The ASC Cataract Program

Surgical Direct’s perfect solution for Cataracts in the ASC.

When we talk about an ASC cataract program, we’re talking about the fine details that allow cataract surgery in an ASC to be efficient, safe, and successful.

In the last two decades there has been a great shift in the number of procedures that have moved to the ASC environment. There are a number of reasons why this has happened, but one of the largest is the ease of patient inflow/outflow.

Over the last 5 years, the number of procedures moving to an ASC has increased dramatically. Technology, technique, and recovery times have all played a part in this “medical migration”.

Let’s put all the other procedures aside, and talk solely about cataract surgery.

The ASC environment is perfectly suited for cataract surgery. Procedures last roughly 10 to 15 minutes, and because of this, surgeons try to pack in as many patients during their day as possible.

Surgical Direct provides equipment solutions & support for ASCs that fit like a glove.


Within our mobile cataract service model, Surgical Direct provides the latest cataract technology, vast inventory support, in-room OR support, and capital expense relief that will dramatically change the way you host cataract surgery.

#1 Safety

Surgical direct provides the latest cataract equipment available. We supply your OR with the newest phaco technology platforms and ophthalmic microscopes without any capital expense. Our equipment is manufacturer maintained through regular preventative maintenance plans, ensuring that your surgeons will not only be operating with technology they want, but they can also trust.
Our protocol is to always provide backup equipment in case of unforeseen equipment issues which enables the day to be as smooth and efficient as possible. We take this very seriously and are committed to safety.

#2 Efficiency

Since an ASC is designed for efficient surgery, we play an active role in amplifying that efficiency. Our mobile cataract service is designed to help your OR team have a smoother surgery day. We do this through dedicated in-room support for every cataract. Our cataract technicians program settings for surgeons, help with troubleshooting, open sterile fields, and help with room turnover as much as possible. We believe that working together creates a safer and more efficient surgical environment.

#3 Logistics

Our cataract program provides inventory support that reduces the logistics for the ASC. We provide a large variety of inventory specific to cataract surgery that comes as part of our service. We bring pack lists of supplies that are specific to the surgeons requests, including blades, cannulas, viscoelastics, drapes, BSS, and so much more. In addition to normal case supplies, we also bring specialty supplies such as malyguin rings, capsular tension rings, vits, and others. But it doesn’t stop there…

We also supply all IOL needs for the surgeon. This includes primary lenses, backup lenses, and specialty lenses. We coordinate directly with the surgeon’s office for the lens picks for each surgery day, and arrive with those lenses ready…plus backups of everything.

#4 Savings

Working with Surgical Direct will benefit your OR greatly. Not only will there be an immediate savings of capital expense, but also great savings in time, inventory management, and stress. We believe our ASC cataract program is the perfect solution for the ASC that hosts cataract surgery, and we would love the opportunity to show you how.

If you are an ASC administrator (whether you currently host cataract surgery or not), give us a call to discuss how our program can benefit your OR.

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Is A New Phaco Machine on your Wishlist?

With the holidays just around the corner, most of us have been planning, thinking, and buying gifts for our loved ones. There are fewer feelings better than when you give a gift that you knock out of the ballpark! You got exactly what they wanted, and it feels so rewarding to be generous!

As we roll into the holidays, work related topics are likely far from mind…as they should be. However, as the festivities come to an end, and we start to put our eyes on 2022, there are a few “wishlist” items for your OR that we think you should know about.

Is your OR still using old phaco technology for cataract surgery? What about your microscope? Are you spending valuable hours on managing your own lens consignments and case supplies?

Surgical Direct Inc is a capital-free solution that will increase your facility’s capacity for cataract surgery by outfitting your OR (single or multiple) with the latest cataract tech.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong!

If your OR “wishlist” has any of the following on it, you should give us a call today!

1) New Phaco Machines

Stop using that old Infiniti or Signature. These machines were amazing in their day, but the technology is outdated and has been improved upon dramatically in the last 5-8 years. Sure, the old ‘tried and true’ may still work, but technology today is lightyears ahead of those platforms now, and every surgeon should have the option to use them. Surgical Direct outfits your OR with new technology, capital-expense free!

