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At Surgical Direct Inc, we are dedicated to the mindset of continually improving our services. It’s the fabric of our company culture to practice excellent customer service and support. From ensuring that the equipment arrives at your facility on-time, to meticulously gathering all case supplies needed for the day, to providing multifaceted OR support. Our team is trained to deliver the best, and it’s in the DNA of our company culture to deliver the gold standard of service to our partners.

The scope of dedicated service benefits.

Surgical Direct delivers the latest cataract technology available directly to your OR on the day that you need it. The days of keeping up on the industry’s latest trends by purchasing new equipment every few years are over. Free up storage. Lose expensive maintenance plans and unexpected equipment failure issues.  We make cataract surgery a viable and profitable option in any OR, no matter your capital structure.

We want to give you an exhaustive list of the details that we oversee when you partner with Surgical Direct Inc. We are convinced that you’ll begin to see the incredible value that our services provide to your OR and community. 

  • Phaco Machines – The latest machines available on the market from top brands like Alcon, J&J, and B+L. Does the surgeon want to switch platforms? No problem! Upgrade without spending a dollar of capital. Included with our services is all the handpieces you’ll need for the day’s volume of cases. Plus, we are prepared with backups.
  • Microscopes – Cutting edge ophthalmic microscopes that put the surgeon at ease during surgery with crystal clear vision and focus. From brands like Alcon, Zeiss, and Leica, our fleet of microscopes is ready for surgery.
  • Intraocular Lens Implants – No matter the brand, no matter the style, if the patient needs a lens, we provide it. We compile custom lens consignment carts that we roll into your facility with us to ensure that if the surgeon needs a backup or changes his/her lens diopter, we have it. Not only that, but we coordinate directly with the physician’s office ahead of time to ensure we have everything they need on surgery day. We also communicate with your team to make sure every detail is covered. Surgical Direct handles all ordering, reordering, restocking, returns, and the paperwork associated with lenses. Quite the load off!
  • Instrumentation – We help coordinate with new surgeons / new facilities that need assistance with instrumentation. Specific instruments, their quantity, and availability on surgery day plays a massive role in how smoothly the surgery day will go.
  • Case Supplies – We have the ability to provide literally everything needed during the case when it comes to supplies (except prescription drugs). Blades, drapes, cannulas, packs, table covers, BSS, tips, sleeves, viscoelastics, lens cartridges, malyugin rings, capsular tension rings, iris hooks, and more! Our specialized and tailored supply lists for each surgeon are unique. This includes standard supplies as well as backup supplies. Our method is to have everything the surgeon might possibly need so that we are prepared for any unexpected circumstances. Plus, this alleviates the need to stock, reorder, restock, and manage cataract case supply inventory for you.
  • Technical and Present Support for EVERY case – Every case with Surgical Direct Inc includes one of our highly trained surgical coordinators that is assigned to your day. Our 90-day training program rigorously prepares them with knowledge and know-how on what to do in any situation. We arrive early with the equipment, set up the room, prime and check the machines, pass off instruments and supplies for prep, and are in the OR for every case. We do everything from open sterile fields, adjust settings for the surgeon, and help with turnover. They might even walk in with donuts for the staff from time to time…. just because 😉 Our coordinators become a vital part of your team on eye day, looking for opportunities to serve the surgeon and room staff any way they can.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional value to every case. We have intentionally developed strategies and put methods in place for the sole benefit of our customers. Why? Because the better we can serve our customers (OR staff and surgeons) the better patient care we can provide.  Smoother and more efficient surgery means better outcomes. That is what has driven Surgical Direct Inc forward every year.

Are you ready to access this value in your OR? We are ready to partner with you.

Give us a call today! Let’s talk through your specific surgical situation and how we can increase productivity and stability for your cataract day.

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