Projected Growth of Cataract Surgery in 2022

Prepare your OR for higher capacity.

2022 is poised to be a busy year for ophthalmologists. The number of cataract cases in the U.S. sees a compound annual growth rate of roughly 3% to 4% due to the aging of our population and increased life expectancy. In addition to these normal trends, there is still a sizable number of cases that are caught in the backlog from the 2020-2021 pandemic.

Preparing to facilitate larger surgery days will position your facility for increased revenue. Are you equipped to take on higher volumes of cataract cases in your OR?

Surgical Direct Inc is a capital-free solution that will increase your facility’s capacity for cataract surgery in 2022.


Here are 5 ways Surgical Direct helps your facility prepare for higher volume cataract days.

1) Access the latest cataract technology

Partnering with Surgical Direct allows your facility, surgeon, and staff immediate access to the latest cataract and surgical technology. This includes the surgeon’s choice of phaco platform, microscope, and other related equipment. Newer technologies result in shorter procedure times, allowing for increased patient volumes during scheduled block times. Additionally, Surgical Direct is able to outfit multiple operating rooms on surgery day, increasing efficiency.

2) Save Your Capital Dollars

Surgeons gains immediate access to the equipment they want without spending a single dollar from your facility’s capital budget. This is a big roadblock avoided, especially in our current financial landscape! Save all your capital dollars for other specialties that bring more revenue to your facility.

3) Straightforward Per-Case Pricing

Our pricing structure is a ‘per-case pricing’ structure. This means that you are only billed when you use our services, and there are no contractual obligations when your surgeon doesn’t have any cases. This reduces financial risk for the facility and offers an immediate positive revenue stream from cataracts.

4) Case Supply Relief (Lenses, Disposables, + Specialty Items)

In addition to equipment provisions, our Mobile Cataract Service provides your facility with extensive case supplies, custom tailored to your facility and surgeon. 

  • Lenses: We work directly with the surgeon’s office for surgery day lens picks. We then bring all the lenses for the day with us, including a full back-up consignment in case there are any last minute changes. This includes specialty, premium, and backup lenses. Plus, the facility no longer must manage lens consignments. We’ve got the day fully covered!
  • Disposables: We compile preferences into custom supply lists for each surgeon including blades, cannulas, viscoelastics, BSS, and other disposables. We pack plenty of supplies for the day’s case volume, plus plenty of extras for unforeseen drops or contaminations. 
  • Specialty Items: Including regular case supplies, we stock and carry specialty items on an as-needed basis. Items like Vitrectors, Malyugin Rings, Iris Hooks, MIGS, and more!

Allowing us to supply all of these items to your facility dramatically reduces your in-house inventory load, reducing your POs to just 1 for ophthalmology.

5) In-Room Support

Along with all the equipment and supplies comes a thoroughly trained Surgical Direct representative that shows up ready to assist the surgeon and staff on every case! We call them our Cataract Coordinators. Our coordinators go through an extensive 90 day training period and most have years of experience. Our coordinators meticulously and carefully pack all equipment, supplies, and lenses, arrive at your facility early to prime and stage the equipment, and then provide in-room support for every case. From helping the surgeon with equipment settings, to sterile field opening, to taking out the trash….our coordinators don’t just stand around. They HELP the day go by efficiency and safely.

Can you envision a smoother, less stressful, and lower risk way of doing cataract surgery? Increase your OR’s capacity with Surgical Direct.

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Surgical Direct is the partnership that you’ve been looking for. 

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More about our Mobile Cataract Services

Stop Managing Lens Consignments

Does your surgical facility currently host cataract surgery?

As an administrator, you know the time investment, attention, and focus it takes to properly manage a consignment of intraocular lens implants. There is no shortage of work pre-op, intra-op, and post-op that requires administrative hands. We blogged about the Ins and Outs of IOL Lens Management a few years ago. Read through that post for a full scope snapshot of what it takes to manage your own consignment. However, if you are an administrator who hosts cataracts, it’s likely you already know how much work it is.

As administrators, finding more efficient ways of accomplishing the same task should be of great interest. If you can reduce your admin task load and focus on other areas to increase efficiency, why wouldn’t you do it?

So the real question is; how much time do you spend managing lens consignments?

What if you could stop managing lens consignments and put your time to better use?


At Surgical Direct, we believe in partnerships that help all parties involved attain higher levels of safety and efficiency. Surgical Direct provides a Mobile Cataract Service program that outfits your OR with the latest Cataract Surgery equipment available without you spending a dollar of your facility’s capital. Included with the equipment, we provide ample case supplies that are common disposables used during cataract surgery, including lenses.

We manage multiple consignments of every popular brand and model.

From standard Monofocal models to Multifocals, Trifocals, Toric lenses, and AC lenses, we carry it all! In addition to our master consignments, we carry full consignments with us into the OR every surgery day, based on the surgeon’s preferences.

We work directly with the surgeon’s office for surgery day lens picks.

We coordinate with the surgeon’s office days before surgery to ensure we have every lens they need (or might want as backup) onsite for surgery day. Each lens pick is triple checked to ensure we have what the surgeon needs.

We always carry backups. Always!

You never know what might happen on surgery day. We come prepared.

We handle the paperwork, reorder, and restock.

We send all the paperwork back to the manufacturer for proof of implant so you don’t have to worry about it. Plus, your team no longer has to reorder, restock, and keep inventory in your facility.

Think of hours you could save…

Reallocate your admin hours to more useful tasks! 

Inquire about Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service, and stop managing lens consignments in house. There’s a more efficient way!

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More about our Mobile Cataract Services