2) New Ophthalmic Microscopes

Along with the upgraded phaco technology, new ophthalmic microscopes have some amazing features that enhance the surgical experience for the surgeon. Features such as enhanced depth of field and 6x larger stable red reflux are just the beginning. Every ophthalmologist has one of these on their wishlist if they don’t have one yet, and just like phacos, we provide them capital-expense free.

3) Hands-off Lens Consignment Management

We work directly with the surgeon’s office for surgery day lens picks. We then bring all the surgeon’s lens picks for the day with us, including a full back-up consignment just in case there are any last minute changes. This includes primary, specialty, premium, and backup lenses. We’ve got the day fully covered!

4) Hands-off Case Supply Management

Including equipment provisions, our Mobile Cataract Service provides your facility with extensive case supply support, tailored to your facility and surgeon. This includes case disposables (blades, cannulas, viscoelastics, BSS, and more) and specialty items including but not limited to vitrectors, malyugin rings, iris hooks, and MIGS.

5) More help on Eye Day (Preferably someone who knows the specialty well)

Our cataract coordinators see cataract surgery every day. In fact, most have years of experience, seeing more cases that most nurses, which makes them quite a resource to surgeons and staff alike. From helping the surgeon with equipment settings, to sterile-field opening, to taking out the trash, our technicians don’t just stand around. They HELP the day go by efficiently and safely.


Come on, everyone has this on their wishlist! The simple truth is that having less on your plate will help reduce stress. But partnering with Surgical Direct doesn’t just reduce your workload, we take great pride in carrying these areas forward for you well. You’ll save capital dollars. You won’t have to manage supplies and lenses. You won’t have to worry about machine repairs or issues. The list goes on…

So, as you are enjoying some well-earned time off (hopefully) this holiday season, imagine a cataract program in your facility that has everything on your wishlist. Surgical Direct Inc is a partner that can get you there.

Give the gift of upgrades!

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Expand Your Reach With Satellite Locations

Business stability is a universal goal in today’s market as our society continues to navigate new normals and the ever-changing landscape of running a business. This is true no matter what sector you find yourself in. Taking steps towards creating a more stable operating model should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind.

When running a medical practice, stability in your business can be tied to patient volumes and services (how busy your practice is). As an ophthalmologist, this can be directly related to your referral sources. The more sources of referrals you have, the potential for stability in your practice increases.

Have you ever considered Satellite Cataract Surgery?

Satellite Surgery programs allow you to gain referrals from OD practices in rural areas and can potentially add a healthy volume of surgery from a market that isn’t in your practice’s direct reach. But more than just a referral, satellite surgery provides significant benefits to patients, providing surgical access in their local region. Reducing travel needs for the patient can provide a higher opt-in rate for surgery, especially when considering elective surgery.

Getting started with a satellite surgery program is often the hardest part. First, you must find a location, referral sources, an OR, cataract equipment….just to name a few.

Surgical Direct makes starting a Satellite Cataract Program much easier.

1) We help you find a market

Whether or not you already have a market in mind, Surgical Direct plays an active role in helping you get connected in the region you want to be in. If you don’t have a market in mind, we may already have interested parties in areas you could consider.

2) We help connect you with referring ODs

A big piece of the Satellite Surgery puzzle is healthy referral relationships. Oftentimes, we already have connections with referring OD practices in the area that we can connect you to. If we do not have any previous connections, we will do the legwork in finding some.

3) We connect you with local OR possibilities.

Similar to referrals, we may already have a center (hospital or ASC) interested in hosting cataracts that doesn’t have a local cataract surgeon. If we don’t have pre-existing connections in the area, we will find them and connect the dots for you.

4) We outfit the OR.

Once we’ve established a location, Surgical Direct provides the latest in cataract technology for your satellite OR. This includes phaco machines, microscopes, ancillary supplies, lenses, and more. Operate with the equipment and supplies you are comfortable with no matter where you are.

5) We assist on every case.

Arriving early for surgery day with all the equipment, supplies, lenses, and backups of everything, our highly trained technicians stand ready to help surgeons and the OR alike with the in-and-out operations of the day. This includes technical support, help with turnover, supply assistance, and more.

Read more about our Mobile Cataract Service provisions here.

Our mission is to create a more seamless cataract surgery experience and open the doors to new opportunities for your practice. Location is no longer an issue. We create a pathway to help your practice become more stable.

Have questions? Click or call today to get a conversation in motion about Satellite Cataract Services with Surgical Direct.

Together is a better way forward!

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