op steps and norms, having a trained, experienced, and designated team is one of the best ways to increase speed while remaining safe.

2) Acquire the Latest Technology – Increase Safety + Efficiency

New Phaco and Microscope technology improve the surgical efficiency of the surgeon while increasing safety for the patients. The surgeon is able to cut, asperate, and remove the cataract faster and safer (in a more controlled intraocular environment)  with new Phaco technology than with old technology. New microscope technology increases the surgeon’s view dramatically, giving them more control over the surgery while increasing safety for the patient. Both of these areas can help reduce the intra-op time of each case, and increase the day’s efficiency while retaining (or even increasing) safety standards.

3) Optimize Your Inventory Management Systems – Reduce the Back-End Hours

More cases mean more supplies. More supplies mean more purchase orders to process, organize, stock, pull and reorder after surgery. For anyone who has handled eye surgery inventory, you already know how much work is entailed in this department. With an influx of cases, this means an increase in back-end hours. It’s important to optimize your inventory systems to make sure you fine-tune your operations to eliminate lag as much as possible.

These above 3 tasks to streamline your cataract systems are easier said than done. But we have good news!

Surgical Direct fits the bill in each of these areas.

1) Surgical Direct helps streamline your operational structure.

At Surgical Direct, we acclimate to your environment and become part of the team. Our experienced surgical coordinators not only deliver the equipment and supplies but offer technical assistance and support on every cataract case in your OR. This raises the overall ‘procedure knowledge’ in the room, and can increase the day’s efficiency.

2) Surgical Direct provides the latest cataract technology at no upfront cost.

Cataract Technology is expensive. In fact, MarketWatch.com predicts that the Cataract Surgery Device Market will surpass $8.5B by 2024.  This particular area can be the most challenging area for surgical facilities because of the capital. Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service provides the latest technology in Phaco, Ophthalmic Microscope and IOL to your OR with no capital expenditure.

3) Surgical Direct provides massive inventory support, eliminating your inventory for the majority of eye case supplies on-site.

Along with our technology provisions, we provide wide/customizable selections in eye case inventory for your cases (except drugs). This eliminates the need for your facility to carry these items and maintain inventory, freeing you and your staff for more important work.

Surgical Direct is here to help streamline your cataract operations to achieve the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution possible. Partner with Surgical Direct today and together we can provide the best in cataract care to your patients and community.

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Cataract Coordinators Enhance Your OR

For every surgery with Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service, we provide a surgical coordinator. Having experienced, aware, cordial, and supportive help in the OR during surgery can make a big difference in the efficiency of surgery day.  If you are part of a surgical team (or you are an Ophthalmologist), chances are, you have experienced a day (or many) when other members of the OR team on eye day have limited experience in cataract surgery. This is a common occurrence (to no one’s fault) based on how frequent an MD will bring cases to the facility, OR staff turnover, vacations, sick days, and more. Even if a scrub nurse is consistently ‘scrubbing’ eyes, it can take months for familiarity to set in, knowing the instruments by name, and the different dynamics of the case. Even at that point, knowing the equipment well enough to troubleshoot isn’t even on their radar.

From our experience, it’s actually the status-quo that the many of support staff teams in an OR have limited experience with cataract surgery unless they’ve been working directly with eyes for years. Even with years of experience, it’s not common knowledge for nurses to know the ins-and-outs of the procedure to the point where they are preemptively prepared for a lens change, extra viscoelastic, or a Vit. Simply because they don’t need to know that information.

Cataract Coordinators Enhance Your OR

In no way do we intend to diminish the hard-working heroes of each and every OR we step into. The nursing and scrub staffs that we encounter daily are exceptionally hardworking and smart individuals, most having a wealth of surgical knowledge far greater than we possess at Surgical Direct. We honestly believe that!

The only difference (our unique advantage point) is that the Surgical Coordinators at Surgical Direct assist surgeons and staff with cataract surgery every single day.  It’s through routine, repetition, and our highly-intensive training program, that our surgical coordinators are equipped to provide the best cataract surgery support available.

Cataract Surgery Is What We Know.

