Why a Cataract Outsourcing Partnership makes sense in 2019

Welcome to 2019! The 2019 National Cataract Reimbursement rates were just released. ASC reimbursements slightly dropped from 2018, and hospital reimbursements remained the same. There has never been a better time to try mobile cataract services.

A cataract outsourcing partnership with Surgical Direct raises your efficiency and profitability when it comes to cataracts. Efficiency on surgery day is a big part of the puzzle in growing your cataract business, and in 2019 you have a real opportunity to do that. A partnership with Surgical Direct allows you to focus on your patients and practice, leaving all the surgery-day details to us.  Let us break it down for you…

Cataract Outsourcing Partnership Benefits

1) Keep your Capital funds

The ophthalmology specialty (from a surgical facility’s point of view) has never been the biggest ‘money-maker’. Other specialties have always been more profitable. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to invest large amounts of capital into ophthalmic equipment. Forget about spending your capital on eye equipment. We provide the latest phaco machines, microscopes, YAG lasers, SLT lasers, and instrumentation to you affordably on an as-needed basis.  You only use it when you need it, and it won’t be taking up space in your storage areas. PLUS, no need to worry about repairs (be on the lookout later this month for an in-depth article on equipment repairs).

2) Lose the stress of Case Supply & Lens Inventory

Think of all the time, energy, and focus it takes to keep your cataract supplies stocked in inventory. Think of all the time it takes to manage your IOL consignments. Re-Ordering. Special Ordering. Re-Stocking. Expiration Losses. The list goes on, and those hours add up! Lose that stress, and let Surgical Direct handle all of your case supplies, IOL management, custom orders, and surgery day prep.

3) Rely on our Expertise

Every surgery day with Surgical Direct provides your facility with one of our sharp, trained, and pleasant cataract technicians. Our cataract technicians know what they are doing, having undergone months of training before working on their own, and most have years of experience (which equals thousands of cataract case hours under their belts). Think of them as the Cataract Experts. Our technicians are trained to know what to do if a machine acts up, if the case requires a special item, or just lending a helping hand by taking out the trash. Read all about our techs in our recent post about the “Cataract Caddie”.

The 3 reasons above are just the beginning. We didn’t even get to mention instrumentation support, our OD referral network, 2-room day upgrades, or YAG and SLT services.

Check out our post about  5 Headaches Eliminated with Mobile Cataract Services to see how Surgical Direct can help alleviate your cataract surgery woes.

Take it from us, if you are wanting to grow your cataract business, 2019 is the year that you need to try a partnership with our Mobile Cataract Services.

Call us anytime with your questions! Or you can try our services first hand for FREE. Sign up for our Free Demo Day and experience Surgical Direct first hand at no charge. (see demo day page for full details).

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