Alcon Launches LuxOR™ Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope


The LuxOR expands Alcon’s ophthalmic surgical portfolio to provide a comprehensive solution for ophthalmic procedures.

One of the key functions of a microscope is to provide the surgeon excellent visualization. Visualization is greatly facilitated by red reflex, which is achieved when coaxial light is reflected off the retina.

Alcon’s LuxOR Surgical Ophthalmic Microscope has a unique illumination technology that provides excellent visualization during all stages of cataract surgery. It features patented illumin-i technology which maintains a consistent and stable red reflex regardless of pupil size, centration, lens tilt or patient eye movement. The red reflex zone of the LuxORMicroscope is 6x larger than a traditional microscope, shown in the diagram below1.

redzonecomparisonWith proprietary positioning of the light source below the objective lens, the LuxORprovides exceptional detail recognition and contrast as well as greater depth of focus: approximately 60mm longer focal length, regardless of the working distance, compared to a traditional microscope1 as shown below.


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