Our coordinators are trained in:

  • Phaco & Microscope Technology (annually, directly with the manufacturers)
  • Equipment Failure and Troubleshooting
  • IOL, Instrumentation, & Case Supplies (annually, directly with the manufacturers)
  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Phaco Dynamics (Procedure & Cataract Surgery Techniques)
  • Case Supply Management
  • OR Protocols (annually)
  • Workplace Safety (annually)
  • Sterile Field Protocol (annually)
  • And more

We don’t walk into the OR with a chip on our shoulder, acting like we know it all. We don’t operate that way. But we do know cataracts. We know surgical techniques. We learn doctor preferences quickly. We work hard to be punctual, prepared, pre-emptive, and positive.

We’ve found that arming our coordinators with knowledge equips them to better serve any OR team (no matter their experience level), any surgeon, in any OR. Their can-do attitudes and helpful mindsets can increase eye team efficiency dramatically, not to mention an increase in safety for the patients and ease-of-mind for the surgeon from day 1.

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5 Ways to Keep Cataract Surgeons Happy

As a Mobile Cataract Service, Surgical Direct is in the business of providing everything we can to our surgeons, ensuring that they are happy. It may seem arbitrary to bring up, but did you know that a happy cataract surgeon is a better cataract surgeon? Mood is a big factor of our performance in almost every area of life. Feeling comfortable, supported, and at ease (knowing that the details of the day have been thought through and proper preparations have followed) helps the surgeon perform better surgery. Less stress = Better Outcomes. So the question then stands, how do you keep your cataract surgeon happy?

5 ways to take care of your Cataract Surgeon.

1) New Equipment

New Cataract Technology (for the most part) will always make the surgeon happy. Of course, there are surgeons out there that prefer to stick with equipment that they’ve grown accustomed to. But in our experience, even if they are loyal to an older phaco platform, it’s only because they haven’t been able to try the newer technology yet. Sometimes they know that the hospital isn’t going to invest for them, so they train themselves to be content with what they have. But if we took a pole, close to 80% would opt to try the new equipment if given an opportunity. From our experience, the surgeon’s mood improves when they finally get the equipment they’ve heard about and have wanted to try. One of the best parts about a partnership with Surgical Direct is that your surgeon can upgrade to the latest cataract technology on the market without spending any hospital /ASC capital.

2) Reduced Turnover Times

Surgeons are busy individuals. Lag time in the OR can infuriate them (trust us…we know). Finding ways to reduce the in-between case turnover time will lighten their mood dramatically. Of course, each surgeon will have his or her own expectation of how long a turn-over ‘should’ take. We understand that sometimes, you can only turn-over so fast given the circumstances of hospital regulations, patient arrivals, and instrument prep. What we’ve found at Surgical Direct, is that there are always ways to preemptively prepare for a smoother day, no matter what obstacles may lie in your path. We make it our business to work with the OR team and the surgeon, streamlining the process to help the day run as smooth as possible.

3) Optimal Number of Cases

This next one will always vary based on the surgeon. Some surgeons like to load up the day with cases, while others only like a certain number and no more. Finding that happy balance is important for the mood of the surgeon on surgery day. Case volume is largely in the hands of the surgeon and their scheduling office, but it does help to know the “number” that each surgeon prefers and do what can be done to accommodate them. Knowing this can help the support team adjust. For example, if you have a surgeon that prefers 8 cases a day, but his office scheduled 10, most likely, the surgeon will be somewhat frustrated that the day will be longer than preferred. This gives us a chance to think creatively on how we can speed up the day and use an “all-hands-on-deck” mentality to speed up turnover, patient prep, etc. Trust us, your surgeon will notice and will appreciate the effort.

In the case of the surgeon not having enough cases (especially in Satellite Surgery Programs), Surgical Direct can connect your surgeon with more referring ODs within our referral network. This helps ensure that the surgeon’s trip into town will be more beneficial and productive, both for them and their patients.

