Now Is The Time To Start Outsourcing Cataracts

Being strategic with how you manage your OR is crucial in the current season. It’s that much more important to save your capital dollars for specialties that will be most beneficial to your revenue growth. That is why we believe right now might be one of the best times to consider Mobile Cataract Services with Surgical Direct Inc.

Why? Well, there are numerous benefits! Let’s look at some scenarios…

“Our OR currently does not facilitate Cataract Surgery. Getting started seems overwhelming.”

Adding cataract surgery to your OR can bring a new stream of revenue and put your staff back to work, which we all know right now (because of COVID-19) that everything helps! Many facilities who have a desire to branch into new specialties face common problems like:

  1.  “We don’t have the capital to purchase a phaco & microscope and the surgeon wants the latest technology.”
  2. “All the details of getting started feels overwhelming, from inventory, equipment, and staff training.”
  3. “We would love to branch into ophthalmology, but we don’t have a surgeon relationship yet and don’t have time or the network to get started.”

Cataract outsourcing with Surgical Direct will help in all three of these areas. We provide the latest equipment (whichever phaco & microscope the surgeon wants to use) directly to your OR without spending a dime of capital. Along with the equipment, we bring trays, packs, disposable supplies, and implants (tailored to the surgeon’s request) so your inventory stress is alleviated! On top of that, our technicians (who come every surgery day and provide hands-on support throughout the day) are trained and experienced in everything associated with cataract surgery. Leaning on their experience helps relieve the tension of the day.

Don’t have a surgeon relationship yet? Our established network in the ophthalmology world can be of use. All you need to do is let us know that you are interested in getting started with cataracts, and we’ll do the legwork of looking for a surgeon that wants to operate in your area.

But maybe you are reading this and already host cataract surgery?

“We already facilitate cataracts. Why start outsourcing now?”


Using Surgical Direct’s mobile cataract service comes with big benefits for facilities already managing a cataract program.

  1. Upgrading your phaco & microscope can happen immediately, with no capital costs.
  2. Equipment flexibility (allowing the surgeon to change and try new technology easily, or multiple surgeons that are able to use different systems from each other)
  3. In-house inventory of cataract disposable supplies and IOL implants can be decreased dramatically (or even eliminated), allowing your team’s time and focus to go elsewhere. We take over inventory and ordering of supplies and lenses completely.
  4. Multi-room capacity upgrades! Jump from 1 room days to 2 room days. We simply bring more equipment, and your day’s capacity just doubled.
  5. No Maintenance Costs. We maintain our equipment according to manufacturer guidelines and PM schedules.
  6. Extra Hands. Our technicians jump in wherever they can from assisting the surgeon with settings, to helping with room turnover so the day runs as smoothly as possible.

For 20 years, Surgical Direct Inc has been perfecting cataract surgery support operations across the country. Our Mobile Cataract Service model allows your facility to pivot from high-focused and time-consuming admin operations, to a tested, trusted, hands-off approach of hosting cataract surgery in your facility.

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Adding Ophthalmology To Your OR

Diversifying your OR with multiple physician specialties is a great way to increase your revenue and revenue sources. However, you may be reading this and already know that ophthalmology is not the most lucrative specialty for your OR.

Read the following article that highlights the top 10 physician specialties that generate the most revenue for hospitals. Note that ophthalmology is NOT in the top 10 list. So why are we bringing it up?

Adding Ophthalmology to your OR is a great way to increase billable OR time.


Offering ophthalmology (especially cataract surgery) in your OR can bring great benefits. Cataract cases are generally quick, and a good surgeon can bring upwards of 10-20 cases per day to your OR. This can help stabilize downtime in your facility and increase billable OR time dramatically.

The caveat (that you probably gathered from the above-linked article) is that ophthalmic cases are not the most lucrative cases when compared to other specialties like Ortho. A big factor in this truth is the expense of all the nuanced equipment and supplies needed for ophthalmic cases.

However, adding ophthalmic cases to your OR with the help of Surgical Direct offsets your startup costs dramatically, allowing your cases to generate revenue for your OR from day 1. Surgical Direct’s Mobile Cataract Service allows you to be fully up and running for cataract surgery with no capital expenditure.

The current financial landscape requires all of us to be creative and intentional about adding revenue sources to make up for the dramatic loss the healthcare system has sustained from COVID-19.

Right now might be a really good time to explore the possibility of adding ophthalmic specialty cases to your OR to help fill up your surgery schedule and get back to work.

So why work with Surgical Direct and what are the benefits?

We are so glad you asked!

The number 1 reason why it’s beneficial to work with Surgical Direct?

We create the opportunity for you to add eye cases to your OR without spending a dollar in capital (seriously, save it for more lucrative specialties!). Plus we provide outstanding in-room support for every case!

For 20 years, Surgical Direct Inc has been perfecting cataract surgery support operations. We provide stability, service, and efficiency to your OR with per-case pricing and the flexibility to use what you want, when you need it. This includes:

  • New Phaco Systems (Like Alcon Centurion, B&L Stellaris, and J&J Signature Pro)
  • Ophthalmic Microscopes (Like Alcon LX3 & Zeiss Lumera)
  • Ample Instrument Trays (Enough to keep your day moving & meet state sterilization guidelines)
  • Case Supply Management (Drapes, blades, cannulas, and bss)
  • IOL Consignment Management (Including premium & backup lenses)
  • As-Needed Supply Requests (Malyugin Rings, CTRs, and Vitrectors)
  • Quality On-Demand Support (In-room help with the equipment and turnover on every case)
  • And so much more…

Now is a great time to start the dialogue about an upgraded cataract program with Surgical Direct. Contact our team today for more information.

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