Satellite Surgery

Successful Satellite Cataract Surgery

Satellite surgery is a very effective way to grow revenue for your ophthalmic practice, and as mentioned in our previous blog on upcoming Cataract Reimbursement Changes, satellite surgery is a reliable way to regain lost revenue after the new reimbursement cuts take effect. Half the battle in a successful satellite cataract surgery arrangement is the […]

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Cataract Reimbursments

Cataract Reimbursements Change In 2020

Medicare has proposed more cuts for cataract reimbursements for surgeons in 2020, maybe as much as 15% for non-complicated procedures. If you haven’t heard of this yet, read through Review of Ophthalmology’s article titled “Medicare Proposes Another Cut In Cataract Reimbursement”. Reduced cataract reimbursements, once again, create a unique situation for surgeons and their practices,

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