4) Consistent / ‘PRO’ Eye Team

Having a consistent team on eye day is important. At Surgical Direct, we’ve learned that the surgeon is more comfortable and performs better surgery if familiar faces are in the OR. Walking into the OR full of people they don’t recognize and have no history with can put them on edge because they don’t know if they can trust you. That’s why consistently keeping the same circulators, scrubs, CRNA’s, and surgical coordinators in the room breed an environment of trust with the surgeon. The more you work with an individual, the more you know what to expect, how to prepare, and understand likes and dislikes. This is why, we do our part to designate our surgical coordinators to certain accounts.

Additionally, cataract surgeons can instantly recognize inexperience. Inexperience in the room can make a surgeon uneasy, depending on the surgeon’s personality. This is why it’s important to have your ‘Pro’ team of experience in the room as much as possible, until newer talent is comfortable and confident in their roles. At SDI, our surgical coordinators will never step foot into an OR alone until they’ve completed a 90day training period, and have proven that they are ready and capable to take on a surgery day.

5) Reduce Unnecessary Details for the Surgeon

Finally, the 5th way to keep your Cataract Surgeon happy is to take as much off their plate as is allowed (or possible). Surgeon’s have many details and aspects of the surgery on their mind at all times. It’s important for them to be focused on these details, as they are solely responsible for them:  like specific patient requirements and conditions, Lens calculations, ocular settings etc. This weighs heavy on them and they rely on their training to make the best decision possible. At Surgical Direct, we look for creative ways to take off their plate any other details that we can. This helps them focus on each case, helping them become better surgeons, and ultimately keeping them happy. The ‘details’ will be different for every surgeon. Sometimes just asking how we can make their day easier is the best place to start. Whatever way we can alleviate non-crucial details for them, will enable them to perform better surgery.

From our experience, these 5 practical ways create a successful and enjoyable work environment for cataract surgeons. We are committed to providing the best Mobile Cataract Service available to our partners.

If when reading this post, you felt that your OR would benefit from our services, we want to partner with you! For a complete listing of our services and what we provide, Click here.

We are always ready to talk about your needs. Call us toll-free today for instant info.

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Dedicated Service = Surgical Success

Taking care of all the details, big & small.

At Surgical Direct Inc, we are dedicated to the mindset of continually improving our services. It’s the fabric of our company culture to practice excellent customer service and support. From ensuring that the equipment arrives at your facility on-time, meticulously gathering all case supplies needed for the day, to providing multifaceted OR support. Our team is trained to deliver the best, and it’s in the DNA of our company culture to deliver the gold standard of service to our partners.

The scope of dedicated service benefits.

Surgical Direct delivers the latest Cataract Technology available on the market directly to your OR on the day that you need it. The days of keeping up the industries latest trends by purchasing new equipment every few years is over. Free up storage. Lose expensive maintenance plans and unexpected equipment failure issues.  We make Cataract Surgery a viable and profitable option in any OR, no matter your capital structure.

We want to give you an exhaustive list of the ‘details’ that we oversee when you partner with Surgical Direct Inc. Our team takes much of the heavy lifting in your Cataract Surgery operational details. We are convinced that you’ll begin to see the incredible value that our services provide to your OR and community. 

  • Phaco Machines – The latest machines available on the market from top brands like Alcon, J&J, and B+L. Does the surgeon want to switch platforms? No problem! Upgrade without spending a dollar of capital. Included with our services is all the handpieces you’ll need for the day’s volume of cases. Plus, we are prepared with backups.
  • Microscopes – Cutting edge ophthalmic microscopes that put the surgeon at ease during surgery with crystal clear vision and focus. From brands like Alcon, Zeiss, and Leica, our fleet of microscopes are ready for surgery.
  • Intraocular Lens Implants – No matter the brand, no matter the style, if the patient needs a lens…we provide it. We compile custom lens consignment carts that we roll into your facility with us to ensure if the surgeon needs a backup or changes his lens diopter, we have it. Not only that, but we coordinate directly with the physician’s office ahead of time to ensure we have everything they need on surgery day, we also communicate with your team to make sure every detail is covered. We also handle all ordering, reordering, restocking, returns, and all the paperwork associated with lenses. Quite the load off!
  • Instrumentation – We help coordinate with new surgeons / new facilities that need assistance with instrumentation. Specific instruments, their quantity, and availability on surgery day plays a massive role in how smoothly the surgery day will go.
  • Case Supplies – We have the ability to provide literally everything needed during the case when it comes to supplies (except prescription drugs). Blades, drapes, cannulas, packs, table covers, BSS, tips, sleeves, viscoelastics, lens cartridges, malyugin rings, capsular tension rings, iris hooks….and more! Specialized and tailored supply lists for each surgeon is going to be unique. This includes standard supplies as well as backup supplies. Our standard is to have everything the surgeon might need (and some) so that we are prepared for any unexpected circumstances. Plus, this alleviates the need to stock, reorder, restock, and manage cataract case supply inventory.
  • Technical and Present Support for EVERY case – Every case with Surgical Direct Inc, one our highly trained surgical coordinators is assigned to your day. Our 90-day training program rigorously prepares them with knowledge and know-how on what to do in any situation. We arrive early with the equipment, set up the room, prime and check the machines, pass off instruments and supplies for prep, and are in the room for every case of the day. We do everything from open sterile fields, adjust settings for the surgeon, and help with turnover. They might even walk in with donuts for the staff from time to time…. just because. 😉 Our coordinators become a vital part of your team on eye day, looking for opportunities to serve the surgeon and room staff any way they can.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to every case. We have intentionally developed strategies and put methods in place for the sole benefit of our customers. Why? Because the better we can serve our customers (OR staff and surgeons) the better patient care we can provide the patients together.  Smoother and more efficient surgery means better outcomes. That is what has driven Surgical Direct Inc forward every year.

Are you ready to access this value in your OR? We are ready to partner with you.

Give us a call today! Let’s talk through your specific surgical situation and how we can increase productivity and stability for your cataract day.

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The B&L Stellaris Elite

Cataract Tech Highlight

Today, we’d like to highlight the latest Phaco platform on the market, the Bausch & Lomb Stellaris Elite Vision Enhancement System. We’ll highlight some of the exciting features introduced with this system and how they might benefit your surgical process. Before we get into the details, maybe you are reading and already know the details of Stellaris Elite. Stop reading right now and click here to sign up for a Demo Day. We’ll deliver a Stellaris directly to you with our full demo service experience. 

One of the most significant benefits of partnering with Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service is the opportunity to use the latest cataract technology available on the market without investing capital funds. Our clients gain the benefit of trying new technology, upgrading or switching technology swiftly and easily.

Why wait any longer? Try the Stellaris Elite now.

The B&L Stellaris Elite Vision Enhancement System.

B&L is still the only Ophthalmic Surgical manufacturer that combines the ability to perform both Posterior Segment and Anterior Segment cases using the same system. The B&L Stellaris Elite continues this smart and convenient feature, making the Stellaris Elite a viable system for both Cataract Surgeons and Retina Surgeons alike.

 1) Cataract Surgery

The Stellaris Elite introduces several exciting technologies to cataract surgery, namely Adaptive Fluidics™ and Atune® Energy.

Adaptive Fluidics™

Adaptive Fluidic technology from B&L provides the surgeon with exceptional chamber control during every step of the surgery. Using the system’s Proprietary Dynamic Infusion Compensation technology, chamber stability is almost automatic, highly responsive, and becomes something that the surgeon doesn’t really pay attention to anymore. The system monitors chamber pressure and automatically adjusts infusion pressure to keep the chamber stable.

Atune® Energy

Atune® Energy provides the surgeon with incredibly powerful, yet controlled, cutting power that no other B&L vision system has offered. Atune® is delivered through a six crystal 28.5 kHz handpiece frequency1,2*, cutting through dense cataracts with ease. Atune® works hand-in-hand with the fluidics, creating a seamless cutting experience in a quiet, level-pressured chamber.

These 2 technologies allow the Cataract surgeon to focus more on the surgery and less on the technology in use. Better focus creates better outcomes.

For more information, graph reports, and videos about the Cataract side of B&L Stellaris Elite, click here.

2) Retinal Procedures

B&L has been providing industry-leading technology in Retinal procedures for years. The Stellaris Elite is no exception. With upgraded cutting technology, visualization, and the new VITESSE Hypersonic Vitrectomy System gives retinal surgeons lots of upgrades.


The Elite system offers compatibility with 20g, 23g, or 25g Vit cutters, including the ability to cut up to a 7500 cpm cut rate. With this wide range of options, the surgeon can customize each surgical step the way he wants.


Stellaris Elite combines xenon light sources (specifically designed for small-gauge vitrectomy), fiber optic add-ons as small as 29g, and numerous specialized illumination options. Surgeons have a wide range of combination options, allowing them to choose what works best for them and the situation.

VITESSE Hypersonic Vitrectomy System

Vitesse hypersonic creates a near liquifying effect in a controlled area around the cutter, which offers higher levels of precision cutting to the surgeon. Vitesse is not a pneumatic cutter, it’s a 100% open 100% of the time. Vitreous liquifies at the end of the port and is then aspirated into the port. Vitesse is the first of its kind in Retinal surgery and is only available on the Stellaris Elite Vision System.

3) Software & Design

The Stellaris Elite is beautifully designed, compact, and intuitive. The touch screen user interface is easy to navigate, making adjusting settings simple, yet allowing highly complex manipulation of parameters at the same time. And even though it makes no difference in surgery, Stellaris Elite is pretty to look at! 1 point for aesthetics!

Schedule a Demo and upgrade!

If you’d like to try the Stellaris Elite for yourself, contact us today and we will make it happen. We will work with B&L to ensure that a Demo of the machine goes off without a hitch. Plus if you don’t currently use our Mobile Cataract Services, you’ll see first hand the benefit of outsourcing with Surgical Direct and how much time, money, and effort you could be saving. Our Mobile Cataract Service provides a turnkey solution for any OR, where we provide all the essential technology and components of surgery, including phaco machines, microscopes, lenses, case supplies, certified surgical coordinators, and more.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your cataract day. Call us today!

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Your Personal Cataract Concierge

Chances are that if you are reading this post, you know that Cataract Surgery is a delicate and complicated surgical procedure. Despite the surgery’s high success rate and seemingly “routine feel” in comparison to other medical specialties, Cataract surgery has very fine margins that if off by millimeters could cause negative post-surgical outcomes. Surgical Direct provides the latest technology available on the market. This, in effect, provides the surgeon with safer parameters then older machines can provide, which means better outcomes. New Phaco technology continues to improve and provide the surgeon with a safer environment in which to work. New microscopes provide better and better optics and light illumination for the surgeon to see better during the operation. Equipment, instrumentation, lenses, and supplies all play vital roles in assisting the surgeon to achieve the best possible outcome for their patients (all of which, we provide). On top of all of those details, we believe that the people in the room are equally important and play a major role in the success of the surgery.

The Surgical Direct Cataract Coordinator – Your “Cataract Concierge”

A vital part of our Mobile Cataract Service model is our Surgical Coordinators. Our coordinators are highly-trained, hands-on, friendly, always on time, and valuable members of the “eye team”.

1) Equipment Knowledge

Surgical Coordinators at Surgical Direct go through 3 months of intense training before flying solo. This gives them a solid base of knowledge to support your team in any scenario. The 3 months covers all the aspects of what it means to be a Surgical Direct representative, including knowledge of the surgical procedure, surgical steps/technique, the anatomy of the eye, and how the equipment works. Our coordinators are trained to operate, maintain, program settings, and troubleshoot the equipment if problems arise onsite. This brings another layer of assurance to the OR and your team on eye day.


2) Instrumentation & Supply Knowledge

In addition to equipment, our coordinators are trained in instrumentation and supplies related to cataract surgery. This gives the coordinator an edge in assisting the surgeon and staff when special instrumentation is requested, lens replacements are needed, etc. Our senior coordinators sometimes blow some of our surgeons away with the knowledge they’ve acquired. We believe that information and knowledge play a big part in keeping consistency in the OR.

3) Awareness, Awareness, Awareness!

Awareness is an important aspect of pre-emptive action. We believe that our coordinators are the best in the field, and their attention to detail and awareness of what is going on in the room is one of the reasons why. For example, especially in a scenario where our coordinators are familiar with the surgeon and his process, they quickly become familiar with what is normal and what is not.  They typically know what stage of the surgery the surgeon is in at all times…based on time, instrument requests, and tone. This attention and awareness gives the coordinator the pre-emptive ability to know when something may be out of the ordinary, and what instrumentation to have on hand just in case. Our surgeons are often amazed by the level of preparedness that we carry, and are very grateful for it. Consistency supports better outcomes.

4) Service Team Mindset

There is nothing that our coordinators are too “big” for. Our goal is to be part of the team and provide support as much as possible. We help open sterile supplies (and are trained annually in technique and best practices). We wipe down tables and assist with turnover. We take out the trash. We unlock and re-lock Microscope arms, hold chairs for the surgeon as they sit down, adjust oculars, run to the clean-core to look for a peel-packed instrument, flush hand-pieces….the list goes on. This is where we get the idea of being a concierge. We are here to serve and provide you with the industry’s best mobile cataract service support. Period.

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Preparing for Cataract Equipement Failure

Cataract Equipment failure can be a big source of frustration in your OR on surgery day, bringing the potential for surgery cancellations, revenue loss, and unhappy patients and surgeons. Phaco Machines, Phaco Handpieces, Microscopes, and Instruments all play vital roles in surgery and all have the potential for failure. Honestly, it’s inevitable that your OR will experience it at some point. Even if the smallest component of any of the prior mentioned equipment is not fully functional, it can really put a damper on the day.

How do you prepare, making sure that equipment failure does not hinder your surgery day and cause delays or cancellations?

4 ways to be ready for Cataract Equipment Failure.

1) Acquire basic knowledge of how the equipment works.

One of the most valuable tools in dealing with equipment failure is diagnosing the problem.  Knowing what might be causing the issue will help you determine whether it’s a simple issue (ie the tubing line detached from the handpiece or the phaco tip is loose), or a deeper problem (ie the software is malfunctioning). Valuable knowledge of the equipment and how it works can be the difference between a 2 min delay and an entire day of cancellations.

By partnering with Surgical Direct Inc, the pressure on your staff is eliminated! Our knowledgeable and pro-active surgical coordinators play an active role in your OR. Each team member of Surgical Direct Inc. is skilled at resolving equipment failure issues, from diagnosis to solution, to keep the day moving as swiftly as possible.

2) Have backups available and in a designated location.

Having backup supplies and equipment is important to ensure that if an issue arises that cannot be diagnosed and addressed, then backup equipment is available to be substituted for the day. For small items like phaco-tips, tubing packs, and microscope light bulbs, this is a no-brainer. Even having extra peel-packed supplies like lens loaders, and backup instruments in case of contamination is smart. These backup supplies should be located in a designated location in the room for quick access. To take it a step further, having a backup Phaco machine and extra handpieces available (sterilized and ready) on site adds extra confidence to the staff in case deeper technical issues arise.

A partnership with Surgical Direct, means you do not need to purchase or manage stocking backup supplies or equipment. We provide ample amounts of disposable backups as well as equipment backups for every surgery day that you partner with us.

3) Have technical support contact info readily available.

There are times when equipment will fail, and you will not be able to diagnose what’s happening in a timely fashion. If within a few minutes, you cannot decipher what is happening, it’s a good idea to call technical support to try to find answers quickly. Often this contact may be the manufacturer sales representative, etc. Having their contact information close at hand and accessible in order to gain insight quickly can either shed light on a simple solution or be the deciding factor that backup equipment needs to be pulled into the room.

The point is to minimize case downtime as much as possible, and a partnership with Surgical Direct Inc., we provide professional surgical coordinators that will often be able to diagnose and resolve the issue. If the issue constitutes a manufacture service call, our backup equipment is ready to fill in. Additionally, we have excellent relationships with the manufacture vendors and reps and have their contact info ready in case additional support is needed.

4) Have a plan and inform the team.

A detailed plan of action that your surgical team is familiar with will help ensure swift resolve on what to do in case of cataract equipment failure. Training and communication on where backup supplies are kept, general knowledge of instrumentation and terminology, and a contingency plan will help keep everyone on the same page. This will also ease the “panic mode” that can set in when the unexpected happens, keeping everyone calm and on task.

Experience the peace of mind that partnering with Surgical Direct provides, by our customer-centric culture that continually raises the standard of excellent service will help make your cataract program thrive.

Equipment failures happen. We are prepared for the unexpected and that makes the difference when it comes to equipment failures. Partnering with Surgical Direct is the most efficient way for your facility to optimize in this area. Think of the cost savings of supplying backup supplies. Think of the savings on repair costs! Our team provides a deeper level of knowledge, experience, and assurance to the OR that no matter what happens, we help streamline your cataract days successfully and professionally.

Want to know more about Surgical Direct and our services? Check out Why a Cataract Outsourcing Partnership Makes Sense in 2019 to see how Surgical Direct can position your cataract program for growth.

Surgical Direct Inc is a partner that you can trust and depend on!

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What All does SDI Offer?

What is Your Vision?

Partnering with Surgical Direct Inc provides your OR with the industry’s best cataract outsourcing service available, and behind the scenes, our Practice Growth Team works on your behalf to learn what your vision is for your practice, and we help you with a map to get there successfully.  We replace the obstacles with a growth-centric infrastructure that rally’s OD referrals, along with installing and establishing a streamlined cataract program at a satellite facility in the territories you are wanting to expand in. Together we create a customized solution as to how to achieve the growth vision you have in mind, and with providing you and facilities with reliable cataract technology and our streamlined service is a process that has proven growth and expansion!

As a surgeon, when you connect with Surgical Direct, you are given access to our extensive OD referral network. This is especially valuable if you have the desire to begin Satellite Cataract surgery within drivable areas that are outside your normal area of practice.

Our extensive OD referral network opens up satellite location possibilities.

If you are interested in expanding your surgical practice into new territories, we have the connections you need for your vision to become reality.   

1) We do the legwork in connecting you to OD referrals.

Let us know where you would like to begin operating, and we will get you connected to referring OD’s in the surrounding area of interest. If we don’t already have connections in that area, we will find them for you. This has the potential to turn minimal monthly referrals into a larger number, making a potential surgery day in that area more substantial and profitable for your practice and the local facility that we help to place you in. This model of surgical care is very successful in rural areas because it reduces patient commutes outside their region. This makes for happy patients and referring physicians!

2) We handle all logistics and coordination with the local Hospital / ASC.

Generally, rural area hospitals will not have designated capital to invest in Ophthalmic equipment if the surgeon only has enough cases for a once-per-month surgery day. This is where we come in and shine! We will do all the legwork with the hospital to ensure that you (the surgeon) have everything that you need, no matter the location. Providing your desired equipment with your tailored settings, your customized supply list, organizing and coordinating instruments, and a consistent surgical coordinator makes stepping into a new facility for the first time as if it were in your own surgery center. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to step into a new facility!

3) Repeatable systems that work in multiple Satellite locations.

The benefit of this system is that we can reproduce the exact same process in as many satellite locations that you would like, ensuring consistent surgical outcomes. Once we’ve worked with you in one location, we know your process, procedure needs, likes, and dislikes making adding another satellite location an easier step. This gives you the opportunity to grow your practice and revenue without dealing with all the minute details involved in getting started in a new facility. Our goal is to act as your partner. Your success is our success, and your vision is our vision!

Whether you already work with us or have never heard of us before, we have finely-tuned logistical systems in place that make getting Cataracts started in a new facility easy!

For more details about our service offerings, visit our Mobile Cataract Services page and give us a call to begin discussions about your needs and goals.

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Surgical Direct Inc is a partner that you can trust and depend on!

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What All does SDI Offer?